Global Warming Brings An Avalanche Of Bitter Cold Winter Forecasts

The Winnepeg Free Press here and Yahoo report here that Western Canada needs to brace for a brutal winter. Hat tip reader Matti Vooro.

The Yahoo News blog writes:

Meteorologists are calling for an early and cold winter in Western Canada, probably one of the top three coldest in the last 20 years for the West Coast.”

This comes at the heels of last month’s reports from Britain where long-range forecasters warned of below average temperatures from October through February, along with lots of whites stuff, which just a few years ago was said would be “rare and exciting” in the future because of global warming.

Cold events caused by natural factors

In times of global warming, people may ask what’s causing all the cold and snow? Accuweather’s Brent Anderson has the answer:

That’s typical of a La Nina, but (blasts) don’t last very long; they come and they go,”

In other words, when cold events occur, it’s because of natural factors. But when warm events happen, then it’s man-made global warming. And what about Britain’s coming cold weather? You guessed it -also  caused by natural factors (UV radiation!). And should cold extremes befall us, then of course it’ll be due to global warming, er, man-made climate change – which scientists say “leads to weather extremes”. If you are getting confused, don’t worry – so am I! (And so are the scientists).

So how cold is it going to get over the vast Canadian territory? The Winnipeg Free Press writes:

The forecast is one of the coldest winters in the past 20 years for Western Canada, major snowstorms for Ontario and Quebec and a drier than normal winter for Atlantic Canada.”

Accuweather’s Brett Anderson adds:

Western provinces can expect a fifth-consecutive deep freeze to move in and stay.”


Vancouver will experience one of its coldest winters on record.”

Last month German whippersnapper meteorologist Dominik Jung, a warmist, predicted here the fourth consecutive bitter winter would grip Central Europe this winter and could strain the energy supply. Looks like we’ll need to burn more coal, and not less.

19 responses to “Global Warming Brings An Avalanche Of Bitter Cold Winter Forecasts”

  1. DirkH

    Merkel has visited Mongoly, together with German Mining and Industry representatives. Several deals signed; Siemens will deliver power plant tech to Mongoly; a German-Australian consortium of BBM Operta and Macmahon signed a deal with Mongolian company Erdenes about production of several million tons of coke (coal); I guess for German steel makers. That deal alone is estimated to be worth 2 bn USD.,1518,791580,00.html

    So much for CO2 emissions reductions… Probably the collapse of Southern Europe forces those states to flood the market with Emission permits; price for ETS carbon permits is down 30% since the start of the year:

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    Ah, Mongolia. A kind of East Asian version of the Wild West before the White Man destroyed it: rolling grasslands, wise old nomadic tribes with tents (well, sort of) close to the Earth, shamans (Indians even closer to the source of all spiritual wisdom?), a nice version of Buddhism simple enough that even Heidi (Johanna Spyri) or Claudia (Roth) can nod along – not the baroque thing with 108 boddhisattvas and what have you – just Hun Svedin instead of Karl May (just avoid that yak butter tea). Just as seen in Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Urga”. Or in Ulrike Ottinger’s “Johanna D’Arc of Mongolia” (1989). There’s a memorable scene in that film when the befuddled troupe of clueless Western tourists stranded on the Transsiberian Railway is welcomed by the matriarch of a Mongolian tribe who greets the German lady who seems to be in charge of that motley crew: “Greetings to the great white camel” – who has to be told “for these people, that is an honorific”. I wonder if they greeted Frau Merkel with “Willkommen, großes weißes Kamel!”

  3. biggreenlie

    Last winter was one of the longest and most brutal winters here in Eastern Canada that anyone can recall for over 30 years. We experienced actually 6 months of cold snowy weather and used more wood to heat our house than ever in over the past 30 years plus. Sub Zero (-30 to -40C) are common in Eastern Ontario for short periods of time but to have a never ending -15 to -20C is not common. Unless one believes in natural forces such as La Nina and El Nino!
    Most of us in the near north DO believe in natural forces and cut and split our wood according o the natural “signs” of another cold winter.
    These AGW believers are so “out of the loop” with reality that they should just start to be IGNORED by anyone who can think for themselves. Nothing else seems to be working to shut them up, maybe being IGNORED will work!

    1. mindert eiting

      You may be right. Ignoring may be the best medicine against an obsession. Actually, all these skeptic blogs keep the AGW fire burning!

      1. DirkH

        No; they are not warmists for the existence of skeptics. They BELIEVE THEY ARE THE SAVIOURS OF THE PLANET. Ignoring them will not help at all. We are not important to them; they are enacting their fantasy – Hansen and Mann, for instance, fantasize that they are very important scientists.

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    Now things start to become clear. Do you know what the term “tümo” signifies (also spelled “tumo” or “tummo”)? Generation of heat by intense meditation: Think yourself warm with the help of Ancient Eastern Wisdom.

