Pachauri Should Step Down, Say Leading German Scientists

The German Readers Edition reports that 3 leading scientists, among them alarmist Stefan Rahmstorf, are calling on Rajendra Pachauri to step down as Chairman of the IPCC because of management errors and the recent attacks on the IPCC and climate science.According to Stefan Rahmstorf’s blog Klimalounge:

I’m not calling for an end of Pachauri, but I could certainly imagine a better Chairman because in my view, among other reasons, he reacted in an unfortunate manner with respect to the media attacks on the IPCC. The role of the Chairman is not to decide the contents of the report (he should not get involved with our work). Rather he ought to well represent the IPCC externally.

Calls for Pachauri’s resignation are nothing new. In February director emeritus of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Prof. Hartmut Graßl, told the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper that Pachauri should clear the table and leave the job in other hands.

Hans von Storch, director of the GKSS coastal research center in Geesthacht, Germany, said the IPCC director was a burden because he permitted sloppiness in the reviews and checks of the 2007 climate report.

Readers Edition quotes the current issue of zeo2 titled: The zeo2 Climate Summit, which states:

“Pachauri should throw in the towel.”


4 responses to “Pachauri Should Step Down, Say Leading German Scientists”

  1. Athelstan

    Wrong again Rahstorf, you just don’t get it do you Rhasto?
    The whole idea of a ‘panel’ of AGW faeries is daft, AGW is a man-made fiction.
    The idea of a chairman, who is so mired in the ‘proverbial’ only starkly exposes the (UN IPCC) ridiculous farago for what it is, a comedy of the burlesque.
    They should tour the world like the Rocky horror show, Mk II.
    Rahstorf interchanging with Pachauri as Frankenfurter.

  2. Feedback

    In most other organizations, in business or elsewhere, Pachauri would have been history long ago. That he is still there just shows how malfunctioning, or how weak, this organization is.

    Or maybe the Love Guru is still there because he suits someone perfectly.

    But of course Athelstan has a point, it’s great comedy, and when will the next novel appear?

    Auf wiederseen (or something like that) 😉

  3. DennisA

    It’s easier to get at IPCC with Pachauri there. Look what happened in Australia, they got rid of the idiot Rudd, the opposition’s best ally.

  4. MostlyHarmless

    I’m with DennisA – I think Pachauri should stay on. Every time he opens his mouth he contradicts something he said a day, a week, or a year before. He’s the best asset real climate science has got. I speak as one who supports “Voodoo” science, not the distorted, misapplied and one-eyed science of the IPCC church-of-global-warming.

    BTW – I thought that “Global Warming” implied that the globe should be warming – or am I missing something?

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