Der Spiegel: Geologists Warning Of “Mega-Eruption”

Der Spiegel reports on the growling-ever-louder Indonesian Merapi volcano in an article titled: Geologists Warning of Mega-Eruption of Merapi. Hat-tip to reader Ike.

The Merapi eruptions are becoming more violent – and the big bang could be just ahead. The Indonesian volcano has been spewing 800°C ash clouds for days.

According to Der Spiegel, 122 people have been killed, most on Friday. “Merapi is among the most dangerous volcanoes,” says geo-scientist Volker Steinbach of the German Federal Administration for Geoscience and Raw Materials (BGR). Der Spiegel adds:

Friday’s eruption is its worst this decade, says the chief geologist of the Energy Administration, Raden Sukhyiar, in the “Jakarta Post”. The biggest known eruptions occurred in 1006, 1369, 1786, 1822, 1872 – destroying a large number of villages – and 1930 when 1300 people perished.

Investigations of the volcano have revealed that an unprecedented Magma reservoir lurks underneath it, says Birger Lühr, a volcano researcher at the GFZ in Potsdam, Germany.

A rough estimate indicates that there is three times more magma than what was ejected by the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815 – the biggest eruption in the last 10,000 years, which led to a cooling of the climate globally.

Geoscientists aren’t sure what to make of this huge magma reservoir. As Der Spiegel reports, they are hesitant to make predictions of catastrophe (That’s only done in climate science, even though the odds are far less).

Word of a ‘mega-eruption’ is making the rounds among scientists. But apparently they are avoiding the use of the word to avoid being labelled preachers of disasters. ‘We can only speculate what the volcano will do,’ says Birger Lühr. Merapi is hardly predictable.

History shows, however, that volcanoes in Indonesia have a worrisome potential for catastrophic eruptions. Nature cannot be controlled. It can only be coped with.

52 responses to “Der Spiegel: Geologists Warning Of “Mega-Eruption””

  1. Mojo Elvis

    This could be the tipping point that the Web Bots have predicted.

    I think that IF THIS VOLCANO goes off between November 8th and 14th, it will be the tipping point to trigger the new ice age and climate change in a global perpective.

    YOU HEARD IT HERE… danger time is the 8th through the 14th

    1. Dave


      I’ll sleep well the 8th thru the 14th thank you very much…

      (dude, get a life!)

      1. EyesWideOpen

        LOL!! Yeah you do that, I believe that was the attitude of most of the dead arising from this eruption……..
        As predicted, earth changes are occuring in the run-up to 21.12.2012, expect things to get progressively worse as that date approaches, if you cant see it already you must be blind, or in denial…

        1. Amused

          So, EYESWIDEOPEN, you’re a “2012-er”–that explains your confrontational attitude towards “Dave” (And by the way, 23.12.2012 is the date that most of the 2012er’s are considering to be the last day.)

          I like how anyone who doesn’t see it your way is “blind” or “in denial.” All that 2012 BS is just that–male bovine fecal material, not based on any scientific data. Maybe you should check your own “denial” meter.

          Perhaps you would benefit by reading some material on “critical thinking”–even though it will seem a foreign concept to you.

        2. anon

          So, it’s the 16th…

          Looks like Dave wasn’t as blind as the 2012’ers thought.

      2. Amused

        your comment “dude, get a life!” seems to be a joke this is a fact it couls trigger ice age, do you know that happens…research on the web or in a library. Dude you should really sleep well the 8th thru the 14th

      3. Hal

        Get a brain, Dave.

        Sleep tight, Dave.

        Webbots scare the Hell out of me, Dave.

      4. Anadianant

        I think any person with eyes wide open can see that a tipping point is indeed nigh.
        Everything is “flying-apart-at-the-seams” as it were. All aspects of “culture”, the womb we have grown in, have shown themselves to be tattered at the edges.
        If the only thing that this passage through the eye of the needle does, is allows you to look it in the eye, so to speak, then that will be enough.

        Wake up Dave, HAL’s got ya!


    2. EyesWideOpen

      The tipping point that everyone seems to have missed in realtion to the web bots in my opinion is the CERN experiment to be conducted on of all dates 9/11 or 11/9 if you are using that system.
      Many physicists think that CERN has the potential to be a planet destroyer should the mad scientists create the ultra dense “quarks” they so crave.

      So it is my feeling that CERN is either going to have a catastrophic failure on 9/11, or it is going to have catastrophic consequences for the planet, possibly the universe.

