Cold Weather Silences The Climate Media

A couple a days ago I reported on how the German media has hardly been reporting on global warming. Read here.

That should be no surprise because it’s been cold in Germany over the last 3 months, and so reporting on warming planet would only draw chuckles from the public. After all, August was cool and September in Germany was a 0.9″ C colder than normal – the 26th coldest September since 1900, according to the German Weather Service. Many have been heating their homes for 2 months already.

October is looking even worse. Already we’ve had widespread light frost and many places have already gotten snow, You hear nothing about this in the German lamestream media, though. Winter is weeks early.

At the online German Auto Reporter Net, Wolfram Riedel pokes fun at the climate panic purveyors and their deafensing silence.

Silence is everywhere in the media, not a warmist is stirring. All the excitement caused by the climate madness has taken a break. And why? Because the real-life weather which we’ve been experiencing over the last several weeks simply isn’t suitable for spreading global warming panic through the population.  September and October have been colder than normal, and even the first snow has already arrived.

There were some hot days last summer, and so the climate panic purveyors had an easier time painting the devil on the wall, who happens to be surrounded in a cloud of evil CO2.

And how do the coming months look? Also very cold.

The German media reported yesterday that towns and cities are stockpiling road salt because, says the media, “meteorologists are forecasting a harsh winter”.

Last year, having relied on the “rare and exciting winters” forecasts of  made by climatologists, towns ran out of salt already in early January. This year they’re listening to real forecasters – meteorologists.

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  1. R. de Haan
  2. grayman

    A good post ,the suprising thing is al gore and his ditto heads are not screaming like last winter that weather is not climate. Like they did with the snow storms that plaqued the east coast of the USA and when they had thier heat wave in the summer it was global warming.

  3. R. de Haan
  4. R. de Haan

    Joe Bastardi’s winter forecast is out

    He thinks that the severe winter weather will come in the area from the Alps into Russia with the epicenter of cold in Russia.

    This forecast is based in his theory he has developed that hot regions in response to an El Ninjo year that suffer from a cold October will have a very cold winter.

    I keep this theory in my mind and looked at the temperature maps.

    There is a gigantic cold pool in the Barentz Sea, North Atlantic ocen temperatures are dropping quickly and Ireland, Schotland, the UK and Scandinavia are cold as well.
    In Germany we had snow too.

    Than I had another look at the forecast made by Joseph D’Aleo and I came to the conclusion that he has some valid arguments as well.

    He states that the Arctic Oscillation, just like last year will go negative again.

    With cooling oceans and the extreme cold pool in the North we will see experience similar blocking events that allow for the outflow of huge amounts of cold air to the South similar to what happened last year.

    That’s why I think the winter will be cold in Western Europe and Russia.

    Think 1940

    Anyhow, time will tell who’s come up with the best forecast.

    Unfortunately Action Weather has stopped making free winter forecasts for Europe. Piers Corbyn is making a living from his forecasts so for who is interested to know what his predictions are will have to put some money at the table.

    1. ArndB

      The winter 1939/40 is discussed unter the title: “The Extreme Winter of 1939/40 and Climate Research”, at:

  5. R. de Haan

    Not Long in Coming

    Arctic Blasts Hit North of the UK

  6. R. de Haan
  7. Ike

    I guess media and politicians are irritated how to handle this cold weather. You can´t tell people “hey, there is global warming happening…so “please” spend thousands of Euros to thermal insulation (Energieeinsparverordnung 2009 -> – read §10 Nr. 3!!!) on your home, use solar power, reduce your carbon footprint blablabla…and so on” and on the other side summer in Germany was cold and wet, right now we have freezing temperatures and meteorologists predict a cold winter. I noticed since this year you read and hear in media more about “climate-change” as of “climate-warming”. I think this is easier to handle regarding the missing of warm temperatures.

  8. Ike


    Steve McIntyre, author of the controversial science blog, was added to what the magazine calls its annual “list of individuals with global influence, and the power to change our world.”

    Thumbs up!!

  9. Ike

    forgot: here is the link to the list:

  10. R. de Haan

    Brilliant analysis from Joseph D’Aleo why the 2009/10 El Nino was much different from the 1997/98 El Nino

    He has announced a new winter forecast.

  11. R. de Haan

    Here is another publication from Joseph D’Aleo about the hot summers of 1988 and 2010 concluding that the higher CO2 level has been very beneficial for the crop yields.

  12. R. de Haan

    To a Geologist, the past is key to the future

  13. R. de Haan

    Historical winter storm hits West Coast USA (comparable event 1979)

    Merry Christmas

  14. Noel

    Isn’t the cold weather due to the weakening, and in 2010 diversion past
    Greenland, of the gulf stream? The weakening of the gulf stream is known to be due to global warming – the melting Arctic ice means more freshwater in the ocean which prevents the gulf stream from bringing the warm water to the north.

  15. Noel
  16. Global warming? Or Global Cooling? « Thetruthpeddler's Blog

    […] Germany’s cold weather silences the media’s global warming alarmist reporters […]

  17. James

    Not much time to waste on all you climate sceptics. The melting of ice reduces the temperature and water density of the Gulf Stream which resuklts ib colder weather in Europe. Just look at the winter temperatures of other locations in the world with similar latitude and you will see how much Europe depends on the watming effect of the Gilf Stream. If it stops you will all freeze. Nice and warm here in Australia – Good Luck

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