Climate Science Scandals – List Of Gates Balloons To 129

And as long as the science refuses to clean up its corruption and fraud, many more scandals are sure to join the list in the future. It’s the great swindle that just keeps giving.35 new gates have been added since August.

To offer an anecdote, Stefan Rahmstorf wrote a post a while back boasting (prematurely) how Amazon-gate had been debunked. So I left a reader comment congratulating him, along with a link to my previous list of 94 gates suggesting he get to work on the remaining 93.

Needless to say, my comment was deleted. I know he doesn’t have much to do in Potsdam, except surfing in the internet and doing PR damage control, and so I hope this new list can help him pass the time.

New gates are designated with “NEW!“. Some gates involving people are filed under their first names, e.g. Judith Lean-gate (No. 70), or Jeff Greene-gate (no. 65). Surely I’ve missed some gates, as I’m not always focused on looking for them.

I hope this helps bloggers, journalists and readers in finding and citing sources as we wage our campaign against the merchants of junk AGW science and bad policy.

129 Climate Science Scandals

1. NEW! 1010-gate (aka Splatter-gate) NoTricksZone and media silence (NoTricksZone) and Pachauri sensitize children (NoTricksZone and media bias (WUWT). Hate, intolerance, and violence are embedded in the psyche of the environmental movement, as the following promo video illustrates.

2. 50 million refugees-gate NEW!
2. Acceleration of sea level rise-gate (Appinsys) and here (Ecotretas)
Claims of accelerating sea level rise are misleading.

3. African agriculture claim-gate (WUWT)
IPCC wrongly claims that in some African countries yields from rain-fed agriculture could be reduced by up to 50 percent by 2020.
4. AIT-gate (SPPI) and British High Court (Telegraph)
35 errors or gross exaggerations are found in Al Gore’s Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth.
5. Alaskan glaciers-gate (Science Daily)
Loss of glaciers in Alaska was grossly exaggerated.
6. Amazon rainforest-gate (WUWT) and here (eureferendum) and here (C. Booker)
IPCC cites “robust” source: green activist organisation WWF. WWF’s source was merely an anonymous brief on forest fire risks posted in 1999 and taken down four years later.
7. NEW! American Physical Society-gate (GWPF) and Hal Lewis resigns (WUWT).
Distinguished physicist Hal Lewis resigns from APS due to it’s departure from science and adoption of dogma.
8. Antarctic sea ice-gate (WUWT)
Antarctic sea ice underestimated by 50%.
9. Authoritarian science-gate (
The science says… Science is increasingly used as an instrument of authority to impose public policy.
10.Australia-gate Jo Nova and here ( and here (WUWT)
Australia temperature adjusted upwards to show more warming.
11. NEW! Australia brushfire-gate (SMH) and here (greenwatchamerica blog).
Green restrictions, not global warming, caused 300 deaths in Australian 2009 bushfires.
12. Bangladeshgate (AFP)
IPCC inflates Bangladesh doomsday forecasts in 2007 4AR.
13. Biofuels-gate (NoTricksZone
Efforts to save the planet by using bio-fuels are in fact rapidly destroying it.
14. Black list-gate (Roger Pielke) and here (Roger Pielke), here ( and William Anderegg (No Frakking Consensus) and here (Yale climate media forum)
Sceptic scientists are branded and listed by largely discredited, angry alarmist NAS scientists.
15. Boot-cleaning manual-gate (WUWT) and here NEW! here (climate
IPCC 4AR cites boot cleaning instructions of an Antarctica tour operator.
16. BP funds Greenpeace-gate (No Frakking Consensus)
Follow the money. BP funds Big Green.
17. NEW! Bradley-gate (Climate Audit) Dr Raymond Bradley, who expressed his indignation of possible Wegmann copyright violation, is found to have plagarised Fritt’s 1976 textbook, Tree Rings and Climate.
18. NEW! Canada-temperature-gate (WUWT)
Canadian weather data is a mess.
19. NEW! Cancun-gate (Not Evil Just Wrong) and here (WUWT). UN excludes sceptical journalists, asking the world to ration and then indulges in gluttonous feast.

