La Nina Trend Continues: BOM Wrap-up

Get ready for some short-term cooling in the months ahead. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has released its latest ENSO report.

The BOM says sea surface temperatures in the central equatorial Pacific have continued to cool, and so the tropical Pacific is now generally cooler than average.

Below the surface, temperatures also remain significantly cooler than average, with some areas more than 4°C cooler than normal. Trade winds in the western Pacific remain stronger than normal and cloudiness near the date-line continues to be suppressed.

The BOM adds:

These indicators, together with the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI), which has been positive since April, are consistent with the developing stages of a La Niña event.

Climate models also predict further tropical Pacific cooling during the coming months. Most models predict cooling beyond La Niña thresholds before the end of the southern winter.


So with the high global temperatures we’ve seen over the last few months fizzing out, it’s the last chance for the warmists to get a few last words in for a while. Now the question remains: How strong will the La Nina get?

3 responses to “La Nina Trend Continues: BOM Wrap-up”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    I could give you a reasonable estimate if you can provide figures for actual insolation at the surface of the oceans; i.e. below the clouds.

    It’ll take a little while to crunch the numbers along with sub-surface energy estimates and ocean currents from the Argo network, but the mechanistic energy balance is fairly straight-forward; if somewhat fuzzy due to the effects of clouds on outbound radiation. A comparison with past cooling and warming periods then gives a plausible estimate of the “depth” of the one that is developing or waning.

  2. DirkH

    Hi P, O/T: look at this, maybe worth a post – Bundesumweltamt says 100% renewable power possible:

    They’re only doing their job i think. And i also think they’re right; just like it would be entirely possible to dig a huge kilometer deep hole in the ground and build a city in it.

  3. DirkH

    P., you know what this La Ninja is?
    It’s a giant Gore Effect build-up!

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