      1. earthevac

        The activity at Merapi has coincided with the climax of proton-smashing experiments using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

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  3. diana

    That is so scary. I think people should put their partying aside and think of the bigger picture. How ,if possible to survive such a disaster, if one should want to. I mean, what kind of life would there be for humanity in the aftermath, should we have a disaster like in 1815?

    1. amicus curiae

      think about continued just fine ..or we wouldnt BE here.
      there were some lousy years of cold and low food availability, some people died.
      the planet and life spins on.

      1. Dave


        Oddly enough, life would be like, say, 1815.

  4. Casper

    I’d also keep an eye on Icelandic volcanoes:

  5. TinyCO2
  6. Dave

    Sure leaves one with sobering thoughts!

    1. j r

      Either that or a good reason to start drinking.

  7. Sjarief - Jakarta

    Mt. Anak Krakatau in Sunda strait Indonesia is now at yellow code alert, more small eruptions occured daily

  8. Bernd Felsche

    The main-stream media has been waiting for exactly this sort of thing:
    The name of a volcano that they can pronounce.

  9. jim

    It sure would piss off a lot of those Global Warming folks if an eruption whipped out enough dust to cause a mini-ige age.. Those green weenie Brits would be saying … “burn more coal”..

  10. R. de Haan

    Let’s put some perspective on the “Der Spiegel” article.

    1. Many active volcano’s in the world have a big lava caldera’s but that doesn’t mean it is all going to be ejected. Think Mount Etna for example.

    2. Merapi, just like Etna is active all the time allowing for regular pressure releases and vent clearing. Even the current emission is only small compared to the Pinatuba Eruption (est. 1/250 0.5 cubic km of ejecta.

    3. I think a VEI V is the maximum level to get and that’s a disaster for the locals but a slight inconvenience on a global perspective.

    Tambora was the result of a long period of “pressure cooking” and when it erupted there hadn’t been any previous volcanic activity.

    Krakatau with two big eruptions (AD 546 and 1883) only went nuclear because sea water entered the caldera.

    I don’t say a really big VEI 7 or 8 eruption won’t happen in our times.
    It could happen any day.
    I just think it is not going to be Merapi.

    1. DanW

      @R. de Haan:

      Your “perspective” is right on the money.

    2. Dave

      …and you know this just from thinking??

    3. ikkuvaljo

      R. de Haan is prolly right, Merapi has erupted on even time intervals and has never caused a “MEGA eruption”. Bogus news to get some clicks.

  11. Edward.

    It could be a large eruption, it might not…………… .
    All the wasted billions on a scientific fiction, where something that urgently in need of major funding, ie, seismology, vulcanology is a (relatively) Cinderella discipline – why?

    Madness, Indonesia at sometime in the future will have another ‘Tambora’, when is the question not if, I hope it is not Merapi but soon enough….it will happen, there are so many to choose from.

    Or will it be Katla or who knows, what I do know is that, we need to spend more money researching this and related phenomena.

  12. Indonésie: le volcan Merapi est entré en éruption(mise à jour) « Realinfos
  13. Sjarief - Jakarta

    Don’t forget we have mt. Toba in North Sumatera provice of Indonesia.
    Mt. Toba is catagorized as super volcano just like the Yellowstone in the U.S. and fortunately still asleep till now.
    The authority has been monitoring this super volcano for quite some time and so far no significant seismic activities. It’s not dead yet and could wake up at any time in future.
    Mt. Toba past explosion caused catastrophic events on earth (Wikipedia).
    The lake, Toba Lake, is very famous as tourists destination.

  14. R. de Haan
  15. Dan

    Another Iceland volcano may be about to erupt… VOLCANOES- EARTH’S PULSE FELT AT HOT SPOTS (Discovery, Sep 22, 2010) .. Enigmatic volcanic hot spots around the world might be pulsating together…National Geographic (November 19, 2008): “MYSTERIOUS ASTROPHYSICAL OBJECT that’s bombarding Earth with cosmic rays”…Whole Harbor collapses into the sea in Porto Chibatao. Brazil. November 2, 2010:

    1. DirkH

      It looks like Porto Chibatão already collapsed on October 18th, 2010:

      No English or German language reports anywhere in the news.

      1. DirkH

        Oh, found a report in German, one has to search for “Manaus”. Reported on the first of November, with video.

  16. Ike
  17. Greycoat

    This is George Bush’s fault!

  18. desta

    just pray for my country….

  19. dw

    If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable. All you folks worried about volcanic eruption, when you should be worried about an magnetic reversal. That’s wheen the real fun begins. Ice ages are just the beginning.