20. NEW! Cause-gate (
Everything is caused by climate change. Even Thanksgiving turkeys that no longer taste like grandma’s.
21. NEW! Cheering news-gate (
Morbid Phil Jones felt cheery about the death of John Daly, a sceptic climate scientist.
22. NEW! Chicago Climate Exchange-gate (Hockey Schtick)
Gore pocketed a tidy $18 million from now defunct Chicago Climate Exchange.
23. NEW! Chicken of the sea-gate (SPPI). Hollywood director James Cameron challenges to take on sceptics in debate, and then chickens out at the last minute.
24. NEW! Children are hated-gate ( and here here (National Review)
Intolerant enviro-zealots say children are bad for the climate and planet.
25. China-gate (WUWT) and here (WUWT).
Chinese weather stations were seriously flawed, or could not be located.
26. Climate Camp-gate (Daily Mail)
Leading environmentalists fly 12,000 miles to attend a conference on protecting the environment.
27. Climate-gate (MOT Finnish TV)
Mother of science scandals, see following excellent Finnish documentary. Loads of literature everywhere. Also read A.W. Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion.

28. Consensus-gate (National Post) and NEW! here (Hockey Schtick)
IPCC claim of scientific consensus was phony.
29. Copenhagen Limo-gate (Telegraph)
Governments and activists that demand we stop emitting CO2 book all limos in Copenhagen.
30. Coral reefs-gate (
The coral reefs are not threatened by global warming. They’ve endured far greater climate extremes many times in the past.
31. CRU data deletion-gate (CEI) and Dog-ate it-gate (National Review).
Reasearch unit destroys original temperature data.
32. NEW! CRU funding-gate (SPPI).
CRU funded by Big Oil, Greenpeace etc.
33. NEW! Czech-gate (sott).
Climate scientists throw out one of the world’s oldest temperature datasets because it showed no warming.
34. Deutsche WElle-gate (No Tricks Zone)
Public, taxpayer-funded broadcaster advises journalists to abandon neutrality.
35. Discernable influence-gate (John Daly)
Ben Santer slips in infamous clause to Chapter 8 of the 1995 IPCC Report, after the meeting of drafting scientists in Madrid.
36. NEW! Disinvitation-gate (Climate Depot) and here (WUWT) and here (WUWT).
The “climate science” establishment is scared to death of dissenting views, and so dis-invites speakers who have a different opinion.
37. Drought-gate (WUWT)
Australian drought falsely attributed to AGW.
38. Dutch-gate (China Daily)
Dutch agency reports 55 percent of the Netherlands is below sea level, when actually it is only 26%.
39. EPA-gate (Forbes)
EPA bureaucracy attempts to unconstitutionally seize regulatory power without consent from Congress in attempt to dictate ever aspect of human life.
40. NEW! Extinction-gate (No Frakking Consensus). Rajendra Pachauri, during a presentation at United Nations headquarters in New York, declared that “20-30% of plant and animal species [are] at risk of extinction” due to global warming.
41. NEW! Faster then every place else-gate (Tom Nelson) and here (WUWT).
Contradictory claims that so many spots on earth are warming faster than everyplace else proves the over-dramatisation of climate change.
42. Five-star WWF-gate (Fox News)
Swanky, carbon-spewing environmental cruise by the WWF.
43. Finland-gate (Climate Audit)
NASA GISS shows record high temps for Finland in March 2010 when it was actually colder than normal.
44. Flooded house-gate (WUWT)
Global Climate Change Report uses doctored photos for emotion.
45. FOI-gate (Orange County Register)
East Anglia committed a crime by refusing to release global warming documents sought in 95 Freedom of Information Act requests.
46. Fungus-gate (World Climate Report)
Media immediately falsely attributes spread of deadly fungus to global warming.
47. Gatekeeping-gate (Climate Audit)
Warmist scientists conspire to keep dissenting views out of science journals (part of Climategate).
48. NEW! Green Party-gate (NoTricksZone). German Green Parliamentarians attempt to pressure government to shut down scientific debate.
49. GISS Metar-gate (WUWT) and temperature records seriously flawed as recorders forget the minus sign.
50. GISS Swiss cheese-gate (WUWT) and NEW! here (Jo Nova).
