Growing German Dissent On Climate Science

Slowly, but surely, more and more people in Germany are speaking up against the hoax that is man-made global warming. Websites and blogs are sprouting and scepticism is spreading. The old, established narrative is now being seriously challenged.

The latest example is a piece written by Ronald Gläser in the online news and commentary magazine called eigentümlich frei:

Brutal Media Campaign Against Climate ‘Deniers’

For starters, Gläser calls the 10:10 no pressure film “only the latest high point in the ongoing campaign against climate sceptics”.

In the run-up to the climate conference in Cancun, which starts on November 30, the propaganda machinery of the academic-media complex will get even shriller.

Gläser then cites the slanderish Der Spiegel piece called Science As The Enemy which suggests only a handful of US scientists are sowing doubt on the AGW theory, and that “97% of all climatologists support the theory”. Gläser equates this Der Spiegel claim to communist East German propoganda.

This is a percentage that not by coincidence reminds of the old Communist East German election results.

The Der Spiegel hit-piece was designed to intimidate other scientists into silence. Gläser writes;

This is Mao’s favorite principle: Educate hundreds by punishing one.

Gläser then provides the background on the resignation of University of California Santa Barbara professor Hal Lewis from the American Physical Society (APS), after having been a member for 67 years. Gläser summarises:

With his open letter he has shown again, for the zillionth time, what’s behind the so-called consensus on the topic of global warming: nothing!

Ronald Gläser is a freelance writer and majored in American Studies.

Hundreds of professionals, writers, politicians, and journalists contribute to eigentümlich frei:

Robert Grözinger and David Schah.

Editorial Committee:
Economist Roland Baader
Dr. Stefan Blankertz
Dr. Hardy Bouillon
Dr. Detmar Doering
Prof. Dr. Gerd Habermann
Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Prof. Dr. Guido Hülsmann
Robert Nef, lic. attorney.
Prof. Dr. Erich Weede

5 responses to “Growing German Dissent On Climate Science”

  1. m white

    climate conference in Cancun, November 30

    Given current winter prospects I wonder how much coverage this conference will get.

    1. Ike

      I would guess that the coverage will just be a sidenote, regarding that the media just announced that this CanCan will not produce any solutions anyhow.
      So: “No pressure”


      Spiegel online has an article about rare materials and how China is controlling it…well, to that degree that Germany supports the search of those materials.

      But, one hands slaps you in the face, you should watch your carbon footprint and the other hand gives money to the company to search for this rare materials….I don´t hope they have to cut down some Brazilian rainforest. Or maybe they are waiting for ice free Greenland…..they suspect some of this materials there under ground.,1518,724405,00.html (only German)

      1. DirkH

        We have enough Rare Earths in Germany. If you need some: just fell a wind turbine and collect the debris.

  2. R. de Haan

    Top Scientist killed driving G-Wiz electric car, developed to stop Climate Change.

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