4th ICCC – Is it Worth It?

The Conference has begun – I’ll get right to the points.

1) How’s the mood going to be over there? Like a funeral?

LOL! Yeah, like dancing on the grave of your most bitter and hated enemy. I wish I could be there. It goes without saying, the mood will be festive, buoyant, and giddy. So much has happened since the last Conference back in June in Washington. Just 11 months ago who would have ever thought science would progress so much and that the ugly truths behind the CAGW science would be exposed like they have been?

2. What has changed since the last Conference?

The last 11 months in climate science have been like a millenium.  Huge seismic events have occurred, namely the scandal that was Climategate and the debacle that was the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report. The report has been completely discredited. Chairmann Rajendra Pachauri surely will be forced to go. The CAGW science has been reduced to a heap of crushed ice.

3. What about the program there?

First of all, let the guys and gals celebrate a little. It’s good they are getting away from their laptops and blogs and coming together to talk face-to-face. As mentioned in Pt. 2, there’s a lot to talk about. This year the program is much bigger than last year’s.  The roster of speakers is second to none. There are other speakers I’d like to see, but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

4. What about inviting the warmists?

That’s been done. The sceptics don’t hide behind closed, locked doors. The doors are wide open and I’m sure the sceptics would even roll out the red carpet for the warmists. Note how the sceptics have no qualms about opening the Conference up to other points of view. That’s how science works. Compare that to how the warmists conduct their conferences, making sure no dissenting views are expressed. Personally I don’t know why people like Mann should be invited. He’s a climate science fraud and criminal. His hockey sticks have proven that. Others like Hansen, Gavin, etc. – okay. Red carpet’s waiting just for you!

5. What are they going to accomplish there?

It’s a chance  to spawn new initiatives and to communicate other points of view to the public. Sure the old washed up MSM won’t be there. But my view is: Who cares! I hope Talk Radio mentions it and maybe Fox News will do a story or two. Otherwise, the growing internet media will do the rest.

6. How do the warmists feel about the Conference?

They can’t stand it. Already many are peeing and moaning about how demoncracy doesn’t work anymore, and that the media gives the sceptics too much coverage, and that they are in a way aiding and abetting the “denialists”. Of course this shows what they really think of free speech and democracy. They’d prefer not have them. Yesterday I wrote about Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, IPCC lead author and Director of Germany’s Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who said:

They [sceptics] don’t try at all to do it successfully through factual debate; rather they attempt to sow scepticism on science being an instrument to explain reality

In Schellnhuber’s world, scepticism is anti-science. And if you doubt his science, then you are anti-science.

Well Schellnhuber, the doors to debate are wide open in Chicago. You only need the courage to walk through them.

5 responses to “4th ICCC – Is it Worth It?”

  1. Smokey

    This is a good article from Pierre G, one of my very favorite WUWT posters [why is it that skeptics’ posts appear rational, and climate alarmists’ posts look like they’re mostly written by wild-eyed tree huggers?].

    I especially liked the Schellnhuber quote. Could he be any less scientific? Skepticism is the heart of the Scientific Method.

    My own view on this conference posted on WUWT, and the refusal of the climate alarmist crowd to attend:

    From the article:

    A number of people with opposing views, including Gavin Schmidt, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Phil Jones and William Schlesinger were invited to the ICCC4 conference. They all declined.

    These climate alarmists are always afraid to interact with scientific skeptics. They never invite anyone to their conferences who has not drunk the catastrophic AGW Kool Aid, and now they tuck their tails between their hind legs and run for the hills when they are invited to share ideas and make their case with the hated and feared skeptical scientists [who, being skeptics per the scientific method, are the only honest kind of scientists; the alarmists are SINO’s – scientists in name only].

    Their absence says it all: CAGW pseudo-science cannot withstand falsification, so they hide out.

    No doubt Michael Mann has been furiously agitating behind the scenes as the enforcer of orthodoxy within his alarmist clique, threatening anyone who showed the slightest interest in attending this conference with having their future papers blocked from peer review journals.

    They really should have sent at least one emissary to avoid the appearance of their childish embargo, and to demonstrate to the public that some of them can think for themselves. Now, any critique of the conference will come from the ignorance of absence: they stayed home instead of having skin in the game.

    It’s time for a new Martin Luther to nail a scientific skeptics’ thesis to the door of the Church of Catastrophic AGW.

    Thanks, comments like yours make my day! PG

  2. Ed Caryl

    I can’t say it better than Smokey. The arrogance of the CAGW crowd was the very thing that first tipped me off that something was wrong. The more I looked, the less I found to support the whole idea. Then I discovered Anthony Watts and the Sceptics! Pierre, your bookmark is right next to Anthony’s.

    1. pgosselin

      Next to Anthony’s?!! You’re being far too generous. Thanks for the huge compliment.

  3. Derek

    I went to the first Heartland Climate Change conference in New York, back in 2008.
    I met listened and talked to so many “names”,
    Courtney, Miskolczi, Carter, Gray, Monckton,
    etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…

    I’m fairly confident I was the only factory worker there then, and maybe the only factory worker to attend (out of his / her own pocket) to this day.
    It changed my life, my view of life,
    AND my view of science and scientists.

    If anyone reading this does nothing else then
    His speeches are already the “traditional” ending for the conferences, watch him and find out why.

    1. pgosselin

      Right you are!

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