South America Cold Kills 175 – Where’s The Media?

When the temperature sinks far below normal and people freeze to death, you hardly hear a peep from the media anymore.But as soon as the temperature rises a few degrees over normal for a day or more, the media explodes with headlines of “HEAT WAVE!” and “SCORCHING HEAT!”.

Thanks to the internet and a few media outlets, few and far in between, the inconvenient news of a devastating, protracted cold snap gripping much of south America is coming out. Read

Here are some grisly statistics:

1. 175 dead in 6 countries
2. 112 people had died of hypothermia and flu in Peru.
3. 16 people froze to death and 11 died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty heaters.
4. Thousands of cattle also froze to death on their pastures in Paraguay and Brazil.
5. In Bolivia, 18 people died, in Paraguay five and two each in Chile and Uruguay. Nine people died of the cold in southern Brazil.

How cold is it? Take a look at this post I put up three days ago. return-to-1970s-cold/, showing the 7 day outlook.

You’d think when they’re not too busy covering Zsa Zsa Gabor, the media would cover this.
In Germany, it seems the major news magazines are finding space and time to report the cold – along with the reports of the warm weather we’re having here, which will end in about 36 hours.

But Germany’s ARD Teklevsion has NOTHING. Same goes for ZDF television. Hmmm.

I couldn’t find much at the major US news services either. CBS – nothing. At CNN there’s a report that’s a day old with 17 deaths. Nothing at the right wing Fox either. Maybe others are better at finding big news.

12 responses to “South America Cold Kills 175 – Where’s The Media?”

  1. DirkH

    BBC news / Latin America section:

    They take grand strides to make sure this is just a one-off; like the “unusual cold winter in parts of the NH”. Always make sure you don’t leave the party line, kids.

    At the same time certain expert analysts watch the growth of the Antarctic Sea Ice eagerly.

    Reminds me of Bilderberg discussing Global Cooling. The climatologists are only the front soldiers doing the dirty deed. The masters behind the scenes are tracking the real data. Maybe we should start dividing it all up into real data and data for the public.

  2. Brian H

    Well, I passed on the link to, for whatever that’s worth. I suggested that cold waves demanded equal coverage with warm ones.

    1. pgosselin

      Heck, I’d settle for even half the coverage.

  3. Derek


    They’ll be having heart attacks next. Oooops…

  4. Ed Caryl

    The Calamitologists will think of some explanation. Give ’em time.

  5. Derek

    There sure are enough of them “Calamitologists”
    (great word / monica for them Ed Caryl)
    down there in Antarctica.
    Enjoying a free ride at our cost.

    It is their vested interest to come up with the appropriate “explanation”,
    it’s what they are paid for, when all said and done.

    1. Brian H

      I agree, Derek! but, uh, that would be “moniker”. Monica is your ex. Remember? 😉

      1. Ed Caryl

        Thanks, Brian. That one had me puzzled.

      2. Derek

        Ahh, such fond memories…

        LOL – Thanks Brian, I’ll try to remember in future.
        No promises though…

      3. Brian H

        Naturally, I’m now kicking myself for not saying, “Monica is your ex’s moniker, remember?”

        I just hate missing easy ones like that. >:(

  6. Tulsa Jack

    I hereby fearlessly predict that this coming winter of 2010-2011 in the northern hemisphere will be brutally cold. Many will die because of expensive, inadequate supplies of heating fuel, promoted by “green” ideologues. European and U.S. temperatures will fall too low for too long to allow the gov’mint’s “warmist” propaganda machine to completely ignore the misery.

    As Warmist liars like Jones, Mann, Hansen, Britain’s CRU and U.S.’s EPA tie themselves in knots to avoid admitting the obvious truth, the extent of the global warming fraud will begin to dawn on everyone. The Communists’ cohorts of “useful idiots,” who have spouted their spoon-fed nonsense with religious fervor for so long, will find themselves being stared in disbelief. These sociopathic dolts are about to become pariahs.

    “Global Warming” is, of course, only one prong in the totalitarian elitist leechs’ plot to fasten themselves on our backs and suck us dry. Combined with recognition of Obama as the running dog he is, this winter may well open enough eyes to stop the tapeworm attack.

    1. Brian H

      Ah, aside from the necessary sacrifice of so many innocents to “death by ice”, it’s a lovely vision you’ve conjured up there, TJ! Thanks for that … 😉

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