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GKSS Frets There Are No Reliable 3-Month Forecasts For Europe (Yet Climate Scientists Are Confident In Their 50 And 100 Year Forecasts)

The German GKSS research centre located near Hamburg has put out a press release that kind of baffles me. Early Warning System For Heat Waves Necessary. The press release starts: After a very cold winter, a heat wave has gripped Germany. All signs point to July being the hottest month ever since records have been kept. […]

Just For The Record: Thomas Friedmann:

Thanks to Tom Nelson for posting this. Thomas L. Friedman has earned a spot in my category: Lifestyles of the Rich and Alarmists. Normally I avoid riding on the coattails of other blogs,  but this time I’ll make an exception.If  Thomas Friedman walked around barefoot preaching his gospel like Kung Fu did, then I’d have a lot […]

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