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52 responses to “Sejarah asal muasal situs judi poker online terpercaya”

  1. R. de Haan

    Great Piece Pierre.
    Same treatment as the previous article?

  2. R. de Haan
  3. Mindert Eiting

    Nicely said: ‘a huge and growing number of unfunded scientists’ do what they ought to do, trying to discover the truth. The Greenies are born losers if they try to keep the public away from the truth, whereas everyone has free access to the internet.

  4. Luboš Motl

    Beautifully written, Pierre. Many of the partial stories are very surprising. When a female politician complains that they behave just like religious zealots, they reply by behaving even more as religious zealots if not suicide bombers towards her, too.

    Of course, the German greenshirts are unlikely to turn the Internet off. It could still be a fun idea to establish a Radio Free Europe station to broadcast, e.g. from Prague, to Germany in German – just like the free world did in the case of the communist bloc, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and other places.

    President Klaus could even okay such a plan. 😉

    Meanwhile, Fred Singer seems to be doing very well, not threatened at all. [Private communication.]

  5. Tweets that mention D-Day Invasion By Climate Realists Coming --

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alicia Hervella, P Gosselin. P Gosselin said: D-Day Invasion By Climate Realists Coming: Green radical Dr. Hermann E Ott and other Parliamentarians want to pu… […]

  6. Pointman

    One of your posters linked to your site and very nice it is. He was posting at a new site in China. The focus there is on things Chinese and CAGW as it relates to China.

    They’re running a Cancun week, collating what few articles there are available. Might be a good resource of information on what seems to be a very hush hush event …


  7. Scud1

    Excellent article sir!

    The death of this most disgusting and gigantic fraud cannot come quick enough.

    Splendid site…bookmarked!

  8. Ike

    Wow! thumbs up!!

    “Come back to the arena of democratic principles.” Well said!

  9. Lionell Griffith

    CAGWist’s fundamental flaw is that they are at war with reality. That is a war that cannot be won.

    Oh, they can appear to be winning for a short time as long as there are willing victims and sufficient available wealth to steal. Interestingly, the victims are becoming much less willing and much of the available wealth has already been stolen. They are done for in the long run. Our challenge is to avoid being collateral damage in their final battles against reality.

  10. Joseph A Olson, PE

    “An epiphany is a one-time, one-way event. You have a belief in someone or something until you get over whelming evidence that your trust has been misplaced.” A quote from “Hoodwinked by Hoodlums” and posted two weeks prior to ClimateGate, aka “East Anglia Event Horizon”. The AGW cult movement has been a hoax, hijacked into a fraud and perpetuated by ignorance.

    That ignorance is easily cured by education. Within ten days the landing craft of truth will hit the Beach of Lies. Available in eBook, with paperback soon to follow, will be “Slaying the Shy Dragon” where a team of informed and principled scientists will remove the final props for this house of cards. It is regretfull that science needs to be described in warfare terminology, but it is THEY who have declared war on truth.

  11. DirkH

    Quite the address. I agree. I ask every warmist who appears here to deliver evidence, and they ignore my requests every time.

    In other news: I found American news fuming about Glenn Beck, condemning him for saying evil things about 14-year old George Soros in Nazi occupied Hungary. So i had to look it up myself.

    Watch Making Of The Puppet Master. It turns out that the liberal media has totally ripped Beck out of context, and that he talks about Soros’ youth in a pretty understanding tone.

    Watch the entire three last videos, starting 09th Nov 2010, if you’re interested in what will happen in the USA.

  12. Bruce

    It didn’t work in the 16thC and it won’t work in the 21stC. You cannot legislate true belief no matter how hard you repress the population. These people are nuts. They certainly do not read or understand their own nation’s history.

  13. DirkH

    I just read Ott’s piece. He’s a member of the Greens, and he accuses circles close to the FDP (our libertarian party) of being skeptics. That’s good; bring it on – if we can get a climate change division between the ruling CDU-FDP coalition on the one side and the three leftist parties (Green, Red, and Red), we will have a debate.

    What we need is a clear position from the CDU.

  14. R. de Haan

    Pierre, I think your article is in need of a German translation.
    Just give it a thought.

    The English language is still exotic to the majority of the German people and I think it is really important they get access to the content of your article.

    Maybe you could turn it into an open letter and send it to Merkel and Co.