GISS uses temperature stations 1200 km away to fill in missing data, creating imaginary hot-spots.
51. GISS FOIA-gate (WUWT) and NASA stall-gate/.
GISS stonewalls access to internal documents exposing an abuse of taxpayer funds to advance the global
warming agenda.
52. GISS rewrites history-gate (WUWT) and here (Wall Street Pit) and here (NoTricksZone).
NASA’s GISS manipulates historical record to make past look colder and present warmer.
53. NEW! Google-gate (Prison Planet) Google CEO claims that questioning warming is criminal. And here (No Frakking Consensus), Google buries inconvenient information.
54. Gore private jet-gate (Fox News).
Gore using private jet and limousines while demanding we walk.
55. Greenpeace-gate (WUWT)
IPCC cites publications by publicity-seeking activist group Greenpeace.
56. NEW! Gulfstream-gate (Daily Mail)
Gulf Stream is not slowing down, as is often claimed.
57. Hansen 1930s hot-gate (C. Booker)
Errors in Hansen’s temperature calculation made the 1990s hotter than the 1930s.
58. Hansen stagecraft-gate (WUWT)
Air conditioners were turned off in midsummer to make 1988 Congressional hearings look hot and sweaty.
59. Himalaya-gate (Daily Mail) and here (Die Zeit).
IPCC cites non-peer reviewed literature to support a preposterous claim.
60. Hockey-stick-gate (American Thinker) and here (Daily Mail) and here WCR.
Michael Mann produces the faulty and fraudulent hockey stick graph.
61. Hollywood hypocrites-gate (Daily Mail) and Dave Matthews (CNS News) and Sting-gate (Daily Mail) and NEW! Kerry yacht-gate (Michelle Malkin)
Private-jet-setting lifestyles of rich and famous environmentalist hypocrites. So many examples out there that you can’t count them. We fly, you walk.
62. Hurricane-gate (The Register)
IPCC exaggerates hurricane activity in it’s now discredited 2007 4th Assessment Report.
63. NEW! IPCC plagarism-gate (No Frakking Consensus).
64. NEW! IPCC AR4-gate IPCC AR4-gate (No Tricks Zone comment-1608)
IPCC uses bogus literature and tricks to hype up its reports.
65. NEW! Jeff Greene drags anchor through coral reef-gate (Miami Herald)
Billionaire Senator drops anchor and rips up coral reef near Belize.
66. Jesus Paper-gate (Bishop Hill).
Bishop Hill (A.W. Montford) explains the repeated resurrection of a paper unfit for publication.
67. NEW! John P Abraham-gate (Jo Nova)
68. Jon Krosnick-gate (collide-a-scape) and here (NYT)
Bogus Stanford University survey purports that global warming scepticism is diminishing when the opposite is true.
69. NEW! Judith Curry bashing-gate (collide-a-scape.
Scientist Judith Curry gets bashed by the RC and Climate Progress for exercising the method of science: scepticism.
70. Judith Lean-gate (Reference Frame) and here and here (hockeyschtick.
IPCC relied on a single paper, Ms Lean a co-author, to claim that solar activity didn’t rise.
71. Kilimanjaro-gate (Pajamas Media)
Kilimanjaro’s snowcap not disappearing due to warming.
72. NEW! Lead author-gate (No Frakking Consensus)
25-year old ex-Greenpeace member in Amsterdam with only a Master’s Degree becomes a lead author on the IPCC.
73. Lizard-gate (WUWT).
Knee-jerk blame on warming for disappearance of lizards.
74. Malaria-gate (Youtube) and here (new! Climate Realist)
IPCC erroneously claims that global warming leads to increased malaria.
75. Meat-gate (
UN claims that meat production was responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases are false.
76. NEW! Mega-mansion-gate (LA Times)
Carbon crusader Al Gore purchases huge $8.875 million California mansion, never mind his Nashville home.
77. Met Office computer-gate (WUWT).
Met Office of tree-hugging CRU installs huge energy-consuming super computer.
78. NEW! Michelle Antoinette-gate (Seattle Times) and here (SeattleTimes) and here (Telegraph) and here (CBS).
As nation endures economic pain and President asks citizens to makes scarifices and reduce CO2 emissions, First lady spends lavish holiday at Spanish resort – at hurting-taxpayer expense!
79. NEW! Model-gate ( and Model-gate (Jo Nova).
Climate models that purport to be sure are consideresd to be complete frauds.
80. Moynihan, Daniel Patrick 1969-gate (No Frakking Consensus)
