WWF: Expect Snowfalls in July!

In Russia’s German edition of Ria Novosti online, a Russian WWF climate expert claims that the recent “climate anomaly” of winter weather and a hurricane strength storm occurring in southern France in late spring confirms the anthropogenic impact on global climate. http://de.rian.ru/science/20100505/126183713.html.

Ria Novosti interviewed WWF climate expert Alexei Kokorin, who says:

The situation in France fits right in with the theory of anthropogenic climate change. We are now able to observe marginal climate change. Temperature and precipitation fluctuations have increased 10-fold. In Russia the number of dangerous hydrometeorological events have increased 10-fold in the last 15 years.

Nothing you wouldn’t expect from an alarmist. But then he adds (original German):

Wir können in Zukunft mit einem etwas wärmeren und zugleich weitaus instabileren Klima, darunter mit Schneefällen im Mai und Juli, rechnen.

In English:

In the future we [Russians] can anticipate a somewhat warmer and much more unstable climate, including snowfalls in May and July.

Warmer and yet snowfalls in the summertime? You gotta be kidding.

But do expect the IPCC to cite them in its upcoming 5th assessment report. The chances of being cited are quite good – Alexei Kokorin is the director of the Russian WWF Climate Protection Program.  In the past the IPCC has had no qualms about citing such sources.

12 responses to “WWF: Expect Snowfalls in July!”

  1. vjones

    Hmmm. I remember the 70s. OK I was a teenager so probably a bit of nostalgia, but I remember, at times, lots of snow in winter, prolonged freezing, heatwaves, drought and snow in May in the UK.

    Some people have such short memories.

    Reply: Germany just got snow above 700m elevation overnight. So I guess it’s getting colder again like in the 70s.

  2. R. de Haan

    All WWF states has to be regarded as BS (Bad Science) based propaganda!

    This organizations has high stakes in the political process of climate change legislation and cap & trade.

    It’s my advice to stop all funding to this organization.

  3. Sean

    Thats what I love about climate science, predict more of everything so when it happens, it’s alway consistent with the models.

  4. Suzanne

    The extreme cold is not really consistent with the IPCC model projections as much as it is consistent with WWF and other alarmist groups that need the fear of the public about AGW to rake in the dollars. Actually the patterns seen now is consistent with what “old time climatologists like Bryson and Auer found to occur in times of cooling. Pretty slick of the WWF to take what real world observations of the past show and tweak their models so cooling patterns can now be called warming.

    1. pgosselin

      They won’t be able to get away with that very long once the satellite temperature data show decline and people are struggling through harsh winters.

  5. vjones

    Actually, I originally read the title as “WTF: Expect Snowfalls in July”. I think I’ll start calling WWF as WTF from now on. It fits better.

  6. athelstan

    I find that I have to be seated when I read anything that has the acronym WWF or that the author represents/works for/is a member of etc.
    I live in a relatively high latitudinal country, namely the UK, we often have snow in May/June, it’s was never a big deal.
    When I watch the weather forecasts with friends or family and especially after a cold winter like 2009/10, AGW scare stories/BS is taken with a large pinch of salt. Whatever the forecaster says, we always follow it up with; “it must be global warming!”
    Seems the WWF is following our lead:-)!

  7. UK Sceptic

    It’s all true! Just like WWF claims that AGW would so totally melt the Arctic ice in summer. Oh wait…

  8. aruanan

    “Well at least President Barack Obama is reaching his climate protection targets by cutting CO2 emissions like he promised he would. The USA’s CO2 emissions fell a whopping 7% last year.”

    This is a measure of how much Obama has damaged the U.S. economy not by his trying to reach some target. I’m sure after a few more months of what’s going on in Greece, the CO2 output of Greece will fall also, well, unless it’s offset by all the fires set by the anti-business anarchists.

  9. Digsby

    I’m another Brit and I remember twice in my life encountering the seemingly oxymoronic phrase “snow stopped play” in regards to the suspension of cricket matches due to extremely unseasonal weather. (Cricket being the English summer game, for those that don’t know.) If it happened now, it would, of course, be blamed on weather instability induced by global warming.

  10. denis

    You gotta admit, that warmist has covered all possibilities. If Svensmark’s assessment is correct, we’re in for cooling (and the warmist is right !). Of course, if it doesn’t cool, then ….. the warmist is right. It’s a gamble… he/she is probably hoping that they will die of old age, or in an accident, before they can be found out.


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