German Veteran Journalist Maxeiner On Norfolk Police / DOJ Moves: “Something You’d Expect Against Chinese Dissdents”

German veteran journalist and publicist Dirk Maxeiner at his website is a bit shocked by the over-the-top, misdirected investigations recently conducted against sceptic bloggers and free speech in general. In his short piece:

Climategate On The Path To A State Scandal

Maxeiner writes:

This is the kind of thing you’d expect to see against Chinese dissidents. […] The British police and the American Department of Justice are conducting a coordinated action against climate bloggers. Supposedly it is an effort to find the source of the “Cimategate” e-mails.  In Great Britain the first blogger has been interrogated and his computers have been confiscated. Canadian and American bloggers have been informed that their e-mails have been searched. It is obvious that critical thinkers are now to be criminalized.

See here:
Washington Examiner

We can only hope all this backfires. Many people we now beginning to show more interest in the contents of the Climategate e-mails. Also for those e-mails that have yet to be posted in the internet. It’s possible that some real juicy ones are on the way. Perhaps this is making a few people very nervous.”

Boy – talk about officials being desperate and looking frustrated! No wonder that the IPCC wants to be above the Freedom of Information Act (i.e. be above the law).

This action sounds very much like what they did with Galileo – talk about the dark, spooky ages coming back.

Welcome to the next chapter of the Climategate saga. Obviously for anyone concerned about freedom of speech and open debate, now is the time not to be intimidated. Instead it is now the time to cover every single detail of this development and make sure our friends in the Senate and Congress become aware of this threat. If they think they can just get away with this kind of behaviour, then someone is making one serious misjudgement.

Hey, but who knows? Maybe us bloggers and all the sceptics out there will all be holding the next climate conference somewhere out in Siberia at some reopened gulag or something:  6th International Climate Conference – Siberia, Russia – June 2012 to June 2037.

Whatever happens, look to read more about this in the future. Pandora’s box has been opened.

Dirk Maxeiner is the author of the climate-catastrophe sceptical book: Hurrah, wir retten die Welt (Hooray we’re rescuing the world!). Every German ought to read this book.

11 responses to “German Veteran Journalist Maxeiner On Norfolk Police / DOJ Moves: “Something You’d Expect Against Chinese Dissdents””

  1. DirkH

    Routine check google news Germany frontpage(I always make sure not to personalize it; I want to see their default offering): Only CAGW related article is the Focus article I already mentioned yesterday – “Does Climate Change make a break?”

    Remember: Journalists never admit they have been wrong; they just stop being wrong. So, CAGW is dead in the media. Focus is the most honest one, mentioning at least the lack of warming. Spiegel is silent, hoping their readers forget about the entire idiocy.

    While Tallbloke is raided, and the government scientists continue producing nonsense papers, the media have already moved on.

    The last solar cycle was ultra long, the Solar magnetic field is dropping further; we’ll get a deep freeze. But it will take the media another year or two to roll out that story.

  2. mindert eiting

    FOIA is a clever girl. All that information, the warmists are so afraid of, is already on the internet, locked with an almost unbreakable code. I don’t think that she stored that code in her head or home computer.

  3. Pascvaks

    Looking back on the 20th Century, historians will be hard pressed to not declare it the Century of the First World War. Though ‘we’ have given it three major “wars”, those who come later will probably lump them all together as parts I, II, and Cold. Whenever people are “at war” they then to come together, pull together, forego certain ‘liberties’ for the common good, and after the war they demobilize and try to pick up where they left off. Well, they do if it wasn’t too long and too tragic. Unfortunately, after a hundred years war there’s no going back to The Good Old Days. After all, no one remembers what they were like; and those in power have no intention of giving any liberties back to anyone they don’t have to without a good knock down, drag out, legal fight (or some Dirty Pool). What’s the old saying, “Power currupts, absolute power currupts absolutely”? Sooooooooo, when you run into little “Big Brother” situations like the Norfolk Police and the US Department of Justice, or the fantastic TSA Airport Security Checks, or the Courts upholding restrictions on personal liberties they way the did during the WAR, remember that life is different now and it’s all because of the First World War, the 20th Century War, when Big Brother and Big Sis came into their own.

  4. DirkH

    Audi USA boss calls Chevy Volt buyers “idiots”. Each Chevy Volt is subsidized to the tune of 250,000 USD according to an independent analysis.

    Norwegian print media are now de facto owned by the local trade unions.

    Expect a lot of eco fearmongering and support for the governing socialists. Avoid country when choosing goal for emigration.

  5. Bernd Felsche

    If there was a campaign to silence the infidels, then that has failed spectactularly on this occasion. They misjudged Tallbloke’s stature, resilience and resourcefulness.

    Some believers were excessively jubilant about the raid(s) in their blog postings; reporting inaccurately and in a tone that implied criminality of Tallbloke. Such defamation cannot go without response and a fund has been set up to seek repair and compensation for the damage of Tallbloke’s reputation.

  6. DirkH

    James Delingpole gets interviewed by an American, 5 parts, talks about the EU superstate, debt crisis, and Climategate.

  7. R. de Haan

    Now translate this into the Danish language and send it to their new Government

    1. DirkH

      That’s a parody of a leftist government, right? Did we kill all the intelligent Danes in WW2?

      1. DirkH

        I see the article doesn’t mention a total shutdown of all North Sea gas and oil projects so the Danes will pay for their decarbonization by exporting all the hydrocarbon fuel they will find, just like they do already.

        Yes. We must have killed all the intelligent ones.

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