Global Warming Meets Its Stalingrad – “Cold Of The Century”

The homeless are freezing to death, schools are closing, air traffic is paralyzed, flights cancelled, temperatures plummeting to -20°C, winds up to 60 km/hr making windchill feel like -40°C, autobahns and motorways are blocked by drifting snow, motorists stranded, trains are disrupted – that’s the ugly winter reality today in Germany. We’ve been seeing similar headlines in the UK and throughout all of Scandinavia. Global warming has met its Stalingrad.

Meanwhile, the Climate Generals are sipping champagne and eating caviar in sunny Cancun, see here.

Stern magazine reports here “Deep Freeze Weather To Remain Until March”:

And its going to continue: Today most of Germany will get 20 cm of  new snow on top of what there is now. Also in the days ahead it’s going to remain cold.”

H/t: NoTricksZone reader Bernd Felsche

Right now with the bitter cold bearing down on Europe, the German media are scrambling like piglets on an ice rink.  Indeed the news of global warming coming out of Cancun are coming across as a bizarre joke. Everywhere in the media we hear something like: “Duh duh duh…it’s…er, man-made climate change induced weather extremes, or something! We can’t explain it! But hold on – wait – it’s now in our models! Yup, there it is! Just the latest sign of global warming.”

Stern Magazine: “Cold of the century”

Stern asks the German Weather Service (DWD): How long is this warming cold going to last?

For the DWD it’s sure: ‘It’s going to remain cold.’ Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday daytime highs will hover around -10″C. Temperatures at night could plummet to -25 °C. Germany will be colder than Scandinavia, Canada and Siberia. ‘We are expecting winds of up to 60 km/hr on Wednesday and Thursday. That means the windchill will be minus 30 to minus 40°C,’ says meteorologist Dominik Jung of Wetterdienst in Wiesbaden. ‘Whoever does not dress properly, risks freezing to death.'”

Well, I don’t know about Siberia. But man it’s cold out there with that wind. Reminds me of winters in Vermont. Stern magazine warns:

Anyone hoping for just for a couple of cold winter days is out in left field. Jung says these frosty days are only a taste of what’s coming. ‘It’ll be especially cold,’ says Jung, ‘in the Northeast temperatures will fall below levels we saw last year.'”

So much for the rare but exciting snowy winters Jones told us about awhile back. Meteorologist Jung’s projection for the rest if the winter remains icy. “It will be similar to last year’s cold winter. Don’t expect temperatures to warm up much until late March.”

Read more here in English:

20 responses to “Global Warming Meets Its Stalingrad – “Cold Of The Century””

  1. DirkH

    Looks like the people have good algorithms, they were the first ones to say it’ll be cold the entire winter.

  2. Casper

    Fortunately, I’ve collected a lot of firewood for this winter. But unfortunately everything is getting high in price!

    1. DirkH

      Oh, and i’m feeling vindicated. I went out on a limb and told everybody i met to get prepared for a very cold winter. Looks like it was the right advice.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        Better to prepare for a very cold winter and be disappointed by a mild one, than do prepare for a mild winter.

        Perhaps the de-populators at the trough in Cancun would prefer that we believe in warmer winters.

  3. Ike


    again I am not sure where to put interesting, new or funny tips on this blog. So, I´ll just post it here for this one:

    “Auch Wissenschaftler fordern mehr Geld. Rajendra Pachauri, Chef des Weltklimarats IPCC, erklärte, der aktuelle Kenntnisstand sei nicht ausreichend. Die Regierungen müssten mehr Geld ausgeben, damit erforscht werden könne, wie schnell sich die Erde in den kommenden Jahrzehnten erwärme. Besonders der arktische Permafrost und die Zukunft der Ozeane müssten genauer untersucht werden.

    “Was heute geschieht, ist bei weitem nicht ausreichend”, sagte Pachauri. Der IPCC arbeite derzeit an einem Sonderbericht zu den Zusammenhängen zwischen der globalen Erwärmung und extremen Wetterphänomenen, wie die russische Hitzewelle und die Überschwemmungen in Pakistan in diesem Jahr. “Der Trend ist klar”, sagte Pachauri. “Wir werden weiterhin mehr Überschwemmungen, Dürrezeiten, Hitzewellen und extremere Ereignisse sehen.”,1518,732218,00.html

    More money, huh? I thought AGW is settled and a scientific fact?

