Casus Belli – Suspend Democracy!

Here’s another excellent post by Eduardo Zorita at the Klimazwiebel.

In this BBC podcast (takes a minute or so to load), the view of green elitists is that we have casus belli. Thus democracy has to be suspended and common sense authoritarianism has to take over – just for a while, until things are put back in their proper order. The general population is just too stupid to understand it, and is only getting in the way. (Actually, and thankfully, they’re too informed and many people understand precisely what this is about).

“The situation is urgent, the world is going to hell in a handbasket – let us rescue the planet. Trust us,” we are constantly told.

I’m trying to think of a veggie or fruit that’s green outside and brown inside. The closest thing I can think of is a rotten avocado. For me it’s even disturbing that the BBC even gives equal time and weight to the green nutjobs who propose suspending democracy and taking us back to the German Democratic Republic – East Germany, behind the Berlin Wall, for those of you who may have already forgotten. “Trust us” just isn’t good enough. History shows that populations have been burned by this all too often.

The good news is that authoritarianism only works if there’s consent. But there can be no consent unless there is a genuine debate. That’s where the problem lies for the kook warmists. They’ll never win this debate, and they know it. Indeed consent has been massively eroding lately. Their science has been exposed as a hoax. They’ve lost the case and their desperation has caused them to lose any rationality they may have once had.

Update: Bishop Hill has found the perfect food staple to symbolise enviro-leftists: pistachios. Green only on the surface, brown inside, and in total, a nut throughout.

5 responses to “Casus Belli – Suspend Democracy!”

  1. Ed Caryl

    It will get worse before it gets better. See the latest post on WUWT.

  2. Bill Pearce

    China is already an autocratic nation and so they would have a head start if they go and discuss their ideas with the Chinese leaders. I would very much like to see that exchange.

  3. John Blake

    Why do these pathetic dupes always think that when their Man on Horseback rides rough-shod over peace and prosperity he will have their foolish fetishes in mind rather than his own Caesarist prerogatives? In fact, the very first to face his firing squads, to be shoe-horned into El Maximo’s re-education death-camps, will be feckless, naive Climate Hysterics pursuing their rule-or-ruin agenda at odds with their celebrated MHB’s.

    Against stupidity, the gods themselves are helpless.

  4. Enneagram

    Why don´t they, if they really want a Global Governance, choose a less idiotic argument than global warming?
    Can you imagine how blessed the world would be having the Holy prophet, and Bedwetter Maximum, Al Baby(AKA Fatty El Nino)as the one and only Klimatic Kommisar?

  5. Peter B

    “Why don´t they, if they really want a Global Governance, choose a less idiotic argument than global warming?”

    I think they’re running out of ideas. Previous arguments were – – “because we were chosen by God”; “because the world is about racial struggle and only one can survive/dominate”; “because the laws of history determine class struggle and tbe dictatorship of the proletariat must prevail”.

    The remaining arguments must be all about some “global crisis that can only be faced by an united world” – that is, an alien invasion, or some epidemic, or an asteroid – global warming is actually close to an epidemic, as per the Gaia thesis.

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