Another Senseless, Useless Thing That Has Got To Stop!

Many people In Europe are now installing ground surface lights in their gardens to add a little flair to their evening patio parties. But now one German blog called Frischer Wind  (fresh wind) is a bit upset about it, calling such lights senseless and useless.

After all, all they do is throw light up into the dark night sky.

You see, these lights are already widely used in pedestrian zones, parks and plazas. They also provide much architectural flair to mansions, like around the swimming pool. They look great.

Unfortunately, a lot of regular folks are now picking them up at home centres and hardware stores and installing them in their humble backyards – because they too also want a taste of what it’s like to live as the rich and wealthy do. You know, like how Hollywood and elitist activists live.

Well, we can’t have all these regular folks doing that, now can we?

According to Christian Reinboth at Frischer Wind blog, it’s all a big waste that’s getting out of hand. This type of lighting contributes nothing except for illumination pollution. That’s right – there’s now too much lighting at night. To prove his point, he sets up a DIALux simulation series to demonstrate the inefficiency of these lamps by measuring ULRs (upward light ratios).

In the simulation, the illumination of a light mounted on a mast is supplemented by five 70-watt ground-surface lamps space 1 meter apart. The finding:

  The 5 ground-surface lamps contribute quite exactly nothing to the illumination of the area.

Horrors! In another scenario Reinboth determines:

…only 0.5% of the light emitted by the lamp serves as illumination – the rest is wasted directly into the night sky.

So be warned. Get them while you can. Already Edison’s light bulb is on the verge of being banned in the USA. In Europe everything 60W and above is already banned, and in a few years all incandescent bulbs will be illegal (I’ve stashed a good number of them away, so there!).  Next it’ll be the “senseless and useless” ground-surface lights, no matter what type they are. After all, they only consume energy and pollute the night skies with light.

There’s no end to possible illumination regulation. Lights can do so many horrible things. If the light colour is wrong, they attract and endanger poor little night insects, or they can cause glare, and they consume energy, which leads to climate change. The regulation is only beginning. The Dark Ages are about to return.

9 responses to “Another Senseless, Useless Thing That Has Got To Stop!”

  1. R. de Haan

    These are the symptoms of the new brave European Nanny State, now emerging.
    The latest plan is for employees to pay the salaries directly to the State.
    The State will take care of paying the workers.

    Such a measure would significantly increase State Power and make people even more dependent.

    And the State would increase it’s ability to run a much higher deficit than they already do, this time without any democratic control or representation.

    EU direct taxes are the next step together with an endless list of “Green Rules and Regulations to make our lives miserable.

    Please tell me what in the end the difference will be between the former USSR or DDR where the State was also responsible for paying all the salaries and citizens had no rights but many responsibilities.

    Nada, Zero, None.

    This is all about our freedom and we better wake up to the occasion before this Fascist Regime takes an irreversible hold over our society and a bloody struggle becomes necessary to regain our (already) lost freedom.

    Goebels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister described the current plot in detail. Take away the people’s liberties slowly, step by step over a longer period of time and they will fall for totalitarian control without resistance.

    The smoking ban was a starter, the ban of light bulbs without real alternatives a second and the CO2 taxes, cap & trade the next.

    Now we see an acceleration of demagogue measures that completely lack any empirical scientific basis but will further reduce our free society into a straitjacket. Taxes on airline tickets, ever lighter and more unsafe cars, unprecedented land grabs (UN Agenda 21), building restrictions, a completely irresponsible energy policy that puts our food chain in direct competition with our fuel chain at the costs of meat consumption are just a few examples what that the Environmental movement, the UN and our EU Apparatchiks have served us cold in a gigantic cloud of Alarmist Propaganda without any serious protests or resistance.
    This is an ongoing process and it has to be stopped immediately.

    If not, you better find a place to live outside the EU soon.

  2. Quixote

    I say keep letting these Green Whackos mouth off and show the “normal” people of the World to see for themselves how absolutely insane these new eco-religious idiots have become.

    Ban Ki Moon underwater having a meeting is a particularly shocking visual or a Greenpeace ad showing an insane 12 year old dressed in a hoodie threatening adults with “what”, a beating?……………

    The more desperate these idiots get the more bizarre will be their claims!

    Actually, it’s becoming very entertaining, in a “black humoristic” way!

  3. DirkH

    I read the comments in the blog. The guy is a professor or assistant professor at Harzhochschule (Harz college) in Wernigerode (ex-GDR). All the commenters sound like typical Germans (archetypical Malthusians; efficiency-obsessed; very environmentalist: one of them worries about the detrimental effects on night-active animals when you use such lamps to light trees in parks from below! I never saw such a lamp in greenery…)

    It’s funny to read. Only problem is i live in the same country as these dolts. Oh well.

  4. Bryn

    I live at the end of a long drive on the edge of a cliff north of Sydney with no safety barrier. I now have a series of solar-charged battery-operated lights along the path. Returning home in the night I have the impression of arriving at an illuminated airport landing strip. No longer do I worry about tottering over the cliff edge. But the batteries only hold 1-2 days charge. It is a bit of a worry if those days were cloudy; then I must remain sober or stay at home.

  5. Bernd Felsche

    Next up, they’ll ban all decorative lighting. Even the ones for the Weihnachtsbaum.

    So out come the old candles and up go the houses in flames. Followed by a ban on the Christmas trees, if not Christmas Eve.

    What these people despise is the thought that somebody, somewhere might be enjoying themselves.

    1. JP

      So the Greens have replaced the Protestants in not wanting anyone to enjoy themselves?

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