World Nuclear Association Director General John Ritch Calls Germany’s Nuclear Stop “Political Embecility”

The Voice Of Russia website has an interview with John Ritch, Director General of the World Nuclear Association, based in London, UK. The interview starts as follows:

What kind of consequences could the decision by the German government have, both in political and economical aspects?

Well, let us return to the basics of what has occurred here. To be successful, democracy requires leadership rather than politician desperately chasing the latest polls. Missus Merkel’s desperate chase has now produced an act of monumental irresponsibility both for the global environment and for Germany’s economic interest. Germany will now pollute more, function less efficiently and depend more on imported energy…

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Ritch doesn’t hold back in blasting Germany’s hysterical knee-jerk move away from nuclear power, adding comments as follows:

…excellent companies are being made to bear the burden of this political imbecility…will actually have little effect on the momentum of the world’s continuing shift towards nuclear power…they have become victims of a German experiment in the environmental ideology…has taken a serious step backwards into a dark yesterday…an example of misguided ideology…unfortunate to see such a sophisticated nation falling pray to this kind of ideological illusion…”

And here’s how Ritch views “green” technology industries and a German future based on them:

…they will benefit from it but only to the degree that the government is willing to create subsidies, because they operate technologies that cannot actually succeed in a competitive market…eventually the burden of such heavy subsidies will show up in the tax burden of the ordinary German citizen, and…will begin to notice that their government has led them down a completely silly path.”

In German there ‘s a saying that describes the country’s plan to reach this utopia: “Sie sind auf dem Holzweg!

This is just the latest sequel to a bad film by Germany’s latest political directors. Call it: Germany Commits Suicide III.

10 responses to “World Nuclear Association Director General John Ritch Calls Germany’s Nuclear Stop “Political Embecility””

  1. Ed Caryl

    On the wrong track, and that bright light in the distance is an on-coming train. Modern industry cannot tolerate rolling blackouts.

  2. Adolf Balik

    “I don’t need electricity for my life. I would be complained even when I watched my TV lighted by candles.”
    This has been said by Ľubica Trubiniová, a director of Slovakian branch of Greenpeace and a leader of a campaign For Nuclear-Free Slovakia.
    She has made headlines in press with the declaration, of course. Look at one of them:

    1. DirkH

      It’s the typical degree of knowledge the Greens have about technology. In Germany, most Greens are Social Paedagogues, and “soft sciences” teachers. Physics teachers usually not, although some of them show enthusiasm for renewable energy technologies.

      They must feel alienated living in a world they can’t understand, and this could explain their longing for a world of subsistence agriculture and less industry and less electricity. They thought they could use the AGW scare to get there; creating a world with more of what they understand (flowers, fairytales) and less of what they don’t understand (technology, medicine, rescue helicopters).

  3. Ed Caryl

    For Frau Merkel: lay a 1 Euro coin on the floor, bend way over and kiss the German economy goodbye. On the way back up, kiss your political career goodbye also.

  4. DirkH

    This is rich. After helping to stir up the German Anti Nuclear panic in the Fukushima aftermaths, the ftd now points out that it’s, surprise, surprise, risky, enormously costly and lethal for German industries to switch off the nukes and replace them with pixie dust. There was NO rational debate at this whimsical excuse for an economic paper as long as the panic and the Green rise to power was raging.
    “Too much nuclear exit at once”
    (Why do i still use their site? Simple: To get the current market sentiment – when the ftd says “Euro panic”, it’s Euro panic today…)

  5. Beano

    Given the state of the world’s economic position, I doubt whether any of these closings will ever go ahead. The PIG’s will eventually bring down the Euro economy. Rational steps will need to be made to keep countries afloat and functioning. Doing great damage to energy provision will not be rational.

  6. Ed Caryl

    The Greens are rational???

    1. Beano

      In case of economic meltdown, I sense that the electorate would be rational and turf the economic vandals out.

  7. Rudy Kraus

    The first Law of Reality:

    If something cannot happen it won’t.

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