Reaction From Germany (The Sane Part)

Steffen Hentrich of the Liberal Institute of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundtaion for Freedom

Steffen Hentrich of the Liberal Institute at the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Liberty blasted the 10:10 No Pressure clip, calling it a manual for climate terrorism. Read here in German.

Here the term “Liberal” is the so-called “classic liberal, and not to be confused with the kind one finds in the USA.

He warns that the windmills turning in the wind and shiny solar panels on roofs are the harmless stage for a not-to-be excluded eco-dictatorship that would have zero respect for humanity.

Here are some excerpts of his comments I translated in English:

What do we do with people who do not wish to join in the climate protection movement propagated upon us by environmental activists and politicians? You just blow them up and justify it by claiming these few non-conformists are nothing when compared to the 300,000 people who have supposedly already died because of climate change so far. For this number there is no scientific basis, just climate models.

Just 65 years after the end of National Socialism, under whose dehumanizing ideology millions of human beings were murdered in the most brutal manner, and 21 years after the fall of communism, where its collective Weltanschauung claimed just as many lives, and only 9 years since the attacks on the WTC, which claimed thousands of lives because of religious fanaticism, a radical environmental movement today does not even bother to hide how it would like to deal with people who do not agree with its end of the world scenarios and prefer to opt out of its simplistic world rescue program.

Unfortunately the German mainstream media, big cheerleaders of the climate protection madness, have been completely silent thus far. Surely they are shocked by the clip’s content but are keeping a low profile. They’ve had three days now. Shame shame.

Where is that model of democracy and human rights which Germany has been since the end of WWII? Tragically many have been just too caught up in the eco-zealotry.

Steffen Hentrich in one of the few who has stood up and publicly denounced the clip and its message in Germany.

(He is also a regular contributor to the online Freie Welt daily.)

UPDATE: You can contact the media outlets below and politely ask why they are so silent. I think you may get some creative answers, (I did, see below):
Der Spiegel
Die Welt

For example I just called and spoke to a gentleman at Der Spiegel. The man I spoke to claimed he was not aware of the story. I actually had to spell “10:10 No Pressure” to him. “Is it written with numbers or letters?” he asked. In general he was not very friendly acted completely bored and arrogant about it. Indeed, a very touchy subject at Der Spiegel.

13 responses to “Reaction From Germany (The Sane Part)”

  1. Ike

    “Unfortunately the German mainstream media, big cheerleaders of the climate protection madness, have been completely silent thus far.” thats true…its a real shame!

    I send emails to Welt, Spiegel, Stern and Bild and asked why they are not reporting about this 10:10 clip. So far no reaction.
    Reply: Sending them e-mails is effective. Even more effective is to call them up and politely ask them why they are not reporting it. Just be matter-of-fact and tell them that you disagree. -PG

    1. Ike

      I reached someone at Welt by Telefone…same there…like your call to Der Spiegel. He didn´t had a clue what I was talking about. I also send email to German parlament members, asking them what they think about this 10:10 clip. Maybe I will get an answer and then I will post it here.
      Reply: Thanks for trying. They know about it. By sticking their heads in the sand, they think the clip will stop to exist. We won’t hold our breaths waiting for a response! -PG

  2. Ed Caryl

    It’s more than possible that these media outlets don’t know about 10:10, for the same reason they don’t know that AGW is a crock. They have no contact with any source that has even a whiff of skepticism. We have arrived at the point where there are two worlds out there and they do not communicate. But keep calling. Think of it as PUSH notifications they didn’t sign up for.

  3. Richard

    P – You’re missing something in understanding the non-media reaction in Germany (it’s not such a non-reaction in Britain).
    The underlying reason for the non-reaction is the liberal-socialist taboo complex: AGW causes are automatically good in the liberal-socialist world-view whereas the Tea Party is BAD. So as this has come out of the GOOD camp, then this is embarrassing as opposed to offensive. You have found as I expected a stony silence where there might be outrage because the cause cannot be betrayed because of the collective assumption of virtue.

  4. Ike

    I found small info about “no pressure” on the internet site Ironically its a subsite from Süddeutsche Zeitung and it addresses especially young people ……

    I would say: Fail!

    1. DirkH

      The jetzt writers are usually struggling bohemian writers who try to survive as columnists. As they have no money at all nor a perspective to ever earn some, they tend to favor income redistribution, i.e. they live off the German welfare state. IOW, they’re leftist.

      1. Ike


        “better dead then red”…my grandfather used to say (In German it sounds better)

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