Der Spiegel: Climate Scepticism? There Was None.

The German Der Spiegel has just come out with a piece called: The Myth of Climate Scepticism. You know all that scepticism you’ve been hearing about? Well, it never really existed. It was all just a myth, so says Der Spiegel.

You see, it’s all been disproven by a study coming out of Stanford. All those polls conducted earlier were simply misinterpreted! That’s right, there really isn’t any scepticism at all out there. It was all just a big miragee.

Climategate really has had no effect on what people think about climate change. In fact, there never really was a Climategate. The Oxbourgh report has proven that too.

Indeed last winter in Europe was actually very warm – the warmest we are allowed to remember. Didn’t we all go swimming in the Baltic Sea last February? Shit! A new study shows that too. Just ask Finland.

And weren’t all them potholes we had in the streets in March all caused by the blistering heat of last winter?

I guess all us sceptic bloggers have been just wasting all our time, and we really ought to stop blogging about all that scepticism. The Stanford report says so. Der Spiegel says so too.

A new reality is being manufactured and pulled over our eyes.

6 responses to “Der Spiegel: Climate Scepticism? There Was None.”

  1. Derek

    “They” are trying to re-invent the word scepticism and it’s meaning as well.

  2. Ed Caryl

    I loved the quote I found in the comments to that article:
    The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. Voltaire

    That really applies to the CAGW crowd.

    Also, the standard reaction of these folks to an argument they can’t answer is to change the subject.

    1. Derek

      Or scream “denier”, “creationist”,
      “a sad little nutter”, etc, etc.

      I remain sceptical of their comments,

  3. Taras

    “I guess all us sceptic bloggers have been just wasting all our time…..”

    Pierre, you are not going to give up? Are you? Illegitimus non carborundum est. Period. Last time I visited Germany was six years ago and at that time Holly Church of GW was in full power. I apologize for using GW instead of CAGW; there was no AGW or CAGW yet – six years ago. I see, MSM in Germany did not change much, or not at all. What about regular Joes? Any anti CAGW bloggs and are they popular? Pierre, can you give us short report about skeptical and pro CAGW bloggs in Germany, and if you know anything of, Austria and Switzerland?
    So many questions. I know, I know, but I am really curious. Thank you Pierre in advance. Your faithful follower since April 28, Joseph Thoma.

    1. pgosselin

      Oh no! I’m not giving up. I was just being a little sarcastic. What the sceptic bloggers have been doing is hardly a waste of time.
      I’m just starting to have fun!

  4. Brian H

    Germany’s Ministry of Finance is a skeptical blogger? It says EU-nilateral carbon controls are stupid and hugely expensive and a total waste of time.


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