CERN Research Budget Gets Cut

European particle physics research center CERN located near Geneva, Switzerland has gotten its budget cut by 6% over the next five years. Europe no longer has the money to fund it.

It was just a question of time. With so much money being pissed away on bogus climate research and save-the-world projects, eventually you run out of funds to pay for real science and research.

How many billions have been poured into researching the non-problem of climate change? The IPCC? Hansen’s GISS surface station folly? Green subsidies? The list is endless.

What benefit have we gotten? I’d say we’ve gotten a lot more damage than benefit, especially if you consider what could have been done with the money instead. Lost opportunities.

Swiss radio has a report (German): CERN budget cut and writes:

The money worries of the European countries is now adversely impacting the European CERN research facility in Geneva. Over the next 5 years 343 million Swiss Francs have to be saved – about 6 percent of the budget.

While the management of CERN say the financial measure is painful, it will be bearable. But the research laboratory’s association of employees has a different opinion: The future of CERN is being put at risk.

Here’s my advice to CERN employees who fear losing their jobs: Call your elected officials and tell them stop wasting so much on bogus climate science.

10 responses to “CERN Research Budget Gets Cut”

  1. DirkH

    It’s not only climate research but many many pork projects in the renewables sector that consume the money; 7th research programme framework and all.

  2. R. de Haan

    That makes sense.
    First you make a mammoth investment to find the Hicks particle and perform some other costly experiments and when their outcome poses a threat to the climate Change Gang, you cut their budget. It’s crazy it’s madness, it’s, it’s…..
    it’s so typical for the European Regime and their mad agenda.

  3. Bob in Castlemaine

    Hopefully the budget cuts won’t disproportionately impact progress on the CLOUD galactic cosmic ray cloud nucleation experiment.
    Reply: I was thinking about that. Who knows, that might be one project that will get the axe. The results might be too inconvenient. – PG

  4. Edward.

    I cannot for the life of me see the point in spending so much money on this project, only now, to start pulling the plug.
    One of the few worthwhile and truly fascinating experiments, which promises so much – the possibilities are so vast, high energy physics research is for all mankind – God I am appalled.
    If we got rid of one layer of Bureaucrats in Brussels or how about saving money by not uprooting the European Parliament in the yearly mad march between Strasbourg and Brussels?
    Or use Barroso’s, Rumpypumpy’s and Ashton’s combined salaries – it’s not as if they do anything worthwhile…is it?

  5. R. de Haan

    Maybe a bit off topic but this article is a must read:

    How you know the climate fight is over?

    Now tell our politicians.

  6. Ed Caryl

    Prediction: CLOUD? First to go. Peripheral to the mission, you know.

  7. Robert G

    Take 100% of the money away from the global warming scam funding. That should be enough for full funding of the CERN with some left over.

  8. R. de Haan

    That’s what I said, CERN is in the process to test the “Cloud” theory of Solar Scientist Svensmark.

    Robert G, the direct and indirect money involved in the climate scam runs in the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

    Just an example:
    In order to cope with the predicted sea level rise (which data is completely incorrect), the Netherlands initiated a new Delta Plan to protect the country at a staggering price tag of 1000 billion Euro’s.
    The plan is ratified by the Government and will be executed.

    Many development countries and BRIC economies after a visit from Al Gore took up similar plans to increase their coastal defenses.

    What do you think of all the solar and wind farm projects that have been planned or already build causing electricity prices to skyrocket without any scientific basis.

    The money involved in the climate hoax if spend in a sensible manner could have ended hunger and poverty in the world, could have eradicated most of the epidemics that haunt development countries by building a clean water infrastructure, power plant and sewage system.

    We could have provided third world countries with schools and universities in order to give them a future.

    Instead we are undermining our own wealth and progress and accelerating death and disease in the third world.

    The AGW SCAM has grown to epic proportions and we should bring those behind this in front of a court.

    The entire plan is aimed at Global control of our financial institutions, our industry, our resources, our assets and the ultimate objective is to starve entire populations in order to dramatically lower the world population.

    Unfortunately all members of the EU and the UN, the real crooks behind this scam, are shielded by immunity and can’t be prosecuted.

  9. kuhnkat

    Real research??

    Based on the amount of useable results from this Blue Whale of Research I wonder how solid the scientific grounding really is.

  10. kuhnkat

    Yes, I really am calling into question the direction of High Energy Particle Physics as currently practiced!!

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