    1. Chris Frey

      Dear R. de Haan,

      since quite some time I am working as a translator from English to German for EIKE mentioned in the above article. If someone wants me to translate this, too, please say so (may also be used for other purposes). In this case its best to refer ton my e-mail-adress because I am not surfing all the time.
      Its just copying it by typing, exept that I write it in German, so it should not take more than some hours.

      When considering this, please note that I am not a climate scientist, but a German writer and expert for children. However, I do have some experience with weather.
      But as this article is in the kernel not about climate, but about the fuss around it, there should not be a real problem.

      Sincerely Chris Frey

  15. R. de Haan

    Same madness in the USA
    Desperate to believe bad news.

  16. Edward.

    I salute you PG, fantastic piece!

    I say to the greens on any intellectual level but particularly on the science, bring it on!

    There is no science for them to defend, all their puny stance amounts to is, a reliance upon…. a ‘few distrusted men’ (Mann et al), a failed law student, turned failed politician and Jim Hansen -who as we all know is a creative accountant. PLUS…….
    Another bunch of crack pot whack jobs at the UN, run by a railway engineer.

    It is the Eco-loonies, that really worry me, 10:10 and the whack job in the (who shot people in the name of Eco-religion or summat) states- eco terrorism is the next step maybe – God forbid.

    And!……………….Oh yeah and a few proxy (poxy?) – figures, GHCN who R. Mckitrick ably defenestrated and those computer modellers………who are very quiescent at the mo’.

    “We will fight them on the beaches.” and in the lecture rooms and in the debating chambers and in the newspapers and on the ‘net’.

  17. R. de Haan

    Merkel already pressured by protests

    1. DirkH

      This picture of the boss of the public servants’ Union, using his hands to do the talking, is related.

      Mr. Bsirske is, BTW, not a worker; right after studying political sciences he started his career as a Union functionary.

  18. R. de Haan
  19. Phillip Bratby

    Great article Pierre. I came here from

  20. Michael Limburg

    Well done, Pierre, we´ll translate it into german and bring it in our news about the case “greens vs Singer EIKE”.
    best regards Michael

  21. Humble Horace

    Great piece too. Nice of you to make climate science into some sort of conspiracy/tyranny. Goodbye reason and sanity, hello hate and fear.

  22. DirkH

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Remember that German communist party, Die Linke? Well, they call themselves not communist. But they do have a subgrouping, the “Kommunistische Plattform”.

    And just to make matters complete, they also have the “Ökologische Plattform”.

    The perfect symbiosis, i’d say.

  23. Kate

    The communists used to say that capitalism would be brought down by a mass of internal contradictions, but it was communism itself that collapsed under the mass of its own contradictions. A point was reached where everyone, including the most die-hard communists, knew they just couldn’t carry on under their system for much longer, and that everything had to change and re-connect to the real world again if they were to stand any chance of ever making a better life for themselves and their children. Then the whole system imploded and liberated hundreds of millions of semi-brainwashed slaves from their various oppressive regimes.

    A similar fate awaits the human-hating Eco-fascists running the Climate Change Religion. One day it will all be over for them, and future generations will laugh at us for being so stupid as to believe in their idiotic junk science, and for letting them get away with it for so long.

    The climate change racket relies upon denying access to the main channels of the media to anyone capable of challenging any tenets of the “carbon-dioxide-is-evil” religion, which means, in turn, politicians and regulators can carry on stripping away our freedoms and bleeding us white with “carbon” taxes without being troubled by any awkward questions or ideas that might undermine their sanctimonious self-righteous hypocrisy.

    The truth is that the peak of public acceptance of the climate change religion has passed, so a sort of panic has gripped those with the most to lose when the whole thing blows up in their faces.

    One way to extend the life of the global warming fraud is for the authorities and broadcasters to act as if “everyone” believes in it, and anyone who declares that they don’t is either some sort of puppet for “Big Oil” or is just plain mad. That’s the way debate (and therefore change) is suffocated in a so-called “free democracy”. The global warming liars worked out long ago that arguing their case in any open forum and exposing their ridiculous assertions to detailed scientific scrutiny would do them more harm than good. This explains why there is never any debate about AGW between scientists on any national broadcasting network such as the BBC. Even if the BBC wanted such a debate (which they don’t), the global warming liars would never agree to appear on it with any real scientist that disagreed with them. One of the biggest jokes about AGW (well it makes me laugh at least) is that the global warming fraudsters dress up their statements in “scientific” jargon but when any real scientist challenges them they either ignore it or just resort to their usual tactic of insulting the scientist.

