Global Warming Now Leads To More Fruit Destruction – By Frost!

I wonder if at times these people realize just how asinine they make themselves appear.

Here’s another “glittering jewel of colossal science ignorance” at the German online Frankfurter Neue Presse. It is titled: Experiments Show Hesse’s Climate in the Future. Hesse (in German: Hessen) is a state in Central Germany, which puts it in the middle of Europe. Its largest city is Frankfurt.

Scientists of the University of Gießen and the State Department for Environment and Geology (HLUG), also in the state of Hesse, studied jointly at the Environmental Observation and Climate Impact Station, whatever the hell that is.

In a nutshell, a bunch of obviously misguided scientists and politicians, with lots of taxpayer money to waste, got together and pumped a bunch of CO2 over a 4.5 hectare plot of land for years to see how the plants there would react.

Now, with the results, they think can deduce the future climate of the planet. Yes, things really have gotten that bad. By now I’m sure you are all just dying to hear the results. Here they are, reports the Frankfurter Neue Presse (drumroll):

They presented some of their results on Thursday. Hard times are coming for fruit trees and Riesling wine. ‘It’s going to get warmer, the summers drier and the winters wetter’, says HLUG President Thomas Schmid. ‘In South Hesse we are going to have Mediterranean conditions by the end of the century.’ The Riesling grape, which doesn’t like it so warm, could get problems under certain circumstances, so could fruit tress. According to the findings from the scientists, the blossoms will be earlier and earlier. Nighttime frost will then have a greater chance of destroying the fruit blossoms and thus the fruit itself.”

More warming, more frosts. That’s logical. Hesse Minister of Environment Lucia Puttrich (Conservative Party) in Linden said:

The project opens a window to the future.”

That’s not a window that you are looking through, Madam. It’s a hallucination – one induced by being all drugged up in Green religion and junkie science. How about getting an education? It’s the only known cure against such chronic hallucinations. I’m doing all I can to hold back with the words.

How much worse can all the madness possibly get? Truly the Modern Dark Ages have befallen Europe once again.


9 responses to “Global Warming Now Leads To More Fruit Destruction – By Frost!”

  1. Ed Caryl

    It seeks very unlikely that the above scenario would happen to wine grapes. Read:
    The grapevine life cycle is driven by average daily temperature, and the temperature required for flowering seems entirely too high for frosts to ever be a problem. From the above source:
    “Flowering occurs when average daily temperatures stay between 15–20 °C (59–68 °F) which in the Northern Hemisphere wine regions is generally around May and for the Southern Hemisphere regions around November.”

    Besides, don’t they see the illogic between warm temperatures causing flowering and then claiming frost will destroy the flowers??

    The problem is during “bud break”, which occurs earlier in the season. Even then, their reasoning defies reason!! Are they saying that increased CO2 will make the days warmer and the nights colder? That would be a very strange “greenhouse” theory, and counter to most of the AGW theories. I wish they would get their stories straight.

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    They studied the effect on wine grape – and fruits, in Hesse presumably apples (and what do they do there with those: use them for cider [Germ., dial.: ebbelwoi]). So we can guess who sponsored at least part of that study. And if they payed “in naturalia”, as has been surmised about the Pulteney Row to the Pole, well…
    The terminus technicus is “payment in-kind”, abbreviated as PIK.
    Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

  3. mwhite

    Some are putting their money where their outh is

    “Otter Farm is home to orchards of pecans, quince, almonds, szechuan pepper, apricots and a vineyard. It is owned and run by me, Mark Diacono. The farm is certified organic and low carbon.”

    “The Otter Farm Climate Change Nursery sells a range of edible plants that our changing climate makes more likely to prove productive. These include fruit and nuts such as apricots, nectarines, peaches, almonds, olives, persimmons and pecans as well as spices such as Szechuan and Nepalese peppers. Your climate, soil and aspect will have a big say in which varieties might do best for you – so please email to enquire about placing an order”

    1. DirkH
      “olives hit by a combination of ropey summers, a once-in-a-lifetime winter so early in their lives and voles nesting in their roots.”

      He wrote that in Sept 2010 so now it should already be two once-in-a-lifetime winters; the third is to come.

      ” Having worked as an environmental consultant I figured I knew enough to take a punt on climate change – the predicted longer, warmer growing seasons would suit many of the plants, but the likelihood of the last frosts being pushed back earlier in the year would be critical to the success of most of the fruit we think of as Mediterranean.”

      And exactly how economic is it anyway to try and plant olives in the UK when you get them from all over the Mediterranean. He’s putting his money where his mouth is, and he’ll lose it; maybe he will save himself by mass producing sprouts like the guy in Bienenbuettel who spread EHEC all over Germany; that one was also an “organic farmer since 1979” or so; but earned his money by mass producing sprouts in rotating steel drums…

  4. DirkH

    “How much worse can all the madness possibly get?”

    The AGW movement faces total failure now.

    “Festinger and his colleagues predicted that the inevitable disconfirmation would be followed by an enthusiastic effort at proselytizing to seek social support and lessen the pain of disconfirmation.”

  5. DirkH

    The Uni Giessen experiment did not only enrich CO2; they also simulated the expected Global Warming by heating the ground with infrared radiation.
    They practically took the IPCC projections and enforced the predicted conditions to see what happens so this is all research for something that won’t happen in reality.,-Europas-einziges-grossflaechiges-Freiland-Kohlendioxid-Anreicherungsexperiment-_arid,265525_regid,1_puid,1_pageid,41.html

  6. WilliamN

    While I don’t know enough about the experiment cited, I suspect it was much more sophisticated than the writer implies. I live in upstate New York. It is a large apple producing region. In our region, the growing season has indeed become longer over the last decade by about two weeks compared to the long term average. One problem is that late winter temperatures, while still variable, have had warmer peaks. That has lead to some seasons of early blossoms during a time of the year when winter weather can still occur. That has indeed produced some frost problems for early blossoms. This fall, a friend of ours in our city neighborhood posted that her crab apple tree has begun to blossom in October due to our recent unusually warm fall weather. This is climate weirding and plants that have adapted to one kind of “normal” will have difficulty adjusting. Climate change skeptics are fond of poking fun at research without understanding it, but never seem to look at what is actually happening all over the globe.

  7. Global Warming Now Leads To More Fruit Destruction By Frost!

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