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Global Warming Meets Its Stalingrad – “Cold Of The Century”

The homeless are freezing to death, schools are closing, air traffic is paralyzed, flights cancelled, temperatures plummeting to -20°C, winds up to 60 km/hr making windchill feel like -40°C, autobahns and motorways are blocked by drifting snow, motorists stranded, trains are disrupted – that’s the ugly winter reality today in Germany. We’ve been seeing similar headlines in […]

German Government Slaps Down Industry-Funded Query – Opens Door To Scientific Dissent

As mentioned in my last post, the Greens are now getting answers to the QUERY they submitted earlier to the German Government. The query is now proving to be a futile and sad attempt to stem the rising tide of skepticism in Germany, read here. In this query, German Greens actually asked Angela Merkel’s government to […]

German Skeptics Hit Back At Industry-Funded Radicals

The Green Parliamentarians in Germany have a lot of questions to answer. Awhile back, spooked by a visit to Germany by Fred Singer, they sent a QUERY to the ruling government in attempt to stem the rising tide of skepticism in Germany. Their query was filled with use of the word “denier” and attempted marginalize and demonize […]

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