  20. R. de Haan

    Please read this paper

    It’s about the Dust Veil Index and analysis 500 volcanic eruptions from the past.
    Really, there is no need for any panic. The Dust Veil Index was much higher in the recent past than it is today and you know what?
    Most people survived, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

    So stop panicking and scare mongering and simply enjoy the show.
    Volcanic eruptions are part of life, just like storms and lightning.

    There is a strong indication that periods of low solar activity coincide with periods of higher seismic and volcanic activity. See:

    I think it is safe to say that the current cooling event will be enhanced by a rising Dust Veil Index due to an increase in volcanic activity.

    It will end the Global Warming scare for good.

  21. mutjack

    Its all the usual panick over nothing by the usual no lifes thousands of eruptions are taking place all over the planet at any given time put them all together and you would get loads more ash magma etc than you will ever get from this one vulcano

  22. arkansascajun

    why isn’t TOBA on the map? it’s a SUPERVOLCANO. If you draw a line from the epicenter of the tsunami quake to the nearest landfall ther’s TOBA.

  23. Lynn D.

    I’m a Christian, and I believe that there are many signs these days. The increase in earthquakes as well as volcanic activity… the rising tensions between Israel and Iran… the economic collapse of the U.S…. all of these things are slowly building up to a crescendo. I would be very, very surprised if something else “unusual” or even devastating doesn’t occur in the next six months. The Bible tells us the End Times are like birth pains — getting closer together and more intense. Jesus explained what to look for in our world in the End Times:

    Then said He unto them: ‘Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and great earthquakes shall be in diverse places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.'(Luke 21:10-11)

    “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” (Luke 21:25-26)

    Sorry but, there’s no such thing as “Mother Nature” and “Earth” is not our “Mother.” That’s just a cutesy name that New Agers and unbelievers have given to natural things that occur on this earth. But we Christians know that God is in control of everything, most especially the weather and natural elements. All throughout the Bible He used fire and floods, earthquakes and volcanos and plagues for various purposes. It’s no different now. Scoff and rationalize all you want. God is not mocked. If you’re not abiding in Christ and on His side, you’d better get there in a hurry. “Mother Earth” won’t be of any help to you when all hell breaks loose….I can assure you!

  24. L

    A theory..
    As things get warmer they expand.
    Thus as the earth has warmed 1c, it has expanded.
    Allowing the the volcano to vent some dust into the air.
    Which in turn travels up into the atmosphere and then allows the planet to adjust it’s temp.
    So as it cools down, it contracts, thus shutting the vent.

    PS. CO2 is 2 parts oxygen. 1 part carbon.
    No big deal..

  25. Rogoraeck

    I always was of the opinion that “global warming” was a scam to gouge money from the people, & I wasn’t concerned by the so called science pushed by the “warmista cult”! But the Geologists Warning Of “Mega-Eruption” does scare the crap out of me! It is not the “global warming” the threat, but after mega eruption of volcanoes in the world, it will be “global cooling” & that mean no food! Mass starvation in the world! The famine in the past will look like a picnic! Plus freezing in the dark brought to you by the “concerned greenies”!

  26. yaridanjo

    This could be what thee Web Bot prediction for 14 Nov. 2010 is about. Or it may be another Indonesian volvano as they were predicting a series of large quakes and there has been a lot of seismic activity in this part of the Pacific plate.

  27. Dick

    The best thing about predicting the end of it all is that sooner or later, you get to be right.

  28. stephen persaud

    but there is also increased activity wolrdwide……iceland…yellowstone…..nigeria…..south america…..
    looks like we are on an AC/DC “highway to hell”

  29. Mr Ray

    Nibiru returns?

  30. RobD

    There sure seem to be a lot of eruptions around the world. It is a bit sobering to think we are only seeing 20 to 25% of them. The rest are happening underwater, warming the seas, creating more moisture in the atmosphere, and more clouds, which cools the earth. This is more disturbing than the remote possibility of a mega eruption.

  31. Merapi Mega-Eruption Warnings Continue, AP Reports. Experts Are Uneasy

    […] reported earlier here at this blog, experts estimate that a reservoir of magma three times the size of what was ejected by the mighty […]

  32. Jakko

    LMAO @ All of U. Our recent relatives lived through ice ages, in fact the last mini ice age was in the 1500’to the late 1700’s. We did just fine without all of the luxuries of today. You think that humans would have problems with another ice age.. You are all a bunch of schmucks.

    1. Mr D Halliday

      Jakko you may as well laugh your ass off as you put it, as it will be useless for anything else when the famine takes hold. You seem to be oblivious of the fact that the human population in the period you base your argument 1500 to 1700 was a tiny fraction of todays.

  33. Charles Hoyenski

    When Krakatoa erupted in 1883, thier was snowfall in Arizona (USA) in July.

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