Now It’s The “Ocean Change Threat” (Forget Climate Change)

We have been told that trace gas CO2 dictates the world’s climate, overpowering the oceans and solar factors. So now we should not be surprised when someone tells us that the atmosphere dominates the behavior of the oceans, which are far more massive.

The stream of  junk environmental science doesn’t stop flowing. Again a small group is trying to convince us that the tail wags the dog. Actually in this case, the flea at the end of the tail is wagging the dog (CO2 causes climate change, which in turn causes “ocean change”).

The German warmist website klimaretter (in English that means “climate rescuer”) has become a leading provider of kook warmist stories lately. Their latest is here: Researchers Warning Of Ocean Change, which cites a report officially released today by World Ocean Review in Hamburg.

Climate change will soon profoundly influence the world oceans: This is the conclusion of “World Ocean Review”, the scientists of the Kiel Cluster of Excellence of “Ocean of the Future” in Hamburg released on Thursday.

I thought Halloween season with people running around in costumes was over. No – we are expected to accept this as fact, without skepticm or questions.

With Cancun coming up, and its failure already programmed, the 240-page report, filled with photos and charts, is the latest volume of junk science designed to spread alarm, a Hail Mary attempt to sway a public, which has long since grown deaf to the cries of climate change. Klimaretter writes:

Climate change does not only lead to rising temperatures and rising sea levels, but it also leads to increased oceanic acidification.

According to today’s online Stern magazine, in its article The world’s oceans – exploited and trashed:

‘The world’s oceans are now a high risk patient that has a chance – if given the right therapy,’ says Martin Visbeck, spokesman for the Cluster Of Excellence”

The recent report is the result of two years of work done by 40 researchers.

The Ocean Science and Research Foundation, a foundation set up by Elisabeth Mann Borgese, a fighter for ocean protection, financed the oceans’ status report. Also involved was the International Ocean Institute, which she also created.

There you have it – activist-sponsored science, which means it has nothing to do with objectivity. In the future a World Ocean Review will be released every 2 years. The latest report not only focuses on CO2-caused acidification, but on over-fishing and trash in the oceans.

More on World Ocean Review here: The 240-page report can be downloaded here:

13 responses to “Now It’s The “Ocean Change Threat” (Forget Climate Change)”

  1. DirkH

    According to the wikipedia, Elisabeth Mann-Borgese was a founding member of the Club Of Rome.

  2. hr

    In your third para you refer to a website ‘Klimatretter’; do you mean
    Reply: Another spelling error, I see. Yes, I mean the klimaretter. -PG

  3. Ed Caryl

    I’m with them on the overfishing and trash, but I’m not convinced that CO2-acidification is a problem. A lot more study is necessary.

  4. hr

    Perhaps you have already seen some of Matt Ridley’s comments on the ocean acidification scare? See I think Ridley regards himself a writer on science rather than a scientist, but he does have an Oxford Univ doctorate in zoology, he makes sure he knows his stuff, and puts it across firmly. Ocean alarmists take him on at their peril.
    Another well-informed anti-alarmist is coral reef specialist Walter Starck. See

  5. R. de Haan

    Just watched the US hearing where Ocean Acidification was presented as a major issue without verbal comments.

    Never heard such a bunch of hubris in my life. (See WUWT)

  6. ArndB

    The oceans steer and control the weather (and average weather) due to their heat reservoir and water supply to the atmosphere. For this reason I complained back in 1992 in a Letter to Nature:

    “SIR – The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the earlier struggle for a Convention on Climate Change may serve as a reminder that the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea has its tenth anniversary on 10 December. It is not only one of the most comprehensive and strongest international treaties ever negotiated but the best possible legal means to protect the global climate. But sadly, there has been little interest in using it for this purpose. For too long, climate has been defined as the average weather and Rio was not able to define it at all. Instead, the Climate Change Convention uses the term ‘climate system’, defining it as “the totality of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere and their interactions”. All that this boils down to is ‘the interactions of the natural system’. What is the point of a legal term if it explains nothing? For decades, the real question has been who is responsible for the climate. Climate should have been defined as ‘the continuation of the oceans by other means’. Thus, the 1982 Convention could long since have been used to protect the climate. After all, it is the most powerful tool with which to force politicians and the community of states into actions.”
    NATURE 1992, “Climate Change”, Vol. 360, p. 292;

  7. R. de Haan

    IPCC-OFFICIAL “Climate Policy is redistributing the worlds wealth.“climate-policy-is-redistributing-the-worlds-wealth”/#comment-532505

    Always nice to have a first hand confirmation from the other side.
    Especially when the good news comes so short before the Cancun meeting.
    I am sure they will now get al the back up they need to sign a Global Treaty.

    Thoughts like “the enemy from within” comes to mind in a way nor Kafka or George Orwell could have imagined or is this the script of a bad Bond movie script?

    My first thought is when we are going to sweep our Governments and Administrations clear of these radical elements before they manage to enforce their rule upon us and we wake up in the Dark Ages.

  8. Nonoy Oplas

    What’s next for the warmers, “air change” threat, “tornado/hurricanes change” threat, “geological change” threat? Maybe they are panicking that public fear of climate change is waning, they have to invent more scary stories.

    1. DirkH

      Nonoy; it’s the Biodiversity threat. It is set up with an equivalent to the IPCC; it already produces international conferences and “decisions”; it already requests giant payments.

      “29 October 2010 Last updated at 17:15 GMT
      Biodiversity talks end with call for ‘urgent’ action
      By Richard Black”

  9. Pointman

    Today’s installment of the Cancun Week special is now available at

    It is the third translation of selected portions of the Chinese book “Low Carbon Plot” and deals with the true national self-interest behind climate politics and finance.


  10. Pointman
  11. R. de Haan


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