Minister Tanya Gönner Calls Hundreds Of Billions Of Euros For Nothing A Success Story!

Like in many countries in Europe, politcal parties in Germany, whether right or left, are big boosters of re-engineering society in order to save it from the fantasized self-inflicted climate catastrophe. People who speak up face risk feeling the wrath of the many climate-doctrine-following drones and zombies. And as the level of absurdity reaches intolerable levels, people are indeed speaking  up.

One such person is mayor Hans-Martin Moll of the town of Zell am Harmersbach in Germany. He has written a letter addressed to Tanya Gönner, Minister of Environment in the state of Baden Wuerttemberg and a member of the conservative CDU party.  The European Institute For Climate and Energy (EIKE) features Moll’s letter here in German.

Mr Moll, who is also a CDU member,  has become very concerned about the CDU’s aimless drift, led by Angela Merkel, in the direction of “green illusions” over the last years. Chancellor Merkel is advised by alarmists like Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf.

What takes the cake for Mr Moll is Tanya Gönner’s declaration that Germany’s EEG Act is a complete success, and that it ought to be continued. The EEG Act forces power companies to buy renewable energy from anyone who produces it at fixed, exhorbitant prices that are guaranteed for years. (More info on the EEG Act here). Moll writes:

Producing power with coal or nuclear reactors costs between 2.5 and 4 cents per kwh. The EEG forces the consumers and the economy to pay 43 cents per kwh for photovoltaic power, or about 15 times more than the reliable, steady supply, conventional power.

And to make this hugely subsidised power of any use, billions of euros more are needed for expanding the power grid, for adding necessary over-capacity, and for “imaginary storage technologies”, which are physcially and geographically completely illusionary.


You call this a success story? I call it a political swindle of the citizens. Only in a communist centrally planned economy has such a thing ever been done.

Consumers and the economy had to fork out already 12 billion euros in 2009 for a completely useless and ideological nonsense. This EEG Act which you call a success story will cost hundreds of billions of euros.

Moll does not mince any words. Indeed the amount of CO2 that Germany may save by 2020 will be offset by Chinese economic growth within just a few months. It amounts to nothing. But it is a very expensive nothng.  CO2 reductions in Germany will have zero impact on the climate, assuming that added CO2 has a noticeable impact on climate. Moll writes:

With this kind of politics, the only thing that is sustainable is the harm done to the consumer, the economy and the jobs for our future generations.

This swindle must not only be reduced, it has to be eliminated completely. The same is true for wind energy.

Energy policy is going precisely in the Green parties’ direction. Their target is not the environment, rather it is the dismantling of industry.

Mr Moll concludes with:

I do hope the conservative CDU party will wake up soon, recognise this huge error, and that it will endeavour to pursue a real energy policy that is based on natural science and common sense.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr Moll. As people start speaking up, other people will start listening.

5 responses to “Minister Tanya Gönner Calls Hundreds Of Billions Of Euros For Nothing A Success Story!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Thanks for the translation. I’ve been putting that off all day. Though I get the feeling that you’ve only translated the nicer comments. 😉

    Still, you’ve captured the essence of the “success story”.

    Reply: Thanks – I wasn’t in the mood to translate the whole letter, so I translated only the most important points, without distorting or changing the overall message. -P Gosselin

  2. MostlyHarmless

    “But it is a very expensive nothing” – that says it all. You could sum up all the hare-brained ETS, Cap-‘n-Trade, “Renewable Energy”, “Cheap Energy”, Biomass, Biochar (it’s CHARCOAL!), Ethanol, Geo-engineering and “Greenie Madness” in just that phrase. I’ve heard the latest madcap scheme is to build mechanical trees to filter CO2 out of the air. Even if we needed to, nature supplies us with REAL trees that do a better job, and look a lot better.

  3. Athelstan

    this nut….it just makes you want to cry out in despair!

  4. DirkH

    The CDU has already been called another social-democratic party, by for instance. They need to get rid of Mr. Moll so they can complete the transition 😉

    I wouldn’t call that “aimless drifting”.

  5. Brian H

    Ah, speaking truth to power at its finest! Well done, Herr Moll!

    Derek: it’s Gönner that needs to get gone, not the truth-teller Moll!

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