Das Eisbox – First 6 Months of 2010 In Germany Coldest In 14 Years

Right now, like the east coast of the USA, Germany is in the middle of a heat wave. Indeed the eastern parts of Germany and Poland are expected to stay hot with temperatures over 35°C (95°F) without an end in sight. Luckily I’m living in the northwest part of Germany, and here temps are expected to moderate somewhat by early next week.

Let me remind you that Joe Bastardi forecast a hot summer for Central Europe – and he’s right again. He had also forecast a cold winter 2009/10, and he hit that right on too. Who needs the Met!

Well it’s official. The first 6 months of 2010 in Germany were the coldest in 14 years, this is reported by the Readers Edition here.

The measurements go back to 1761. The first 6 months of this year (January through June) recorded an average temperature of 5.9 °C , the coldest since 1996. This value was almost 0.5°C below the longterm average of the reference value from 1961-1990 (6.4 °C).

So how does the rest of the year look for Germany and Europe as a a whole? The Readers Edition posted this graphic from the warmist NOAA. Looks like a hot July, but then cooling off.

Of course the German mainstream media hardly mentioned the cool first half year. They’re too busy complaining about the current hot weather, which most Germans rarely get and are now enjoying. And you can be sure that when August rolls around, the media will be trumpeting the “unusually hot July” as yet another sign of global warming.

2 responses to “Das Eisbox – First 6 Months of 2010 In Germany Coldest In 14 Years”

  1. Ed Caryl

    But they’ll change their tune in December.

  2. Buck Mann

    And, the cooling still continues in the U.S., even with the warm June temperatures. Take a look at this chart:


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