12 Days Of Christmas By Donna – And The Forecast For Europe

Canadian Donna Laframboise, who runs No Frakking Consensus, has this version of the 12 Days of Christmas that I simply have to direct your attention to. It’s great!

The IPCC’s 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a climate bible with integrity.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
-2 flying pigs
-and a climate bible with integrity.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
-3 working groups
-2 flying pigs
-and a climate bible with integrity.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Read the rest here.

Frigid cold in the forecast for Europe

If the following chart is anywhere accurate, Europeans better get the heavy winter gear out and heat up the the Gluhwein. If this pans out, the Dutch will surely be ice skating in the canals like they used to do  in the good ol days of global cooling.

Source: http://wxmaps.org/pix/temp4.html

Right now snow shovels, snow tires, sleds, road salt and even hip joints are in short supply. So many accidents and slips are occurring, which is resulting in a spike in broken bones, that patients are no longer able to quickly get the replacement joints they need. The hospitals in Germany are running out.

That’s what happens when you depart from reality and start believing the fantasies of junk science. So many have been preparing for warming when in fact the opposite is happening.

8 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas By Donna – And The Forecast For Europe”

  1. DirkH

    And Hamburg may get the Alstervergnügen they closely missed out on last year. (It’s a kind of christmas market on the frozen Alster lake in the city centre)

  2. Bernd Felsche

    The solar guys have been predicting this winter for ages, check out geoff sharp at laymans sunspot count. The next time someone tells you that the sun has no effect on climate, punch them in the mouth

  4. Juraj V.

    I have just come back from Duesseldorf area.
    The countryside resembles pictures of Czech painter Josef Lada.
    Colleagues in the company wondered what the hell is going on with their winters.

    1. DirkH

      CO2-induced weather extremes; totally normal. It will go away the moment we stop burning coal! 😉

    2. DirkH

      Here’s a beautiful winter-themed one from Jacek Yerka :


      His homepage:


  5. R. de Haan

    Just for the sake of keeping records, Joe Bastardi’s latest three blog reports.

    All this cold and snow, CO2 has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
    It’s a FRAUD and so is the German CO2 TAX (Flight Tax) that will be introduced
    next year.


    A reminder, you can sign up for free 30-day trials of this site, which I blog on in a much more extensive manner. I thought I would share this excerpt with you, reflections on the global nature of the cold…

    “…The point is it takes a heck of a lot to have what we have had. One thing that was not present, though, was the Euro cold in those years to the degree we have it now. London is over 8 below normal, and will finish at over 6 below normal for December, as the coming week will take temperatures down so the rally at the end will only bring it to -6. Last year, London was -2.4, ’05 was -.8, ’00 was PLUS 2, and 1995 was -3.4.

    Using a population-weighted approximation finds the high likelihood that the combination of the eastern U.S. and northwestern European major population areas of the world and energy consumers are having their coldest start to winter since 1989, which of course was heavily U.S. weighted.

    So it’s not local, especially when one considers what is going into the Far East and world’s most populated nation, China. Whether low solar or volcanic activity have anything to do with it is debatable, but what is not debatable is that CO2 has nothing to do with it, since the argument four years ago was that these were not going to happen anymore (recall the Academy Award Winning Al Gore movie saying that, along with the hurricane idea), and yet now that both turn the other way, many of the people on that side of the argument are claiming it’s because of the very argument that they used to say it would not happen. They now have cloaked it under climate change, or disruption, which gives them carte blanche to claim anything as right.

    Deception in the first degree, as we see the chill caused by the lack of degrees in the temperatures.

    So why would one trust people that are doing this, to the temperature adjustments they are making to claim it’s still warming?

    I have seen this behavior before… on playgrounds from bullies. It’s strange, but a lot of the high-powered intellectual types, if you go back through their records, were not exactly the leaders of the pack in their high school and college athletic careers. It makes one wonder, and a smart, young psychology major that wants a PhD dissertation should do this, if the lion’s share of the people who are academically and scientifically trying to use bully tactics to push this down peoples’ throats were the victims of physical bullying at a younger age themselves, or at the least, are making up for some lack of physical accomplishment at a younger age with this… sort of like the movie “Revenge of the Nerds.” I was not in any way, shape, or form and alpha male type on the playground; in fact, the wrestling through college and continuing training I do now is to make up for that lack of physical prowess with a physical challenge… and then apply the work ethic needed to overcome that to what I do have a talent in. However, one does not say, well now I can lord a power I may have over those that don’t. And while I may be guilty of over analysis, some of this just seems like a grab for power from a group that may have had the lack of it in younger days.

