Teachable Moments And Laid Off Envrionmental Reporters

The warmists continue to stay in denial about why the public isn’t buying the hoax, refusing to come to terms with the sloppy climate data behind the flakey AGW theory. Instead they prefer pretending that the public’s lack of acceptance is due to faulty communication, as illustrated by this video of Rutgers University professor Tony Broccoli.


Read here at the Yale Forum On Climate Change And The Media.

It has finally dawned on the warmists that they’ve seriously underestimated the public’s ability to understand the issue. They’re dismayed that the public was smart enough as a whole not to fall for the hoax.

But they still think they can maybe turn things around by “communicating better”. which only means packaging and delivering the hoax in a diferent way. Now warm and extreme events are going to be called “teachable moments”. Cold and non-warming events will remain natural variability, I suppose.

Well, it’s not going to work.
Once a person sees through a hoax, there’s no way to make them go back and believe it. And it gets a lot harder the next time around because the trust is gone.

Finally, you just have got to love the question from Peach to Broccoli:

Let’s say I’m a journalist who knows nothing about climate science because all of the environmental reporters at my paper or station have been laid off. Do you have tips for me on how to grapple with climate change?

My advice: Wake up from the hoax and find real stories you know something about so that you yourself do not join the rest of the redundant journalists. View them as “teachable moments”.

4 responses to “Teachable Moments And Laid Off Envrionmental Reporters”

  1. DennisA

    Here’s a teachable moment:

    June 9, 2010, Last day of skiing in Scotland, “The last time skiing was available at this time in June was 1992. Last year 159,000 skier days were recorded across all the resorts in Scotland. This season, Cairngorm, up until the middle of May, had 144,000 skier days. Its average is about 55,000 skier days.”

    Of course that’s weather, not climate.

  2. Ed Caryl

    I’m sure you have noticed that another of the defining characteristics of the Calamitologists is certainty. There is not one scintilla of doubt in their minds that what they are espousing is completely true. This is because, if they let the tiniest bit of doubt enter their minds, their worlds would fall apart, personally and professionally. We need to develop a 12-step process for these folks to save their sanity.

  3. Windy

    I love at 1:12 mark in the video how he says that scientists can talk about long term trends and not the month to month trend as the video is showing the month to month trend of Arctic ice retreat and OMG amazingly ice starts to retreat into the Summer. Also at the 0:45 mark he says while disasters can’t be associated with climate change we can say that climate change may make these events more frequent. I guess this double-speak can work on some folks who find used car salesmen completely trustworthy.

    Look Doc put CLARREO up in the sky, get independent accurate and verifiable real world measurements available to the public in real time (as opposed to interpolated, massaged and manipulated, made to fit the model, under a shroud of secrecy data) and let’s see how good the models really are.

    I only ask this because when I reviewed the Hansen 1988 paper that scared a sweating US Congress Hansen was dead wrong on his model projections even as he expressed supreme confidence in his 1988 model projections. When you guys are good enough to accurately predict decadal trends then maybe the public will consider your projection for 2100.

    Reply: For models to work, one has to be able to predict the sun. Nobody can do that – David Hathaway has proven that. You can give the 100 year crystal-ball models to fortune tellers and palmreaders. -PG

  4. Alan McIntire

    Your statement,

    “Well, it’s not going to work.
    Once a person sees through a hoax, there’s no way to make them go back and believe it. And it gets a lot harder the next time around because the trust is gone.”

    reminds me of a Mark Twain quote:

    “Tell the truth once and nobody will ever believe you again no matter how much you lie.”

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