Dumb Meteorologists And Journalists Unaware Of Seasons In Southern Greenland

Radio Canada meteorologist Jocelyne Blouin not aware of seasons. Photo: Radio Canada

I ventured into the French websites and found this jewel of meteorological ignorance at the French sceptic site rechauffement mediatique.org. See video here Radio Canada (broadcast in October).

Featured in the piece is veteran Quebec meteorologist Jocelyne Blouin at Radio-Canada.

Last September (er, late summer) Blouin joined a Dutch expedition to southwest Greenland with journalists, tourists and meteorologists in order to observe firsthand the devastating impacts of “climate change” on Greenland. The video report of this expedition in French, with parts in English, just couldn’t be funnier. You think AIT was bad science?

Day 1

The expedition begins in southwest Greenland at Kangerlussuaq and takes the team 40 km inland to the Russel Glacier, where they set up camp 660 m above sea level. Ms Blouin comments:

It’s weird. It’s not even cold with temperatures near 0°C even though it’s the start of winter.

Last I heard, mid September is still late summer, and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that “it’s not even cold” and that they only have to wear parkas, mittens and ski hats. And isn’t it strange how these journalists only venture out to such places at times the ice is at a minimum?

Day 2

The team walks to a moulin where the ice is 200 to 300 m thick, and they act surprised that in late summer water is flowing down into it. Also someone explains that volcanic soot and pollution aerosols trapped in the ice serve to accelerate melting. Blouin adds:

The ice is filled with crevices – a sure sign that the ice is moving a lot. It’s incredible.

Then Blouin again mentions the melt. Remember – it’s late summer in Southern Greenland! Blouin laments:

The whole time you hear running water. You can even hear it running in the crevices. There’s way too much water.

Later in the day they return to camp “full of emotion”.

Day 3

The guide explains (in English) how the glacier works like a bulldozer and how the spot they are standing on was covered with ice 10 years earlier.

Again, at the end of summer, they are surprised that water is running. Moreover, they are astonished to see pieces of the leading edge of the glacier breaking off and falling into the lake. Just a week earlier the lake was much higher. But because ice blocking the outlet had melted (in the summertime), much of it emptied out. Blouin describes what she sees:

Everywhere the glacier is retreating.

You can hear it groaning and cracking. Water is running non-stop. It’s too hot. At this time of the year water is supposed to freeze. The glaciers are supposed to be sleeping. Yet you hear it moving – cracking.

Day 4

Back on terra firma, the team is in discussion.

– You can discuss it for years and years, but that won’t solve the problem!

– We just want to stop the discussion and do something! Act!

Blouin adds:

The others want to convince the sceptics. Everyone agrees. Global warming is causing damage and here in Greenland, we have the direct proof.

The guide adds:

This summer is probably the warmest in Greenland ever recorded. It’s the beginning of what’s to come.

And later makes an emotional plea:

That’s all you need to know, indeed. Look at the glaciers! they can tell you what will happen. And what these glaciers are telling me and the public is that you can’t deny global warming. It’s impossible!

Sorry dear Mr Guide and Ms Meteorologist Blouin,  it’s not all we need to know. There’s a lot more to it. You could start by finding out why they call it “Greenland” in the first place.

13 responses to “Dumb Meteorologists And Journalists Unaware Of Seasons In Southern Greenland”

  1. TinyCO2

    What is it about alarmists that they have to go see stuff melt? They say it’s ‘telling me and the public is that you can’t deny global warming’, I call it ‘tourism for hypocritical, sanctimonius, [insert insult of your choice]s’.

  2. Martin

    One major thing about this piece of propaganda is that it was shot in September but aired in mid October, nowhere in the piece they say when it was shot.

  3. DirkH

    “We just want to stop the discussion and do something! Act!”

    I know i should find it funny to see all these idiots – i think they are really idiots and believe what they say. Unfortunately, nearly all Germans i know are like that, and it goes on my nerves. I hope the counterplay i’m currently running plays out well – investing in nuclear and oil. I’m counting on Big Cold to arrive RSN.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      “We just want to stop the discussion and do something! Act!”

      And then they proceed to act like idiots. 🙂

  4. Yves Pelletier

    Hi Pierre, thanks for stopping by my blog. Just a quick rectification. When you say «The whole world agrees. Global warming is causing damage…», I think she was actually referring to the expedition members. A better translation would be «We all agree». That being said, I am pretty sure she thought that the whole world agrees with the team too 🙂

    Made me realized that your blog was missing from my blogroll. Fixed. Boy, I really need to update my list…

  5. DirkH

    Just watched the video. I even understood a little bit, though my school French is very rusty. The first thing that occured to me, seeing gras in Greenland, was – even if it were us who were causing this warming, how would anyone be depressed about retreating ice shields when so much land would become available for a higher biological productivity. I’m thinking of millions of square miles of Siberian and Canadian tundra… According to the Stefan-Boltzmann law, warming must be most pronounced in cold regions, and that’s always a good thing; it creates more space for life. Cold-loving species would simpley have to move a hundred miles north or something…

    I don’t understand glavier-lovers.

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