Projected increases in CO2 and impacts greatly exaggerated in 1969.
81. Muir Russell-gate (Wall Street Journal).
Yet another inquiry can’t figure out what hide the decline and delete e-mails means.
82. National Academy of Sciences tax-dollar-gate (Washington Times) and here (Washington Times).
The Academy uses almost $6 million in taxpayer money to produce cooked books.
83. NASA/NCDC bad data-gate (Fox News) and here (Pajamas Media)
NASA climate data worse than discredited and embattled Climate Research Unit in England.
84. NASA greenhouse gas-gate (Climate Change Fraud)
NASA scientists take the Stefan-Boltzmann blackbody numbers and multiply them by an additional factor of two to devise NASA’s official Earth energy budget.
85. NIWA-gate ( and here and here (WUWT) and here (WUWT) and here video (Climate Realists).
New Zealand’s NIWA doctors its 147-year temperature series to show warming.
86. Nicholas Stern-gate (James Delingpole) and here (National Post).
Banker Nicholas Stern writes 712-page 2006 Stern Report with preposterous claims of a collapsing world economy caused by manmade climate change.
87. NOAA adjustment-gate (NCDC) and here, and here
NOAA “adjusts” data to show warming.
88. NOAA/GISS data selection-gate (National Post) and here (Ice Cap).
Weather station selection to show warming.
89. NOAA Hottest 6 months-gate (WUWT).
NOAA Institute of Climatic Arts and Data Cookery fill in missing stations with hot temps.
90. NYT alarmism-gate (American Thinker) and here (Business and Media)
Climate change doom and gloom is an old story at the NYT.
91. Ocean acidification-gate (GWPH)
Threats of ocean acidification are exaggerated.
92. Oreskes-gate (NoTricksZone) and NEW! here Science letter to Peiser
An American academic symbolises refusal to acknowledge the obvious: There is no consensus in climate science.
93. Overpeck get rid of MWP-gate (Senate gov)
Scientist Johnathan Overpeck said in the 1990s: “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period”.
94. Oxbourgh-gate (RPJ) and here (Bishop Hill) and here (NEW! – Climate Audit) and here (NEW! Climate Audit).
Lord Oxburgh whitewashes Climategate. The inquiry itself admits that it “wasn’t about science”.
95. Pachauri Climate Exchange-gate (NoTricksZone)        and Pachauri inquiry (WUWT) and Pachauri making money ( and full report here (SEPP) and here (NoTricksZone) and Making money with doom (News Scotsman). IPCC Chief’s conflict of interest, turning carbon into money.
96. Peer-review-gate 1 and Peer-review-gate 2 (No Consensus) and here (Wall Street Journal)
IPCC’s climate Bible, 4th Assessment Report, 21 of 40 chapters get an F for excessively citing non-peer-reviewed literature.
97. Penn State-gate (Pittsburgh Live) and here (The Atlantic).
Penn State incapable of monitoring violations of scientific standards of behavior internally.
98. Persecute and execute-gate (Climate Depot) and here (Pajamas Media) and here (Daily Bayonet) and NEW! here (Daily Bayonet) and NEW! here (NoTricksZone)
Warmist zealots use threats and intimidation to suppress free speech and thought in science.
99. Polar bear-gate (Riehl World View) and here (News Busters) and Ursus-gate (WUWT).
How the media and scientists have misused photos of polar bears to mislead readers.
100. NEW! Polar bear suppression-gate (News Busters).
101. NEW! Publication-gate).
102. Rahmstorf smoothing-gate (Rank Exploits) and here (Rank Exploits) and here (Climate Audit).
Stefan Rahmstorf uses statistical tricks to hide the decline.
103. NEW! Rainforest-gate (Daily Mail).
104. NEW! Redistribution-gate (EIKE and NZZ) Lead IPCC author Edenhofer admits it’s all a redistribution scam.
105. Revelle-gate
Embarrassed Gore attempts to have mentor Revelle’s name removed from a sceptic scientific article, after he died!
106. Romm-gate (Rank Exploits).
Joe Romm hides the incline – more alarmist deception.
107. Royal Society-gate (Telegraph)
The Royal Society acknowledges it had stymied science when it decided to allow sceptic views in climate science. and NEW! here (Climate Realists), Royal Society makes embarassing schoolboy type error
108. Russia-gate (New American) and and here video and NEW! here Hadley Centre tampers with Russian climate data, video:

