EIKE Sends Letter Of Protest To German Public Broadcaster Deutsche Welle

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE)  based in Germany has sent a Letter of Protest to the Intendant of German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle demanding that it refrains from the illegal use of public funds and cancel its one-sided conference for journalists called: The Heat Is On – Climate Change and the Media.

The international conference, scheduled to take place in Bonn from June 21 till June 23, excludes all views that disagree with the extreme AGW gloom and doom, world downfall view.  However, because Deutsche Welle is a publicly funded institution, it is required by German Law to remain neutral and honest.

Instead, Deutsche Welle has decided on its own to abandon journalism and to resort to promoting one single extreme view on the topic of climate change, and to shut out the rest. It’s activism run amok.

One workshop is How to professionally deal with climate scepticism. The workshop’s objective:

This workshop aims to point out what journalists must know about climate change policy, whom to trust and when to question their own professional procedures.

This conference has infuriated a number of scientists and citizens. As a result EIKE has drafted and dispatched a letter of protest to Deutsche Welle. The letter states:

It certainly cannot be in the interest of a publicly financed broadcaster to put its own existence into question with a debate over its objectivity.


Enlightened thinking has always been at the centre of our culture, along with sceptical, critical and scrutinising thought. It is intolerable that, here in Germany, public funds are being illegally used under your supervision and under your responsibility to marginalise a large number persons (the majority!) who share a different opinion.

More information about Deutsche Welle and its conference is here and here.

77 German Scientists sign a petition

To show that there is a wide range of opinions on the AGW topic in Germany, EIKE has a Petition refuting catastrophic AGW signed by 77 German scientists.

2 responses to “EIKE Sends Letter Of Protest To German Public Broadcaster Deutsche Welle”

  1. Christian

    It’s ok to maintain a position in such a discussion, but wearing blinders is counterproductive.

  2. Brian H

    Any outcome from the petition?

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