    When will it end?

    When all political support has been destroyed and the taxpayers’ money runs out.

  24. Bernd Felsche

    I was recently reminded of these wise words from Stevie Wonder:
    “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.”

    Avoid suffering. Remain a sceptic.

  25. D-Day Invasion By Climate Realists Coming

    […] Read more from the original source: D-Day Invasion By Climate Realists Coming […]

  26. John Barksdale

    I enjoyed this article and agree with your thoughts. If CO2 causes the average global temperature to rise, I want a climate alarmist to prove it! The IPCC reports are full of weasel-words like “may, might, could and possibly”. That is conjecture, not hard science.

  27. Mike Jonas

    Kate asks “When will it end? ”

    Sorry to disappoint you, Kate, but it doesn’t end when AGW ends.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance – Thomas Jefferson.

  28. Juraj V.

    First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you won. Looks like we are in the 3rd stage.

  29. R. de Haan
  30. Kate

    The entire case for man-made global warming is built upon a massive lie, and maintained by a campaign of massive lying propaganda and deliberate deception:

    1.) The 2001 IPCC report built its case for man-made global warming upon the validity of Mann’s “hockey stick”.

    2.) Prof. Steven McIntyre and Ross McKitrick (M&M) showed that even random data fed into the Mann algorithm would always yield a warmest 20th century. (Hey! Folks! Let’s all have some fun! Just choose any random set of numbers, shove it through Mann’s algorithm and Hey, Presto! Your very own hockey stick!) This is what Mann calls “climate science”.

    3.) There are numerous papers, published in peer-reviewed journals, which show clearly that the 20th century was not the warmest in the past thousand years (as claimed by Mann). Medieval temperatures were substantially greater, and so were temperatures during the earlier Roman Warm Period. All of this is in addition to the valid criticism of Mann’s statistical methodology.

    4.) After these errors were published widely by M&M, Mann’s behavior has been typical of the global warming fraudsters; he has neither replied to the critiques, or even referenced them. He has just ignored them. As to any formal investigation (which he can’t just ignore), Mann has tried to bluster through the situation and insulted anybody asking the “wrong” sort of questions. He has also employed an army of lawyers and assorted “global warming” associates to defeat or delay any and all moves to bring his correspondence, data, and working methods out into the light of day.

    5.) The IPCC AR4 report, section 8.6, page 640 says this:
    “A number of diagnostic tests have been proposed… but few of them have been applied to a majority of the models currently in use. Moreover, it is not yet clear which tests are critical for constraining future projections (of warming). Consequently, a set of model metrics that might be used to narrow the range of plausible climate change feedbacks and climate sensitivity has yet to be developed.”

    – Note the use of the most important word in that statement – “plausible”. On that single word, the whole absurd theory collapses, if it hadn’t already.

    1. DirkH

      You forget to mention one important thing. The models are bunkum.

      Greek scientists have compared model outputs with real unadjusted data and found no skill in point comparisons, and no skill in continental scale comparisons. They also deliver rebuttals to critics of their methodology. A very good read.

  31. JP

    Naomi Oreskes is coming to my university (UNSW) tonight. As you say, they never stop…

  32. R. de Haan
  33. DirkH

    British conservatives become sceptics.
    Obviously, this will be noticed by CDU politicians as well. The wall crumbles.

    The British left is panicking.

    1. DirkH

      I’m a fool. Old article. Wrong year, 2009. I tried to find material to bolster a claim i found in WUWT’s Tips&Notes today –

      jheath says:
      November 14, 2010 at 1:09 pm
      See ConservativeHome website. Tim Montgomerie, close to Cameron, goes sensible and opposes UK Government policy. They do not listen to me but will they listen to him?

      1. DirkH

        Well, here it is, from ConservativeHome.

        So we can say that the Tories have some skeptics in their ranks and they have been skeptics for at least a year now… without achieving much. Well, one can still hope.

  34. R. de Haan

    Climate much warmer than today just 7000 years ago

  35. Douglas DC

    Very good analogy sir. Here in the USA we just got though with Veteran’s
    Day, my late Father-in-Law was skeptical of AGW in the years before he died.
    Being the Son and Nephew of German-American coal miners and a Overhead
    Crane operator at GM truck plants across Michigan. He went from farming with
    mules in the “hills and hollers” of Kentucky, to that Beach in Normandy(Utah)
    and ended the war liberating Dachau, among other things. He died just before
    “Inconvenient Truth.” and thought Al Gore and the greens in general,
    “Were as full crap as a Christmas Goose…” and, ‘I don’t want to go back to those Mules!”
    I miss him…

  36. Corlyss

    Would someone please name a single university, government, or foundation that has suspended funds pending a full review of the existing science? Wake me when there is one just one.

