Adios El Nino

The equatorial Pacific is now showing a distinct band of cool surface water developing. Many forecasters have already written the obituary for the now departing El Nino, which pushed global surface temperatures up by some 0.8°C over the last few months.

Developing La Nina


The newly developing La Nina will probably erase much of that in the months ahead. For example, Accu Weather meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicts cooling over the next year or two. But he does say this year’s Arctic ice melt may challenge the record low set in 2007. One more but – he says that after that the ice will recover over the next 2 years and reach normal levels. So all you obsessed global warmists out there, milk it while you can. It’s your last chance (if Joe’s right).

Read the latest Wrap-Up from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

One response to “Adios El Nino”

  1. John Blake

    Sea-surface temperatures (SST) unchanged over a minimum five years from mid-2005 argue well-defined cyclical patterns of deep-ocean circulating currents. Most certainly, this data refutes development of any linear trend, which would have been historically evident over decades if not centuries via land-based analyses of related factors. Green Gang hysterics have long since reached their own “tipping-point of no return”: Any objective, rational –that is, scientific vs. Climate Cultist– inquiry renders AGW alarmism quite impossible to justify.

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