    But again, this little bit of insight may all be nonsense. I do think that if a young psychology major went down the line and perhaps looked at high school and college athletic backgrounds, of who stands where, they may have an interesting dissertation on seeing that people that competed at higher levels physically, where they had to deal with harsh realities of overcoming physical challenges and the work needed to get results there, have a very different viewpoint on this issue now. Again, as one who sees it from both sides, this agw agenda has a bully mentality to me, something that I saw on playgrounds as a kid.”

    You know inside of all of us is a desire to be something bigger than what we know as a given. It’s called reaching beyond one’s grasp. It’s just that you don’t step on someone and trample their chances. When you do, for instance, the economic hardship that can be caused by limiting energy will trample dreams in other places. Imagine if Africa, for instance, had more air conditioning… how much better off people would be? Why shouldn’t they have a chance to advance to levels of comfort that would make things easier to continue to grow? A bully wants to stop those from having what he or she has, and you see it all the time on the playgrounds. It’s interesting to note, that the very system that has allowed these people to progress to levels where they wield the power that they do, funded all these studies, led to all these think tanks, taxed people to be able to allow governments to give them their grants, is the one that they will paralyze by their stance. And by doing so, will eliminate the chance that if there is another, simpler answer, it will come out in time. Very interesting, just like the bully on the playground, once in possession of the ball, not willing to share it. And if he is allowed to do so, the bully will continue to be a bully.

    I may have just handed someone a PhD dissertation idea… Merry Christmas!

    Ciao for now.




    I don’t recall seeing modeling having two major snow events (anything over 5 cm I think is major for London) coming in a five-day period, but the Friday through Tuesday period may see just that, and this is probably, when one combines snow and cold, the highlight of the winter for the southern part of the U.K. (perhaps farther north and west too).

    The snow comes as the cold comes, and just before it goes.

    By the way, when I say warmer, I don’t mean we are going into a tropical paradise. It means the rest of the winter for the U.K., Ireland, and Scandinavia should be at or above normal, and certainly much warmer than this December to remember. Farther south, next to the normals, and I see no reason to back down, the winter looks cold. Interestingly enough, the European outlook (model) is colder farther north than I am, but my point is that London, which is not 8 F below normal for the month and should finish about 6 below normal, should be close to normal for the rest of the winter (January and February).

    That Scandinavian ridge means that maritime air can get in more often, though it also means that monster highs that build over northeast Europe can “push back” west with cold air. I don’t want anyone slitting their wrists thinking that the winter is over… it’s just that this kind of relentless cold is not going to hold in the northwest, but there will be plenty of challenges.

    I just think this upcoming five-seven days is as good as it gets… okay?

    Desert still tastes good after a big meal, right?

    Of course, the cause of all this is none of the reasons that I have laid out for you over the months and years as to why I think it’s going to get colder over the coming years… but instead it’s all human induced global warming. In fact, it is so strong, that it is causing the sun and volcanoes to act in weird ways. Even the Martians are upset by all of our CO2 induced antics, and they are demanding money to fight universal warming, caused by CO2.

    The way things are going, we are going to warm ourselves right into an ice age (also an answer that agw proponents will say is theirs).

    Stay warm.

    Ciao for now. ****



    What may be the storm of the winter is setting up for Ireland and the U.K. as low pressure dives south out of the Arctic to over the U.K. and leads to widespread snows of more than 10 cm in the two-day period. Bitter cold will follow the storm and set the stage for what could be another storm around the 20th or 21st that would try to come at the start of a thaw. The point is the threat of a big-ticket snow event is around the corner and part of the gift package before the pattern moderation sets in later next week and beyond. The snow cover chart to open next week shows all of the U.K. covered, as well as much of France and Italy into the central mountains and much of southeast Europe. Most of the snow will melt in the U.K. and Ireland by Christmas, though. The development of a Scandinavian ridge in the longer term argues for the warming across the north in the means, but the computer modeling is remaining faithful to the “cold farther south” idea for the heart of winter.

    Before the thaw, a lot of places will see plenty of winter for the next few days.

    Thanks for reading, ciao for now. ***



    I have been looking back on posts. Nov 10th I believe the shrill sound of the coming chill came out for you, and the recent mild spell was touted way in advance and the colder spell now evident also.

    But you might have thought I kicked your dog because I said the cold will be fading around Christmas.

    I think maritime air, rather than Arctic air, is starting to take control the last 10 days of the month. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be 10 above normal, it means what it says, that in the LARGE SENSE it’s going to warm up. That this may ruin dreams of a white Christmas for some, not all, well I don’t know what you want me to say.

    But I think the last 10 days of the month, and I use London, as an example, will average within 2F of normal. That it’s over 8 BELOW normal now, that is saying a lot. But if it’s a degree or two below normal, that is not extraordinary.. 8 below normal for the first two weeks, and the cold of the coming week I think, is.

    By the way I love dogs, so I would never kick yours.

    Ciao for now.

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