Accelerating Global Warming Getting Ready To Shock-Freeze Europe!

I’ll spare you all the old warmist warnings of balmy winters with rare and exciting snowfalls.

Now, as global warming advances faster than ever seen (so say the “experts”) Europe should now expect colder and colder winters instead. That’s what their new models show. Looks like they’re right. Check out all the warming that’s coming up in the days and weeks ahead. The warmer it gets – the colder it gets!

Reader DirkH brings our attention to a weather warning for the next two weeks from, which warns that temperatures in parts of Germany may plunge to 25°C below zero.

Perfect timing for the launch of Drs Lüning and Vahrenholt’s book on February 6. Critics have already accused the two authors of denying the warming. Incidentally the two authors warn in their book that it will likely get cooler over the next few decades, and not warmer. The greens laugh at this. But we’ll see who laughs last.

Nuclear power-free South Germany to get hit the hardest

According to Andreas Wagner of the Meteomedia Storm Centre site, “Temperatures of -15°C during the daytime and strong wind gusts will make the temperature feel like -25°C in some regions – it’s going to be really bitter warm cold.” And Wagner warned that “Arctic conditions will prevail during the nights by the end of the week. That concerns large regions in Southern Germany.”

Good time to buy a Honda home generator – just in case

Southern Germany? Isn’t that where the government forced the shut down of 8 nuclear power plants? I think everybody ought to go out and buy electric heaters and test the new green energy supply system :). Actually, please don’t. I get the feeling there could be a nasty power supply interruption coming. You may want to go out and buy a Honda portable generator instead to power the furnace. Don’t rule anything out. Just think about who the masterminds behind energy management are right now.

If the grid crashes, there will certainly be holy hell to pay. The government would be wise to screw CO2 eimissions reductions and recommission any moth-balled coal plant they can find – and right now!

!! MUST READ !! (h/t: mwhite)–Cycle-25-need-worry-NASA-scientists-right-Thames-freezing-again.html


5 responses to “Accelerating Global Warming Getting Ready To Shock-Freeze Europe!”

  1. DirkH

    Click on a station and then on the right on “4-Tage-Prognose” (4 day forecast).

  2. Edward.

    Coal fired power stations up to full capacity over here: currently running

    Gas, 21.2%
    Coal, 44.6
    Nuclear, 25.0

    Wind [if you can believe it – there is no wind here and around the whole of the UK, it cannot be much] = 3.2

    And the rest ‘borrowed’ from France I presume.

    It won’t take much PG, for us to commence brown outs, or [god forbid] bigger outages, the system is going to be really under some considerable strain, when the LCPD comes into force [2014/15] we will not be able to cope with really cold weather.
    Jeez can you believe it…. just as the Sun goes to sleep – the EU is making us close our last great reliable power generating source – effin tragedy – I predict the tumbrels to roll soon for the politicians who caused this power vacuum calamity and all in the name of WARMING – you couldn’t make it up.
    Good summary here:

  3. matti

    In my opinion if you want to predict the rest of 2011/2012 winter ,the key is to look at similar past patterns of delayed negative winter AO and spring negative AO patterns from Feb-June . In my opinion 1984 appears to be somewhat similar to the present.We will have below average temperatures part of February, March , April and May . Things will not wam up until June. Things are just back end loaded this winter . I notice that AO has been negative for a number of days now and hit -4 today . Yes cooler weather is coming

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