Focus Magazine Featuring Vahrenholt / Freeman Dyson In Tomorrow’s Print Edition

The millions of Germans who read my blog 🙂 may wish to pick up FOCUS magazine tomorrow at the newsstands.Tomorrow’s edition features Professor Dr Fritz Vahrenholt, author, along with Sebastian LĂĽning, of the upcoming climate catastrophe skeptic book, Die kalte Sonne. It’s the book that warmists fear, and that open minds will surely absorb. Focus report on page 66.

Skepticism of the alarmist junk climate science is spreading in Germany.

The FOCUS report will also feature Freeman Dyson.

Michael Miersch writes of the FOCUS article:

A Bishop Leaves the Church

Fritz Vahrenholt wrote one of the standard books for the environmental protection movement, was the most well-known green-type social democrat, and today leads a company that is investing billions in renewable energy. But now not even he believes any longer in the forecasts of the IPCC and the Potsdam Institute concerning climate warming. More on that in tomorrow’s FOCUS (only in the print edition, not online). Also there is an interview with physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson, who feels global cooling is far more problematic than a warming.”

German readers, please pick up a copy and tell us what you think.

Photo source: Die kalte Sonne website.

9 responses to “Focus Magazine Featuring Vahrenholt / Freeman Dyson In Tomorrow’s Print Edition”

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    […] from No Tricks Zone in Germany, news that a prominent environmentalist, Fritz Vahrenholt, has abandoned the faith and is predicting […]

  2. DirkH

    Today in “Stupidity”…

    German scientists publish in Nature Climate Change. The Gulf Stream and other fast ocean streams warm faster than the rest of the ocean, and they don’t know how CO2 does that, they say!
    Ok, they’re so deep in their groupthink that they probably don’t even consider that they might be watching the CAUSE of the 20th century warming in action… after all, the entire atmosphere contains as much heat as teh top 2 meters of the ocean…

    From the article
    “Der Golfstrom hat sich zwei- bis dreimal so rasch erwärmt wie der ĂĽbrige Atlantische Ozean. Forscher vom Helmholtz-Zentrum fĂĽr Ozeanforschung Kiel (Geomar) vermuten, dass der Klimawandel die Wasserzirkulation der Ozeane verändert. ”
    “The gulf stream has warmed 2 to 3 times as much as the rest of the Atlantic. Scientists of the Helmholtz centre for Ocean reasearch at Kiel suspect that CLIMATE CHANGE HAS CHANGED THE CIRCULATION OF THE OCEANS.”

    No boys, the ocean won’t care one iot for the air temperature. It’s the other way round. LWIR doesn’t do anything down there. It doesn’t get in the water.

  3. Ed Caryl

    The ocean leads the atmosphere (land temps) going up, and lags going down. If you plot enough trend maps with the GISS trend mapper, you can see it. It is just (last ten years) starting to go down.

  4. DirkH

    This one is already old, but I missed it; McIntyre explains the secret of the last few publications of Rahmstorf. How do you maximize the trend with creative padding while hiding what you did. Warmist science 101. Very informative.
    Lucia showed what happens with the trend 2 years after publication of one of the papers when new data for 2 years became available.
    Show this to everyone who still thinks warmist scienctists are honest.

  5. Ulrich Elkmann

    When Freeman Dyson expressed his unconcern about AGW in the New York Times Magazine in 2009, there was an unanimous chorus of “How can such an otherwise brilliant scientist fail to get it?” With the Focus interview there will be no such reactions – the name simply does not ring a bell with the general German “informed” public. (Well, if they had heard about him, it would have been a horrified cry about Project Orion. But at least he has a nice son who lives in a treehouse in Canada and builds kayaks… [Not since 1979, but the G.i.P. does not care about +-35 years].)

  6. DirkH

    I’ve just read the Focus article. It’s a pity they didn’t put it on the cover; instead, the cover piece is about youth and drink; some kind of evergreen lifestyle issue that could just as well been put on the cover a week from now…

    That being said, they manage to present Vahrenholt’s and Dyson’s opinions well and to the point. Disadvantages of renewables and advantages of CO2 are correctly named; it’s a short piece but it must come as a shock to True Believers.

    So, I’d like more, and it would be nice if Focus would drop the occasional chiming in with the CAGW chorus and become coherently skeptical. Too often, they echo the alarmist mantra themselves. Make up your mind, Focus. Being skeptical should be your natural position.

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