    The fact is the lunatic AGW crowd are in control of the public policy organs and therefore the funding organs to perpetuate the fraud.

  37. Mervyn Sullivan

    I feel sorry for the anthropogenic global warming supporters. The one basic principle that underpins their case is that rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is causing temperature to rise and thereby to drive climate change.

    But this principle has long been debunked by the results of the Vostok ice core tests and tests done on other ice core samples … all giving similar results that indicate that temperature influences CO2 levels, and not the other way round.

    So what’s wrong with these people … the anthropogenic global warming supporters? Why can’t they understand this basis principle?

  38. Bob Armstrong

    As I commented when I met him at Heartland in NYC a couple of years ago , Fred Singer gives me hope that I may still be useful in 20 years . He didn’t seem to appreciate it .

    Real science proceeds from the quantitative understanding of simple abstract cases to more complex ones . I challenge “climate scientists” to prove they even know how to compute the temperature of a radiantly heated colored ball . If they can , that should greatly reduce the unexplained 3% excess of our measured mean temperature over that of a gray ball in our orbit .

  39. Ike

    I recently (well, 4 weeks ago) wrote an email to Bärbel Höhn (leading member of the German Greenies in parliament)

    I complained about several things in green politics. I didn´looked forward to get an answer from her.

    Well, 3 days ago I got an answer from her ie. secretary.

    This is her answer (Pierre, if you think it is worth, you might translate it into English). Included is a link to the green-party homepage. And there is another links, where the reader is invited to discuss AGW. When you click on that link, then you land here:


    Von Bärbel Höhn MdB – Kristina Lutz
    Tageszeit bei Versender Gesendet um 13:25 (GMT+01:00). Aktuelle Tageszeit an diesem Ort: 11:17 ✆
    An “xxxx.eickholt@xxxxxx.xx”
    Datum 15. November 2010 13:25
    Betreff Antwort: ist das der richtige Weg?

    Sehr geehrter Herr Eickholt,

    Sie beklagen das Diskussionsklima in der Klimadebatte. Ich erlebe, dass insbesondere auch einige Klimaskeptiker mit harten Bandagen kämpfen. Ich orientiere mich an dem, was die Wissenschaft sagt. Deren Aussage ist eindeutig: Der Klimawandel ist real und menschengemacht. Das ist nicht nur das Ergebnis der umfassenden wissenschaftlichen Sachstandsberichte des IPCC. Es ist auch die wissenschaftlich begründete Ansicht z.B. der nationalen Akademien der Wissenschaften von Brasilien, China, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Indien, Italien, Japan, Kanada, Mexiko, Russland, Südafrika und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, ebenso wie der World Meteorological Organization, der American Meteorological Society, der Royal Meteorological Society oder der Deutschen Meteorologischen Gesellschaft. Die Gruppe der „Klimaskeptiker“ ist sehr klein und wissenschaftlich isoliert.

    Jetzt ist entschlossenes politischen Handelns gegen die Erderwärmung gefragt. Wir können es uns nicht leisten nur aufgrund eines nicht schlüssig begründbaren Zweifels hin, das Problem des Klimawandels auf die lange Bank zu schieben. Zumal es sich bei Klimaschutzmaßnahmen um Maßnahmen handelt, die sich sehr schnell auch wirtschaftlich rechnen und vielfältige positive Auswirkungen haben. Klima schützen heißt vor allem auch: Chancen nutzen und neue grüne Jobs schaffen. Klimaschutz- und Effizienztechnologien sind die gefragten Produkte auf den weltweiten Märkten von morgen. Ansonsten bin ich wie Sie an einer sachlichen Diskussionskultur interessiert.

    Bitte nehmen Sie auch unseren Beitrag zur Diskussion über das IPCC auf der Internetseite der grünen Bundestagsfraktion zur Kenntnis:

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Bärbel Höhn

  40. Die Stigmatisierung der „Klimaleugner“: Anschlag auf die Meinungsfreiheit unter Federführung der Grünen! « infowars

    […] Der Blogger Gosselin schreibt dazu in “Notrickszone”: […]

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