German Government Slaps Down Industry-Funded Query – Opens Door To Scientific Dissent

As mentioned in my last post, the Greens are now getting answers to the QUERY they submitted earlier to the German Government. The query is now proving to be a futile and sad attempt to stem the rising tide of skepticism in Germany, read here.

In this query, German Greens actually asked Angela Merkel’s government to deride climate science dissent and to join in on some sort of climate-denialsim. It was really weird, to say the least.

The German Government has aince responded to the green-query. From the answers, one clearly sees a German Government that is:

1) one-sidedly informed,
2) but is open to a scientific discussion (see no. 1o below).

It is true that Angela Merkel’s coalition government has made combating climate change a crucial issue. But much of that has to do with her one-sided activist advisers, particularly the alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and its head, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber – the German climate science gatekeeper. This, as you will see, is confirmed by the Government’s response to the query.

Question no. 1 and 2 (paraphrased:
Are you aware of any peer-reviewed papers that dispute man-made global warming, and is there a discussion about the cause of climate change within the Government?

The Government responds claiming it bases its position solely on the findings of the IPCC and added:

The last IPCC report of 2007 has detected a definite warming  in the climate system and has determined that it is highly likely that the warming since the middle of the 20th century was caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Federal Government is not aware of any works that have been peer reviewed that put the assertions in doubt.

Here the Government is stating they are not even aware of the huge body of science disputing AGW. They’ve been shielded from it. We know there are 800 peer reviewed skeptic papers out there. It’s a question of getting that body of science to them. I find the part “since the middle of the 20th century” peculiar as well. Why not the entire century?

As the Wikileaks documents show, Chancellor Merkel has far more pressing geo-political matters to attend to. For climate, she is advised by Schellnhuber and by her Environment Minister Mr. Norbert Röttgen, who, incidentally, was assessed in a Wikileak document as being just a layperson on the topic of climate science and environment. Indeed the advice Merkel is getting is one-sided and woefully incomplete.

On the questions 3-6, all concerning Fred Singer:

Fred Singer is a well-known so-called climate change skeptic because of his frequent appearances in the media worldwide.”

Again, this shows the government is not well-informed. Fred Singer is not a skeptic of climate change; he’s skeptic of the claim that today’s climate change is for the most part man-made. The Government’s response also states that it does not gather information about individual scientists or make judgements on their expertise.

On Question no. 7:
Are there any voices within the German government who question the man-made causes of climate change?

To this question, the Government flatly says that it relies solely on the IPCC – period. Here, someone needs to explain to the Government that relying on a single source for important information is not a wise idea, and is negligent. The German Government seems to believe that there is only one source of information, and that it [IPCC] is the only authority and is infallible.

On questions 8 and 9 concerning EIKE (and again Fred Singer), the German Government says it is not familiar with the organization. I doubt that’s true. But legally it’s a good answer.


Are you in favor of using public funds for spreading the claims made by climate deniers like Fred Singer?

The German Government welcomes an open scientific discussion on the importance and uncertainties of the results of climate science, as progress depends on lively and controversial discussions.”

Hardly what the green zealots and warmisnistas are calling for. It’s the exact opposite.

So we see that we have a government made up of a coalition that is woefully ill-informed, but at least goes on to say it is open to all scientific views.

Somehow we have to gently push the door open get the information in. But remember, Merkel is well-shielded. Certainly the process will take time, patience and effort, and may be much easier when the two ruling coalition parties are sitting in the offices of the opposition and the real hardcore greens and socialists are running the country into the ground.

For a copy of the Government’s response to the Query (in German), contact a spokesman at EIKE.

8 responses to “German Government Slaps Down Industry-Funded Query – Opens Door To Scientific Dissent”

  1. DirkH

    The people here are mostly backwards oriented, so it should be no surprise that the Merkel government succeeds with a backwards oriented attitude. For most Germans, it’s not backwards fast enough so they will probably elect a more radical devolution party next time. Of course, the people perceive their own attitude as “forwards” – for instance, they sing the praises of electric tricycles. Now, for a rider of a gas-fueled Indian Riksha that would probably be progress, but for us in the West? They’re all totalitarian Malthusians here.

  2. Juraj V.

    So you pay >50% of your earnings in form of taxes to the government, which is not aware of any p-r papers confronting AGW. What are they for? This was exactly predicted by D. Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell speech, just those “scientific elite” is actually a mix of pseudo-scientific prostitutes, mediocre “scientists” and green fanatics, which would not survive in private sector with their junk science for a second.

    First, it was warming of 3°C till 2100. No, suddenly it is a warming by 6°C in 2060! Can you imagine these people engineering let’s say, commercial aircraft?

    I think the everbulging governmental bureaucracy somehow attracts such type of people, who know that they would fail or do not well in free competition market on private sector, and in the last decades they all gathered like sh*t in a top of a cesspool over there.

    The more taxes governments take from us, the less freedom is left for us working class. Now we are paying more and more, and those governmental crooks just look for ways how to control, regulate and in general piss us off.

  3. R. de Haan

    There is NO excuse.

    It is the duty of the Government to be informed.

    This is willful ignorance.

    Merkel is a Chemical Scientist for goodness sake.

    We have to clear her up, that’s why we have to send her the counter inquiry send to the Greens.
    Just for file building.

    I think it is also necessary to publicly invite her to the Conference in Berlin.

    This way she can’t deny she wasn’t informed.

    Politicians can behave ignorant about a subject if it suits them.
    It’s our task to prevent that from happening.

    I’m sure Merkel will turn her opinion on a dime the moment we have a public majority opposing the AGW claim.

    She’s done that before and she will do it again.

    That’s why she’s called a “power politician”.

  4. R. de Haan

    As we know corruption runs rampant in AGW science, this article isn’t entirely off topic.

    Bears poo in the woods

  5. DirkH

    Showdown. Greens will attack in provincial elections in Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg. Merkel and the FDP attack the Greens for being against everything.

    Will the Germans vote for even higher taxes, an even stronger clampdown on energy infrastructure and even less freedom? Let’s see.

  6. R. de Haan

    If Merkel is clever she will side with the Skeptics to undertake a frontal attack on the Greens blaming them for the biggest scam in the history of human kind.

    Germans climb in the curtains when they hear they have been cheated and how much the cheating has cost them.

  7. R. de Haan

    Selling us an expensive cat in a bag
    A new dark age for Germany

    1. DirkH

      Very interesting to read about the 6 offshore turbine failures, thanks. But we will not enter dark ages – Germany hasn’t switched off a single conventional power plant while building up the renewables AFAIK. It will only cost us money…

      Regulations like the Mittelspannungsrichtlinie (Medium voltage guideline) are enforced to make sure renewable power plants (PV; Wind) can be remote controlled by the grid operator to reduce their feed in power if the grid is in danger of overload. The renewables operator will in that case be paid for the electricity he could have fed in but was not allowed to.
      “Zusätzlich muss auf Anforderung des Netzbetreibers die Wirkleistung in Abhängigkeit von der Netzfrequenz automatisch reduziert werden können bis hin zur Abschaltung des Energieerzeugers bei einer Frequenz größer 51,5 Hz.”

      Translation: On request of the grid operator an automatic reduction of feed in power (down to zero) must be realized if the grid frequency exceeds 51.5 Hz.

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