109. NEW! Satellite-gate (Canada Free Press) and here (Climate Change Fraud) and here (German) here (EIKE).
110. NEW! Scientific American-gate (Climate Etc).
Scientific American labels Dr Judith Curry a heretic for questioning AGW dogma,
111. Spain night-time solar energy-gate and Solar-gate (Climate Change Fraud)
Producing solar energy – at night! And skyrocketing costs of subsidised solar energy.
112. Student dissertation-gate
IPCC cites a student’s report as scientific literature.
113. Sudan-gate (No Frakking Consensus)
One of the three vice-chairs of the IPCC comes from human rights wonderland Sudan.
114. Surface stations-gate (Jo Nova) and here
Surface stations poorly sited and lead to false high temperatures, corrupt data.
115. Suspend-democracy-gate and suspend journalism (NoTricksZone.
Alarmists want to suspend democracy for a while to save us from catastrophe.
116. THE INDEPENDENT IoS 2060-gate. All the scare-mongering that’s unfit to print. British newspaper story abandons all standards of responsible journalism, embarking on a wild orgy of end-of-world fantasizing.
117. Toad-gate (Resilient Earth)
Man not responsible for extinction of Costa Rican toad.
118. Tropical storm-gate (Florida State University).
Claims that GW is causing more and stronger storms are bogus, more fear-mongering.
119. NEW! Tuvalu-gate (WUWT)
120 NEW! UN biodiversity journalism-gate
UN trains journalists on how to dramatise and exaggerate biodiversity topic to spread fear.
121. UNEP-gate (American Thinker)
UNEP’s Climate Change Science Compendium 2009 use of graphics to mislead readers.
122. UN natural disasters-gate (News Busters)
UN wrongly links natural disasters to global warming.
123. U of Virginia-gate (Washington Post)
University of Virginia refuses to provide documents to Virginia attorney general Ken Cussinelli concerning alleged fraud by Michael Mann.
124. Victoria-gate (Andrew Bolt)
BOM’s adjustments greatly exaggerate warming in Victoria, Australia.
125. NEW! Walrus-gate (Tucson Citizen) and here (WUWT).
Media reports that melting sea ice is stranding walruses.
126. NEW! Washington DC temperature-gate (Steven Goddard).
127. Wikipedia William Connelly-gate (National Post) and here (WUWT- NEW!) and here (Bishop Hill)
Green Party member and RealClimate co-founder William Connelly censors and rewrites Wikipedia.
128. Windmill-gate and here
Denmark evicts citizens and clear-cuts forests for windparks. Windmills killing migratory birds.
129. Yamal-gate and here
Keith Briffa cherrypicks tree rings to get the temperature reconstruction he wants.