    “Although this practice of meditation got its fame in the cold, mountaneous regions of Tibet for its ability to produce body heat as a side effect of the meditation itself; originally and most importantly Tummo practice was and still is used by meditators to work with inner energy channels. The outcome of this practice, as explained by Indian accomplishers, or mahasiddhas, is an intensely blissful feeling, an aspect of the innate state of our mind.”
    “It is important to note that in Tibet, the Tummo practice became popular among yogis as a tool to produce heat, but in fact, in India, a land of extreme heat where the practice originated and was kept alive, the unintended side effect of inner heat was just that, an unintended side effect.”

    Just the thing to keep you warm in freezing weather without any source of heating. It actually works. You can test it for yourself: Just meditate deeply on Ms Merkel’s Energy Turn, the Goracle, the PIK pp. and see what that does to your inner temperature.

    1. DirkH

      The Greens have a fantasy ideology in which they are the heroes who save the planet. The Green followers are the audience who want their heroes to live up to that promise. Merkel has hijacked this fantasy ideology, first as “Climate Chancellor”, then, when COP15 failed, as renewable energy proponent – she performs what is called “Fan Service” by Manga artists.

      Now, she’s playing anti-nuclear Merkel, again, fan service, and in that role she can travel to Mongolia and get us some coal. CO2, AGW, the role as climate chancellor are OVER.

      I am pretty sure she’s not a fantasy ideologist but plays to the followers of the German green + anti-nuclear + environmentalist fantasy ideologies (which, in part, contradict each other; but that’s NORMAL in fantasies), hoping to mop up enough votes to stay in power.

      About fanatsy ideologies, h/t LarryD at WUWT:

      1. DirkH

        If I’m right, the Greens would JUST NOT CARE if all our industries collapsed.

  5. Ulrich Elkmann

    DirkH: we should make it clear, presto, pronto, for all careless and/or clueless readers (or Chancellery Ministers) out there that “fan service” is used here in a metaphorical sense – “give the audience what we think they want”, not in the literal sense:

    “The typical, but not only, variety of fan service in anime or manga is racy or sexual or erotic content, such as nudity, other forms of eye candy,for example, sexy maid costumes. Fan service is especially common in shonen manga (aimed at boys). In shonen manga, pin-up girl style images are common ‘in varying states of undress’, often using an ‘accidental exposure’ excuse to show a favourite female character, or an upskirt ‘glimpse of a character’s panties’… Keith Russell defines fan service as ‘the random and gratuitous display of a series of anticipated gestures common in Manga and Anime. These gestures include such things as panty shots, leg spreads and glimpses of breast’.

    1. DirkH

      Yes, of course; I didn’t really want to imply that Merkel wears a Sailor Fuku now.
      Let me rephrase:
      “Merkel performs the political analogy to what ‘Fan Service’ is in Manga.”

  6. Ulrich Elkmann

    …apologies if that last posting conjured up nightmares… (…of being persecuted by Pofalla, of course.)

  7. matti

    This prediction of another colder winter for Canada and probably for all of North America is consistent with the predictions for the 20-30 years of cooler weather as recorded in the COOLING section of this blog. The extra cold weather and more frequent and longer periods of La NiNa months is consistent with what happened during the last cooler period of 1962-1987. Unfortunately with this weather come extra cold and extra snow and the potential for renewed flooding in 2012 in the Prairie regions of Canada and the US Northern Plains states and Australia as well and crops could again be affected due to a late and cold spring . I feel the La Nina will run for most of 2012 .

  8. Paul Homewood

    I can see that La Nina is already being lined up to explain the coming cold winter. However both Europe and the US suffered an pretty bad winter in 2009/10 when the El Nino was at its height. ( Remember Copenhagen!!)

  9. matti


    La Ninas and El Ninos can affect winters of Eastern Europe and North America very differently . A strong El Nino winter may trigger a higher negative AO which can pull more cold air over Eastern Europe while parts of Canada can have a warm winter [ like 2010 Olympics]. L a Ninas can be harsher for some parts of North America than Eastern Europe . Europe tends to have colder winters during Enso neutral and certain strong El Nino years

  10. Chris Frey


    may I remind you that the Space and Science Research Center ( has predicted just that as long ago as in 2009? I translated this text into German. They see the reason in what they call a “solar hibernation”.
    Their prediction then was that beginning with 2011/2012 there will be a series of bitter cold winters and heavy crop losses.

    Predictions never reach 100%. But dare someone tell me that there were no warning signs if really wintry havoc will strike!

    Chris Frey German writer and translator

  11. matti

    Chris Frey

    Good comments . You may be aware that Joe Bastardi and Joe D’Aleo both of US were predicting cooler weather back in 2009 based on several natural climate factors like SST cycles [PDO,AMO], Enso cycles , solar, etc . There were others as well . I personally tracked at least about 30-35 other cooler climate forecasts but not all went back to 2009. Yes there have been plenty of predictions for cooler weather recently .It may be a surprise to the agw supporters ,some of whom are finally accepting a flat global temperature curve for the last decade which they had previously denied

  12. matti
  13. DirkH

    Greek economic collapse will condemn the planet to uncontrollable global Warming says New Scientist, because the ETS wouldn’t survive.

    (So they implicitly assume that it’s the ETS that keeps the planet form warming now. Too funny. I don’t think they understand their own writing.)

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