Gore’s Joke

The Portuguese sceptic site Ecotretas has a piece today called Not so fine Mr Gore which features a video clip of Al Gore making a speech before a crowd, predominantly businessmen. Gore seems to think that Portugal’s economy is on the right track and is coming out of recession. Far from it. In fact, Portugal’s economic woes are worsened by Gore’s vision for the planet.

So Ecotretas reminds Gore:

Someone should tell Al Gore that Portugal is not coming out of the Great Recession. In fact, Portugal’s economy is getting worse, as can be seen by the high sovereign risk, usually one of the highest 10 in the world in the last months. This is so because major bad economic decisions have been made in the last years, namely in alternative energy.

The total cost for Portuguese consumers and taxpayers is estimated at 700 million euros this year. But costs are growing exponentially.

Just like Spain, we’re going down, while unemployment keeps going up, and the promised green jobs are one of Europe’s lowest. So, Mr. Gore: If some Portuguese told you that “I feel fine”, I can bet he felt like the farmer in your nasty story!

Gore delivers a humorous story to make a point. Probably a lot of scientists feel like the poor farmer when asked: “Is your data, which show man is causing climate change, fine?”

6 responses to “Gore’s Joke”

  1. R. de Haan

    Biodiversity is just another attempt to exploit people’s fears and lack of knowledge
    Biodiversity: Replaces Climate Change As The Weapon For Political Control


    Political control which is aimed at the destruction of the West to de industrialize our economies.

    Al Gore is nothing more but a traitor to his own race.
    The sooner the people identify the true objectives behind his wicked schemes the better.

    We have to fight this threat with all our might.

    Much will depend on the up coming elections in the USA which I regard as a potential game changer.

    But in Europe we have to concentrate on the EU and the UN.
    This will proof to be a much harder struggle because the Lisbon Treaty has been signed and the EU is gaining power every day.

  2. R. de Haan

    Sorry for the inconvenience but the posting above was not finished.

    Our populations don’t have any opportunity to influence the EU decision making process because we have been deprived by any electoral influence.

    The EU President and the Commissars are appointed and the EU Parliament is only play’s a symbolic role.

  3. DirkH

    Doesn’t look good for Portugal. Wonder whether Germany will pay the bill for all the PIIGS countries.

  4. R. de Haan

    Climate Change lobby attacks Space Project Climate Denier Burt Rutan

  5. R. de Haan

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