German ZDF Television Satirizes Climate Religion

“I’m a climate pig” – so confesses a climate sinner in a satirical new video clip produced by German public television ZDF. It is a spoof on the whole climate change movement, a parody on the climate religion, and this by an icon of politically correct media, ZDF, no less!

The video is also quite hip – thus targeting the young.

Are the German media now starting to take a satirical view of the whole climate-saving movement? That certainly would be a change of course. But let’s not get our hopes up too much.

The video pokes fun at the feelings of guilt that many people struggle with daily because of their self-perceived CO2 sins, which are simply impossible to avoid in modern living. We all do our best to avoid emitting the climate-killing stuff, but it just can’t be helped! The video starts with a person confessing his climate sins. Dear Father:

– Boiling water: 36 kg of CO2.
– Surfing in the Internet: 391 kg.
– Driving the car: 2 tons!
– Living in an old apartment in Berlin: 3.6 tons
– Holiday flight to New York: 4 tons!

Using this online climate calculator, I reach a total of more than 18 tons per year. But the scientists say I should emit no more than 2 tons per year!

Oh my God, what can I do? Cutting CO2 emissions that drastically would be totally painful. The guilt that’s felt is just unbearable.

But it’s got to be done. There’s no choice, at least so says Regine Günther, Director of Climate Protection and Energy WWF:

If we don’t, then we will be changed, and that in the form of traumatic climate change. And the consequences for people will be much much more painful then you could ever imagine.

Gulp! That’s pretty painful. I myself can imagine some pretty painful things – like root canal treatment without Novocaine. So climate change will be 10 times, no, a thousand times more painful than that? Then we better hurry up and make the brutal sacrifices today. ZDF asks how on earth are we supposed to do get down to just two tons?

Deliver our e-mails by bicycle?
Turn off the heat?
Dear Father, what am I to do? No matter what I do, I commit CO2 sins. Help me!

Norbert Bolz, media theorist, says everywhere there are feelings of guilt, people doing penance by performing acts of offsetting. “People are now praying to Mother Nature, who has taken over for God.”

The clip sarcastically points out that the average person causes 1.24 tons of emissions annually just by default existing, before even taking a breath, and that through government administration, autobahns, and taxation. ZDF asks: “Is there even a chance for me to live a climate-friendly life?”

The movement has become religious and is now even filled with rituals, explains Bolz, citing Germany’s obsession with separating it’s household garbage as a way of being a “good person” and doing penance for our environmental transgressions.

But don’t despair, now private industry allows you to buy offsets, thus allowing you to perform acts without having to feel so guilty. Now that’s service. Pay a little extra for that flight ticket, and bam! Everything is rosy again. Fly guilt-free! A good conscience in exchange for money. ZDF adds satirically:

For singles at, there’s also the climate-neutral complete package for only 10 euros a month!” Is that the solution?

Not for WWF High Priest Regine Günther, who warns offsets are not enough:

The only good emissions are the ones that don’t happen. And for the ones that do occur, you have to try to avoid them. And if that isn’t possible, then you have to offset them. But that’s only possible over a transitionary period.”

So only for a little while? All this offset stuff is just temporary, and will have to go before too long. After that it’s going to be all cold cold turkey, and big time. ZDF on Günther’s warning:

I was afraid of that. First I was a waste sinner, and now I’m a climate sinner. Our Father, give me my daily CO2. Forgive me for my trespasses, and deliver me from climate change. Yours is the state, nature and the CO2 budget for eternity. Amen.

I’ll say Amen to that too.

17 responses to “German ZDF Television Satirizes Climate Religion”

  1. TinyCO2

    I’m having trouble reducing my CO2. I need guidance. Perhaps I need to study the icons of AGW… Gore, Cameron (J), Cameron (D), Schwarzenegger, Windsor… the list is endless.

  2. DirkH

    I would call this video a last-ditch attempt at repackaging a dead theme. It’s a small wonder they let Norbert Bolz speak, though.

    But the ZDF wouldn’t know a young person if she flew up their nose and died there. Their viewers are as old as the SPD party members. My kid would not be able to name any show on that channel, i’m fairly sure.

    The kids are more interested in the gross stuff. Hmm… the ZDF tried something like that on Saturday, having a guy on powerisers jump over cars… You see, they are just a complete failure.

  3. DirkH

    As expected: Germany bails out at Cancun. Greenpeace disappointed by speech of environment minister Roettgen who refused to follow Climate Commissioner Connie into madness and didn’t announce new CO2 reduction goals.

  4. Ike

    Roettgen, who? 🙂

    Cancun is dead.

  5. Bernd Felsche

    The 3sat watermark is interesting.

    Regine Günther speaks to the public as though they were all pre-schoolers.

  6. R. de Haan

    From Joe Bastardi:
    I am hopeful ( prayerful) that the coming cold wave that will follow what thaw there is in the northwest will have the populace prepared. While it is true I have had a little fun with those that dont see eye to eye with me on the issue of AGW, the coming cold, in the wake of the stress that has already been put on the populace of the northwest part of Europe, is nothing to joke about.
    The current cold will shift southeast for a while, before the re-establishment of the cold pool back where it was the past 2 weeks. This will allow for people to have a few days of milder weather in the UK and Ireland. Germany is liable to take the brunt of the whole thing, for while there is a few days of warming in the northwest, the cold shifting southeast centers over them and when it reloads a bit further west it is over them.
    While I realize its open for debate, the patterns that are developing are part of what I described would start to happen a few years ago when the combination of oceanic, solar and even seismic cycles( the last one being the biggest wild card) began to take effect. The coming years will tell who is right and who is wrong. The true shame here though is that people were brainwashed into thinking such things could not happen anymore, and its almost dastardly that the ones that did the brainwashing are now claiming its because they were right ( we go from saying it wont occur because of something, to it is occurring because of what was suppose to prevent it from occurring). In any case, it is my sincere hope, that folks in the targeted area do not take this lightly. If I am overdone in some places, all the better. There will be a price to pay in hardship for this, and in studying the whole pattern that is in front of western and northern Europe the next 15 days ( the shot of cold into the south and east comes and goes, but when it comes anew after the new year, it may remain) the bitter pill to swallow for not being prepared for such things is as nasty as the cold itself.
    Be ready!
    ciao for now ***

  7. R. de Haan
  8. R. de Haan

    Are these the big rains that trigger a new “Little Ice Age”?
    Please read this very interesting article:
    Panama Canal shut due to rains.

  9. R. de Haan
  10. Pointman

    When people are honest, there are many bizarre reasons to be and vote green …

    Wenn Leute ehrlich sind, gibt es viele seltsamen Gründe zu sein und zu wählen für grün …


  11. Juraj V.

    Breakthrough in Slovak online news.
    “What if it is not warming anymore?”
    Author is sociologist, but he pretty much sump up the green hysteria, wicked dreams of environmentalists, waste of money and resources and questionable science on top. Great stuff.

  12. Ingemar

    Thanks Pierre for an inspiring posting.

    Given this winter (which isn’t too bad in Sweden if you disregard the fact that it started about 3 weeks early this year), I will give a New Year promise to increase my CO2 emission during 2011. Although I know that I am far behind the green jetsetters in Cancún, I promise to do my best in a small way; perhaps I can afford one extra flight to a warmer climate, go by car instead of taking the bike, and increase my breathing by doing an extra jogging a week?

    What do you think? Will that make our winters less cold? 🙂


  13. Ed Caryl

    We’re driving the Suburban to Oregon and back! That’ll burn a couple hundred gallons (700 liters) of petrol. 

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