German Meteorologist: Expect More Cold Winters Ahead

Meteorologist Karsten Brandt of projects more cold winters ahead. (Photo:

So forget the Met Office and PIK, who have proven themselves to be quite the laughing stocks. All that good money flowing into these institutions, and such rubbish coming out.

Meteorologist Karsten Brandt of German weather service company provides us with an outlook for 2011 and the next 10 years ahead. Read here (in German).

More cold winters over the next 10 years

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) going negative, which appears to be linked to quiet solar activity. (On the other hand we’ve been hearing from AGW true believers that the negative AO is caused by sea ice changes, which are caused by Arctic warming, which is caused by man-made trace CO2 emissions).

Clearly though, the NAO plays an important role in Europe’s weather. Knowing what the NAO will do for the next 10 years allows you to make a predictions for Europe’s climate ahead. Karsten Brandt writes:

It is even very probable that we will not only experience a very cold winter, but also in the coming 10 years every second winter will be too cold. Only 2 of 10 will be mild.

Dr Brandt is not some lone guy out there making this kind of blasphemous prediction. A large number of meteorologists and climatologists are projecting the same, e.g. like Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi and warmist climatologist Mojib Latif. Even the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research is joining the chorus, but claiming the cold is due to warming.

2011 in Germany about 1°C cooler

Over the short-term Dr Brandt says that making a reasonable forecast for the next 2 months is not that hard, and that one can generate a pretty good idea of how the rest of the year will develop. Last year much of western Europe had a cooler year. What ‘s the outlook for Germany for 2011? Brandt writes:

Compared to the last 20 years, 2011 will turn out with a high probability to be too cold. Instead of 11°C in the west, or 10°C in the north and east, we expect only 8-10 °C, i.e. 1°C colder than the last years. Especially the cold start in the year and the suspected once again colder end of the year will pull the year’s temperature down.

Hopefully municipalities will procure the necessary wintertime snow-clearing equipment and stockpile sufficient amounts of sand and road salt so that next winter citizens will not have to endure the horrific traffic conditions that they are now experiencing over much of Europe. And you home centers ought to think about ordering snow shovels next fall.

But don’t despair, Brandt says the chances for a warm spring and a warm summer month aren’t bad.

Finally, here’s what the National Weather Service is showing:

9 responses to “German Meteorologist: Expect More Cold Winters Ahead”

  1. Casper

    I’ll bet you these 10 years turn out to be the hottest on record 😉

  2. DirkH

    “Climate protection” was used by the EU as strawman for further “unification”.
    See here. Ex-maoist student leader, now European leader of the “commission” Barroso; at 2:00 :

    They have reached their goal by imposing the Lissabon treaty and at the same time failed because the EU is in an early stage of disintegration.

    I don’t think they will use the “climate change” meme in the coming months. It is of no use in the current situation. The useful idiots at the BCC are silent about climate change; this indicates that nobody is pulling their strings at the moment.

    1. DirkH

      …at the BBC, of cours, not BCC.

  3. Bruce

    I find it very interesting that private “for profit” weather services like Donnerwetter and WeatherAction appear often to be sceptical of AGW, but government funded weather agencies are very strongly alarmist. The private weather services survive only if their predictions are right, or no one would buy their forecasts.

    The poor performance of the UK Met Office and our own Australian BOM show that they are using wrong assumptions in their models. The government weather services don’t have to get it right so long as the politicians continue to back them with money. I hope they read history better than they read weather, for if they were to lose that support it could be unfortunate for them.

    Ex-government climate scientists driving taxis in the snow comes to mind.

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  5. R. de Haan

    If you look at the long term temperature record we are up for another ice age.

    The last three scientists I mentioned in my previous posting think this will be the case.

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