If you find other new gates, please let me know.

© Copyright notice
Although I’m thrilled the lists are becoming more widely known, I kindly ask websites not to cut and paste the entire content. Please post the first 12 or 15 gates of the list, and then followed by a link to this site.

34 responses to “Climate Science Scandals – List Of Gates Balloons To 129”

  1. DirkH

    The new convoluted message of the orthodoxy, brought to you by a New Scientist scribe via the Telegraph.

    1. Ed Caryl

      The only problem with that article is that the average temperature ISN’T rising. What will be his excuse next year?

  2. b fearn

    Wow, thanks for confirming that ignorance and arrogance are the two biggest problems we face. Your ignorance and arrogance unfortunately.

    1. DirkH

      How does it feel to be on the losing side of a debate?

    2. Ed Caryl

      b fearn
      Your assignment is to read the material at all those links above, then re-evaluate your position. Without doing that, you are the one that remains ignorant.

  3. Casper

    I’d call that list as a Hall of Shame, isn’t it?

  4. DirkH

    Interesting. Richard Black goes on reporting from Cancun. I scanned his blog posts for “Germany” – nothing. Brazil, UK, Canada, Japan and whatnot. But not once does the word Germany occur.

    Obviously, Merkel wants to stay as far away as she can from anything that has the word climate in it.

  5. Mia Nony

    I am no scientist, but surely there must be an emerging CANCUN GATE?

  6. DirkH

    Look at the ENSO forecast and at the UNISYS SST.

    Looks like it’s getting progressively colder.

  7. Adam

    You could also put skepticalscience-gate or John Cook-gate

    “There exists no climate threat and there exists no empirically rooted evidence that the human impact on the climate deserves the attention of anyone except for a few excessively specialized experts who should investigate such speculative questions. All opinions that the climate change is dangerous, man-made, or even relevant for policymaking are based on the irrational attitude, cherry-picking, intimidation, censorship, and the general sloppiness of the kind that Mr Cook has shown us once again.”

    and this

    Or any of these articles

  8. TinyCO2

    How about Lonnie Thompson’s got nothing new to say… gate.

    He’s got a new paper coming out.

    Revkin wants to know from members of the Association for Behavioral Analysis International, why he sees such a disconnect between information and response.

    I can explain – it’s the reaction that all conmen associate with being rumbled. It’s time to leg it before you get arrested for grift.

    Full paper.–LTonly.pdf

    All the usual crap, including Kilimanjaro, tobacco reference, tipping points (why are the examples always sudden cold when they’re talking about sudden warming?), the spaghetti graph (with instrument record tacked on), etc.

    I’d have thought such an expert on glaciers could have brought something new and shocking to the debate… unless there really isn’t anything more.

  9. Oliver K. Manuel

    The gates of deceitful sciences are almost limitless.

    “Western science and Western forms of government face a self-inflicted crisis: Loss of public confidence caused by unbridled greed and selfishness and by the abuse of federal science as a tool of propaganda.” [Opening sentence in Chapter 2, Sky Dragon Slayers]

    It is no mere coincidence that the collapse of constitutional government has been accompanied by the growth of unintelligible, bombastic, gobbledygook science.

    It is the way government-funded “scientific-technological elite” communicates that the people are too ignorant to be in charge of government, as former President Eisenhower warned in his farewell address on 17 Jan 1961:

    Official jargon, and irrational, nonsensical science are made by the “scientific-technological elite” and repeated by those who wish to appear knowledgeable about Anthropologic Global Warming (AGW), Quarks, Gluons, God Particles, Axions, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, multi-Universes, etc., ad infinitum.

    This brief video introduces decades of distortions by tyrannical space scientists of experimental data on the Sun’s:

    a.) Origin; b.) Composition; and c.) Source of energy

  10. R. de Haan

    169 year old cold record broken in Fort Lauderdale,0,6900801.story

    The new record goes back beyond 1850 the year that marked the end of the Little Ice Age (1300 – 1850)

    Different Planets

  11. R. de Haan

    The new “Gates” are the Government policies based on all this crap.
    And while we discuss the CimateGates the policies ruin our economy, impoverish our elderly and our futures.

    We must refocus and concentrate on the policies.

  12. Tom Moriarty

    Perhaps you should add “Sea-Level-data-gate” to your list

    Sea level rise is one of the pillars upon which the concern over global warming is built. One of the most commonly reported projections of sea level rise for the 21st century comes from a Proceedings of the December 2009 National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) article “Global Sea level linked to Global Temperatures” by Vermeer and Rahmstorf.

    Two profound problems with the Vermeer and Rahmstorf article are the fact that they used out-dated sea level data and did not incorporate a vital correction for water that is added to the oceans through depletion of groundwater aquifers.