  4. Ike

    Regarding DWD and their cold winter statement.

    Visit there website and read this:

    “erwartete Änderung Temperatur 1,7 °C wärmer als 1900, v. a. Winter und Nächte wärmer” !!! ????

  5. Nonoy Oplas

    Better yet, dump the excess snow at the UN FCCC headquarters in Bonn. That place hosts climate bureaucrats from many countries every 2 months on average to plan the Copenhagen and Cancun climate blackmail talks.

  6. R. de Haan

    This is only Western Europe.

    The fact is that it’s cold in Russia and Siberia as well, but also in China and the USA, in short the entire NH suffers from severe winter conditions.

    Even in Cancun the temperature anomaly is negative:

    The SH now entering it’s summer is cooler as well.

    Watch the temperatures anomalys for the Antarctic over the past two weeks here and you know why we have so much sea ice extent:

  7. R. de Haan

    James Hansons talk at Princeton
    (The guy simply won’t shut up)

  8. Adrian O


    they went

    to Cancún

    to feel the pain

    of our warming

  9. M White

    British MPs are still in their virtual world

    “MPs propose carbon tax to boost green investment”

  10. M White
  11. Juraj V.

    Japan sinks the Kyoto in Cancun. Alleged reasons are economic harm and unfair advantages for South Korea and China. But I eagerly wait, when some state official will say “and the science behind seems not too much reliable as well”. This will be the real breakthrough.

    1. Brian H

      Japan wants a STRONGER treaty that includes the heavy hitters like China and India. This is the result of self-protection, not enlightenment. The Japanese are just as befuddled now as they were at Kyoto.

  12. ArndB

    The reference to the icy Stalingrad battle should serve as a reminder that atmospheric science is rather late, and seems even to be objectively not capable to investigate and explain why a number of very strange and exceptional meteorological events happened during WWII,, although they have had seven decades of time to do so.

    With regard to extreme weather condition in Russia during WWII, William Mandel pointed to the fact that much lower temperatures were experienced in the winter campaigns around Leningrad during the Soviet-Finnish fighting 1939/40, around Moscow and Leningrad in 1941-42, and around Stalingrad in 1942-3. (Mandel, William; ‚Some notes on the Soviet Arctic during the past decade’, in: Journal of Arctic Inst. of North America, Vol. 3, 1950, p. 55ff).

    What was the role of the war in this to happen? I attribute these events and the extreme cold European winter 1939/40, 1949/41, and 1941/42 mainly to the naval war activities, discussed e.g. here: and

    Here an example concerning Soviet-Finnish fighting 1939/40 an excerpt from: Chapter 2_14,

    · Joseph Stalin had amassed 300,000 of his best troops to attack Finland from the north and the east (NYT, 27 December), sometimes shelling Finnish positions up to 48 hours continuously – and snowstorms and unusual low temperatures reached the battle fields (December 29th/30th).
    · Russia deployed 2,000 large guns (NYT, 18 January), which spat one hundred shells every minute (NYT, 01 February) – but ‘a pitiless deathly cold laid a glacial cover on Russia’s war machinery tonight with phenomenal 54 degrees-below-zero temperatures’. (NYT, 18 January).

    Details to Russia invades Finland, December 1939 (2_41) at:
    Arnd Bernaerts

  13. M White

    “Nottinghamshire’s coroner warns about cold deaths”

    Nottinghamshire’s coroner has urged carers and neighbours to check up on elderly people after seven cold-related deaths in the county in the past week.

    Dr Nigel Chapman said such a high concentration of deaths – including three on Tuesday – was “unusual”.

  14. PhilJourdan

    I remember the winters of 72-74 in Germany. After suffering through 6 years of Southern California weather, I was looking forward to some snow again. Sure enough, just before Thanksgiving 72 we got 6 inches of the white stuff! Earliest I had ever seen it. Unfortunately that was the last of the snow for my short tenure in Deutschland. They (complained/celebrated – depending upon who you were) the warmest winters on record. Of course the US at the same time was going through a couple of its worst winters.

    Germany was due I guess.

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