German Die Welt Newspaper: Enough With The Panic!

A heat wave in Russia, a flood in Pakistan and a calving glacier in Greenland were enough to trigger mass hysteria in Germany. The warmists pulled out their hair, socialites fainted, re-insurers went bezerk and the German media screamed bloody climate murder. Really.

Meanwhile the rest of Germany relaxed on their long holidays and yawned. So it’s only fitting that somebody step up and offer a message of calm to the bedwetters.

German online Die Welt has a piece by Ulli Kulke titled Enough with the Panic Slogans of Climate Chaos. It’s an attempt to deliver a message of calm and reason, one that is sorely needed by Germany’s irrational media.

First he explains that this year was a warm one, but so was 12 years ago – 1998, due to a strong El Nino effect. And he points out that the blazing heat in the northern hemispehere strangely could not stop Arctic sea ice from increasing in size compared to the years before. The Antarctic sea ice is growing too.

But, writes Kulke, has a lot to do with other factors other than temperature, namely precipitation and wind conditions, Kulke writes:

The Arctic ice is not a suitable instrument as a thermometer for measuring global climate, for warming or cooling.

Also Kulke points out that the media already proclaiming the year to be the hottest on record, long before it’s finished, has become an annual media event in Germany. Kulke writes:

When you look back at the archives, you’ll find that a lot of years were declared the all-time warmest already when just one or two especially warm months were measured. At the end of the year, of course, they turned out not to be the hottest. That has occurred year after year since 1998, which, according to measurements, was the hottest in over 100 years. This has contributed to warming inflation in the minds of the people.

And what about all the natural catastrophes occurring this summer? Is there a connection with climate change? Kulke rightfully points out that there’s no statistical evidence of this when one looks back at decades of records. It was not long ago, 2005, when many claimed hurricanes like Katrina were proof of global warming. Since then hurricanes have been almost off the radar.

Concerning the Russian fires, Kulke writes:

Also the fires in Russia were not examples. Their extent this year was not more than in previous years. To the contrary, the only (deadly) difference: this year the fires occurred near metropolis Moscow and thus got more interest from the international media.

Even in famous magazine New Scientist climate scientists have shown that solar activity was responsible for the blocking weather patterns that led to the extremes in Russia and Pakistan. Kulke writes:

In fact, the situation in Pakistan actually contradicts the popular version of climate scientists. They’ve always claimed that monsoons were especially weak in South Asia during El-Nino years, with droughts even occurring. This year that’s not the case, as is clear looking at the awful images shown on TV every evening. No drought there this El Nino year.

Finally Kulke advises those looking for weather records to go to Ham Weather, where you’ll find that weather records, hot and cold, occur every day, every week, every year…after year, after year, after year. That’s nature.

But don’t expect a change from the German media. Words of reason probably will not cure their incontinence.

2 responses to “German Die Welt Newspaper: Enough With The Panic!”

  1. Juraj V.

    Thanks for this Pierre and kudos to Ulli Kulke. It is encouraging to hear here and there some voice of realism.

    Juraj V. from WUWT

  2. GregO

    Thanks for the encouraging post – Die Welt rocks!

    Let’s hope its only a matter of time until the rest of MSM catches up to stories like this one. To me, the fact that Global Warming is not a crises is a good and interesting news story for MSM – I mean after all the panic just to go with straight up reality goes against the grain of the last two decades.

    Reply: For every one sceptic article Die Welt prints, they print 10 alarmist ones. But at least there’s asceptic piece from time to time. Interestingly, the number of DIE WELT readers who are sceptics seem to outweigh the alarmists by a ratio of about 10 to 1. -PG

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