Leader Of The German Young Conservatives Slams Merkel’s Green Orientation

I wrote about this not long ago here, on why the conservatives in Germany, under Merkel’s leadership, have been getting clobbered in the polls. In a nutshell:

It’s your constant endorsement of the opposition Greens, stupid!”

You don’t get more votes by endorsing the silly green positions of your opponents – you get votes by attacking and exposing them.

Yesterday the online Die Welt reported here (FRONT PAGE!) that the youth of the once-conservative CDU party is taking a second look at the greenshirt movement and Angela Merkel’s weird direction. Finally they are showing signs of having had it with all the green crap pasted on the party platform.

For example the leader of Germany’s Young Consevatives Philipp Mißfelderis speaking up and taking Merkel to task. Die Welt titles the story:

Mißfelder Aims Massive Criticism at CDU Leadership”

High time. Everyone should now be standing up and hollering at the top of our lungs in support. Foremost he calls the orientation with the Greens as a mistake and adds:

A CDU ‘that orients itself with the Greens’ underestimates the people’s fundamental will for liberty, says Mißfelder. Also in the big cities the CDU ought not to fix iteself on issues like climate change and integration, like the party leadership thinksn: safety, order and cleanliness are also issues that mobilize voters more than we sometimes think.“

Of course, Mißfelder has a long way to go before he can expect to capitalize politically. If he really wants to score points, then he’ll just come out and call climate science and policy what it is: just a huge scam that is defrauding the public and taxpayers of their money and liberty.

The tough comments from Mißfelder come at the heels of CDU faction chief in the state parliament of Hesse, Christean Wagner, read here, also launched a screed against Angela Merkel and the party’s overall direction, which he dubbed as being void of any profile. “The blame rests on Merkel – she has watered down the party”.

Wagner added:

She has to delineate more clearly from the Socialists, Greens, and Communist parties for self-responsibility and work for the majority of the people – for freedom and social market economy, for Christian values and the nation, for domestic and foreign security, for the homeland, family and tradition.”

Focusing on these things sure would be nice – instead of wasting money and resources on the fantasy of rescuing the climate.

11 responses to “Leader Of The German Young Conservatives Slams Merkel’s Green Orientation”

  1. Edward

    Wagner added:

    She has to delineate more clearly from the Socialists, Greens, and Communist parties for self-responsibility and work for the majority of the people – for freedom and social market economy, for Christian values and the nation, for domestic and foreign security, for the homeland, family and tradition.”

    What is a; “social market economy?”

    Don’t like the sound of that, one of the biggest problems in the EU are tariffs, quotas, onerous business red tape, mad health and safety regulations and 35 hr week and bonkers employee legislation – sacking anybody is well nigh impossible – if all that is ‘social market economics’, then it is idiotic policy and politics.

    I do solemnly wish, that in Britain, we had a political party which stood up for our Homeland, families and traditions.
    Our Nomenklatura and [mainly though not exclusively] Socialist ideologues – day by day; trash our culture, traditions of the indigenous white inhabitants – all in the name of MULTIKULTI.

    Yes trashed, in the name of effacing the British from history, insidiously a venomous drip feed of multikulti poison and whispering of a ‘brave new age’ of AGW and citizenship and diversity, no pure science, little mathematics and no geography but plenty on slavery [which the Royal Navy wiped out – conveniently forgotten by schoolmasters].
    This is how to end a nation and a nationality – end the teaching of history – of Britain and our place in the world – this is presently the state of: state schools in Britain.

    1. DirkH

      “Social market economy” is the literal translation of the German term “Soziale Marktwirtschaft” which is Germany’s kind of free market. In practice it’s free market with some checks and balances and a welfare state thrown in. If you dare to utter the term “Freie Marktwirtschaft” (free market economy) in Germany packs of rabid journalists will chase you down the alleys and tear your heart out of your body. It’s one of the dogmas here – never say “free market” even when you mean it.

  2. biggreenlie

    The “Green Movement” is a “front” for the Globalists who’s main plan for the Industrialized World is the “transfer of wealth” from the rich nations of the Industrial World to the poor non productive countries of the World! It is almost complete and has been the main theme by the elitists who belong to the Fabian Society, The United Nations, the Bilderberg Group, the G20 and G8 …………..it’s called World Domination under one non elected Government and will do what the Second World War couldn’t: destroy Democratic Societies across the globe with firing a single shot!…………………..IF………….we allow it!

    Anyone who is in leadership and promotes the “Green Movement” is a DESPOT!

  3. biggreenlie

    Should have said “Without” firing a single shot!

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    The Bilderberg Group? In that case you forgot the Illuminati, the freemasons, the Merowingers, the Jesuits, the Commies, the Men in Black (just ask Fox Mulder about them), and, of course, that group which Must Not Be Named (but we all know that they own Wall Street and have the ears our our presidents…). Just make sure that none of them sees you telling everybody about this. You know, one of them might even be posting Right Here…

  5. DirkH

    Alex Epstein gives the lowdown on clean energy and the green philosophy behind it. Couldn’t have said it better. Wonder when it will be possible to say this in Germany. (Let’s be realistic, probably never)

  6. R. de Haan

    This makes me sick. Socialists giving each other rewards for screwing up their countries.

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