    Their source for sea level data, Church and White, updated their data at about the same time that the PNAS article was published. A Geophysical Research Letters article this year has provided very good information on the effect of the groundwater depletion. When the updated Church and White data and the groundwater depletion are accounted for, Vermeer’s and Rahmstorf’s model yields sea level rise projections for the 21st century that are only half of what they reported in the PNAS.

    As far as I can tell, Vermeer and Rahmstorf have never acknowledged the updated Church and White data. They have not published new calculations or a retraction of their projections. Their extreme projection of 1.8 meters for the 21st century still finds its way into various official documents and is widely echoed on the internet.

    The concept of their model was bogus to start with. But even their bogus model yields sea level rises half of what they reported when proper data is input.

    I have written a variety of posts concerning what I see as very serious flaws in this widely read article. Here is a URL to an index of those posts… vel-linked-to-global-temperature-by-vermeer-and-rahmstor/

    I suggest you read parts 9 & 10 first.

    Parts 9 & 10 cover the effect of using the updated Church and White sea level data and the groundwater depletion correction. If you feel so inclined, please have a look

  13. Frank Lansner

    Hi Pierre!

    Allways interesting posts on your site, thankyou.

    Gates: We made a similar but much smaller “collection” of gates earlier, perhaps some of it is useful for you:

    And then a list of headlines from the climate-gate, maybe you can use:

    In addition, im planning to launch one more “Coral Gate” due to these findings here:

    Today I launched a new article:

    Hope you like 🙂

    K.R. Frank Lansner#
    Reply: Hi Frank – thanks. I’ll certainly look them over. -PG

  14. Edward.

    Just reading the links, is an education.

    Thank you.

    Great blog PG.

  15. JohnH

    I’m still unhappy at the way Sea Level Satellite Altimetry finds a datum, and think this is a subject for audit by appropriately qualified independent reviewers, to avoid a future “gate”! (See the way the results to date graph within your “Gate 2” above.)

  16. Lex

    Yeah green eugenicist globalism is on the move and they want to finance themselves from carbon taxes and they want to expand their control by controlling CO2 emissions…let’s expose them more:
    see the section you like…then the rest

  17. Pointman

    The point about climate alarmism is not that it’s science-based, it isn’t. We’re dealing with a religious belief married to creeping socialism and it was a marriage made in Hell. Fortunately, it’s all unravelling, which is plain to see from the lack of interest in the Cancun. It is a belief system and it’s dying.


  18. R. de Haan

    Warm is good, cold is bad! Repeat:
    Warm is good cold is bad!
    “Global Warming hurting turtles in North Carolina.

  19. R. de Haan

    From Joe Bastardi WEDNESDAY


    Gavin Partridge has supplied the details:

    The central England Temperature (CET) from the 1st-7th of December is -1.9, making this the coldest opening week of December since 1879; 1879 is the coldest opening week on CET record, so this week has been the second coldest opening week to December since CET records began in 1659.

    The two-week period, last week of November and first week of December is the coldest since CET records began in 1659.

    My addition:

    I guess when a lot of us started speculating about going back to the time of the Victorian era… we underestimated it.

    Ciao for now

    1. DirkH

      Somebody will have to tell VW to design a large electric heater into their upcoming all-electric VW Golf (planned for 2013).

      (Der Spiegel doesn’t understand why Volkswagen wants to wait for so long, but then, they don’t know a thing about product development in the first place),1518,733275,00.html

  20. Co2Insanity

    You forgot Bill ‘Gates’ who wants to be the Co-Chairman of the World so he can tell us all how do as he says and not what he does.

  21. kwik
    1. DirkH

      Under the oversight of Crazy Connie herself! Sweet, just sweet!

  22. ZDF German Television Attacks Climate Skeptics

    […] I mentioned here how Stefan Rahmstorf spends more time organising PR campaigns than he does doing science […]

  23. Michael Limburg

    Very well done Pierre, a terrible collection of distinguished “Weltklimarat” Worlds Climate Counsel as it is named in german media.

  24. Balloons

    Whoa… over 100?! Never would have guessed there to be that many!

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