Light Blogging

Going out tomorrow!

My wife and I are spending a few days at the Baltic Sea near Kiel, and so blogging will be a little on the light side.

I wanted to do some deepsea fishing yesterday, but the boats didn’t go out – not enough customers. They plan to go out tomorrow. Hopefully I can land that big one. It’s a bit disappointing as I wanted to be out on the sea for days, and not just one.

I’m having some technical difficulties picking up my e-mails (some of you have sent ). My son is going to reroute them over to me and so I’ll answer them as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay.

Hope to post something this evening!


Update: Confirmed – we’re going out tomorrow!

One response to “Light Blogging”

  1. R. de Haan

    You could catch a White Shark!
    Read an article yesterday that Great Whites were spotted of the British coast.
    They migrate into our waters as they follow their hunting food.

    You only need the right bait and a close encounter.

    Have a nice fishing trip.

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