Freshwater Consumption Causing Oceans To Overflow

A Swiss report appearing at claims that the extraction of groundwater for communities and agriculture is adding massively to global sea level rise.

According to a yet to be published paper by the America Geophysical Union, 2000 cubic km of freshwater are consumed yearly – with 1500 cubic km coming from lakes, ponds, rivers etc., and the remaining 500 cubic kilometers of freshwater being extracted from the ground. According to

Scientists now have calculated how much of this extracted water returns from where it came: only 3%. The remaining 97% flows into the oceans via evaporation and precipitation.

Of course, the scientists say, this bodes extremely ill for groundwater levels and pose a serious threat to arid regions.

Adding to sea level rise

Moreover the AGU paper claims that the extraction of freshwater is contributing to an annual 0.8 mm rise in sea level, 0r more than 25% of the overall 3.1 mm/yr. It goes without saying that there are uncertainties involved here, as dams act to slow the entry of freshwater into the oceans. But writes:

Scientists are convinced that the relation between groundwater reduction and sea level rise will gain importance. Simply because global water consumption will continue to increase and for that reason groundwater reserves will continue to sink.

Uncertainty always allows alarmists to be convinced of anything they claim. Sceptic Edgar L Gärtner at eigentümlich freicomments in a piece called: Climate Lies: How geo-scientists are abandoning their expertise. Leaky faucets are causing the oceans to overflow, writes:

It can be certain that pumping out groundwater has no measureable impacts on sea levels. But perhaps US scientists are tying it to climate change in order to bring attention to the risks of exhausting groundwater reserves.

Drawing attention to potential groundwater depletion problems is legitimate. But claiming it is leading to sea level rise sounds absurd.

8 responses to “Freshwater Consumption Causing Oceans To Overflow”

  1. DirkH

    The depletion of fossil aquifers will obviously contribute to sea level rise; but this works *AGAINST* the CO2 catastrophist goals – reducing CO2 emissions will do nothing to stop that contribution. Or, in other words, the sea level rise attributable to warming and thus expanding water is less than we thought. I see this research as positive – but i reserve judgment about whether the numbers make sense.

  2. Ben Palmer

    If water for consumption wasn’t taken from lakes, ponds, rivers etc., where would it go? Right, eventually to the oceans, by flowing down the rivers or by their evaporation contributing to precipitation. So what’s the difference?

  3. R. de Haan

    A similar report has been released by a Dutch University see producing lower estimates.

    The objectives of both reports:
    1. Alarmism.
    2. Human civilization is to blame.
    3 Our environment suffers.

    Climate, environment and bio-diversity will be at the core of the globalist ideologues for the upcoming decade and it will only end if they are shot.

    The process of global control (and governance) continues as we speak.
    Lately Jaap de Hoop Schefffer stated that the power of the G20 was to big compared to the UN.
    Today the message came that the IMF was going to be the designated body to view the harmonization of trade deficits and supervise national debts in order to stabilize the global economy and prevent further crises.

    So here you have it.
    The establishment of a global body with the consent of the Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Russia India, Pakistan, South Africa etc.

    Individual nations are shaped and modulated to fit the Global Puzzle put together by ideologists who oppose capitalism, free markets and free competition. These ideologists are protected by global immunity, they are not elected and they are in a position of unlimited control.

    Our only savior lies with the USA.
    If the next government is able to take control and role back the new UN powers there is hope.

    As it looks now, we are screwed from here to eternity.

    The next step will be a global mechanism of CO2 emissions followed by measures to control our populations.

    The dial of the clock points at 5 minutes to twelve in the USA.

    In Europe the ring of the our has already sounded.

  4. TinyCO2

    I’m sure that there are areas where groundwater extraction is exceeding the rate at which water is stored but it doesn’t apply eveywhere. Some cities are now in trouble because previous water extraction kept the groundwater level lower. Now that the big water using industries are gone the tide is rising… and I don’t mean the ocean. eg London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Paris France, New York, Doha, Qatar, Tokyo and in areas of West Germany.

    Not all aquifers take that long to refill even after prolonged drought. So the only sea level rise is from permanently water restricted countries.

    Climate bandwagon attribution like this weakens both the important aspect of water research (eg over extraction leading to water shortage) and climate science as a whole.

  5. R. de Haan

    It’s was never about the climate.
    It’s about control over the human populations:
    – energy use
    – water use
    – land use
    – food production
    – resources
    – capital
    – private reserves (pensions)
    – civil rights and freedom

    This is the worst doctrine ever.
    President Vaclav Klaus hits the nail right on the head
    Blue Planet in Green Shackles

    Unfortunately the majority of our populations is ignorant about the threat.
    and Chapter/Agenda 21 of the UN

  6. R. de Haan

    Read here all about the Government deceit that takes place in the UK which is representative for almost all EU member states.
    The people of the UK have been confronted with the biggest budget cuts in the history of the country, really? The truth is that spending continues at an ever increasing rate.
    They are destroying the country.

  7. R. de Haan

    UK wasting billions on “green technologies”.
    Trillions within the EU are spend on green technologies sea defenses
    fake research and propaganda.

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