Der Spiegel Features “The Climate Rebel” Fritz Vahrenholt…Germany’s Climate Debate Starts To Rock!

Unless the power grid collapses, the printing presses will continue churning out tens of thousands of copies of the latest edition of DER SPIEGEL – well into the night so that they’ll be fresh for the newsstands tomorrow.

UPDATE: SPIEGEL reveals more

Tomorrow’s edition features a story on environment expert Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, author of the new book Die kalte Sonne” (The Cold Sun). According to the text provided by Der Spiegel, Vahrenholt’s underlying message is clear: “It’s also the sun, stupid!”

Here’s how DER SPIEGEL describes tomorrow’s upcoming story:


With heretical claims, RWE ma­na­ger Fritz Vah­ren­holt is causing a commotion: ‘The climate catastrophe is not taking place’, the environment expert claims. The sun is being underestimated as a natural climate factor. ‘The sun has been weak since 2005’, Vahrenholt said in a DER SPIEGEL interview. ‘We can only expect cooling from it for the time being.'”

Perfect timing

The timing of the DER SPIEGEL feature story couldn’t be worse for Germany’s catastrophe-obsessed warmists. This week renewable energies manager Fritz Vahrenholt’s and geologist Sebastain Lüning’s much anticipated climate-catastrophe skeptic book “Die kalte Sonne” is also hitting bookstores everywhere.

Even the weather is cooperating!  When citizens pick up their copy of the flagship Spiegel magazine tomorrow morning at the newsstands, they’ll be shivering in temperatures down to -20°C, as Germany remains gripped in its coldest February freeze in 25 years. Temperature tomorrow morning in Berlin are forecast to dip to a frigid -17°C with no warming in sight.

There’s no way of knowing whether DER SPIEGEL will unload on Professor Vahrenholt and Dr. Lüning, take a more fair and balanced approach, or back them up. One thing is certain – the DER SPIEGEL story will push sales of Vahrenholt’s and Lüning’s book way up the overall best-seller list. The unwanted debate is unavoidable.

More than just the sun

One thing I have noticed: all the premature criticism from the warmists so far is focussed on the sun. I hate to tell you critics, guardians of the climate catastrophe narrative, but the book looks at a hell of a lot more than just the sun. We’re talking about over 800 cited sources (many peer-reviewed) and 80 graphics on a wide range of factors. I suggest you all hold your blabber and read the book first.

Expect lots of howling from the catastrophe-obsessed warmist zealots in the weeks ahead.

So pick up a Spiegel copy tomorrow (and the book) and let the debate begin!


31 responses to “Der Spiegel Features “The Climate Rebel” Fritz Vahrenholt…Germany’s Climate Debate Starts To Rock!”

  1. DirkH

    “There’s no way of knowing whether DER SPIEGEL will unload on Professor Vahrenholt and Dr. Lüning, take a more fair and balanced approach, or back them up. ”
    The time where Der Spiegel could shift units with the CAGW narrative is over for at least a year by now. Their sales driver is class warfare ATM; probably they’ll take a “neutral” approach to keep the option open of spinning a Global Cooling yarn.
    But, as I consider them a totally narrative-driven outlet that ALWAYS takes a tactical approach to the truth, I will not pick up a copy.

  2. Don B

    Dr. Abdussamatov published a paper in Applied Physics Research on 1 February 2012 which predicts little ice age conditions this century, due to predicted even quieter solar activity.

  3. DirkH

    Pierre, typo: your headline says Vahrendorf instead of Vahrenholt.

  4. Casper

    Melting Ice Cover as Cause for European Cold Snap…
    😆 😆 😆 😆,1733802,0,1,to-globalne-ocieplenie-zmrozilo-europe,wiadomosc.html

  5. BudMoon


    Do you know when an English translation of Die Kalte Sonne will be available ?
    I’m afraid I’m a bit long in the tooth to learn German now.

  6. John F. Hultquist

    P. G. appears to be saying: Pick up a copy of a book.

    DirkH says he won’t pick up a copy of a newspaper.

    Or so it seems to me. I’m I confused?
    Sorry – now fixed! Thanks for pointing that out. -PG

    1. DirkH

      Pierre was talking about the interview in the upcoming print edition of Der Spiegel. Monday is Spiegel day in Germany.

  7. Edward.

    Weather, namely the frigid conditions and the timing is sweet, mind you, there will be many Germans who might [will] not see the funny side of either the weather or, of this article.

    Another nail in the coffin of AGW and the alarmist’s position, slowly but surely: pure science and logic are winning.

    Pity of it is that, the politicians do not ‘do’ logic.

  8. DirkH

    Ok, now Der Spiegel has a small blurb about it online, the boss of RWE, Grossmann, loves Vahrenholt’s book; Vahrenholt’s party, the SPD, is nervous about it and refuses to say anything (they were, together with the Greens, the inventors of the German renewable energy cross-subsidy scheme that’s costing every German 200 EUR per year with a rising tendency), and warmist Max Planck institute researcher Marotzke says “the book recounts the usual hypotheses of the skeptics, of which many are already debunked”, but without giving details; so that’s just a quick slur. Der Spiegel itself takes no position (they NEVER take an explicit position, you ALWAYS have to infer it; that’s how they use the language, but in this case, no clear position can be read into their writing.)

    1. Edward.

      Not that I’ve read the book, though, I rather suspect I might rather like its contents.

      Lets face it, here in Britain and probably the same in Germany; the general public are not really fussed with massive sets of data and overtly technical explanations, big problem. Thus, in order to reach John and Joanna/Hans and Karla – small sound bytes and newspaper bullet point presentation [and or] a precis is the better way of ‘banging heads together’.

      BTW, What is Der Spiegel’s ‘range’ is it read by the ‘important people’ as we say in England, does it have ‘clout’, er command respect?

      And, what is its readership?

      1. DirkH

        Circulation is 1 million; leading left-of-center press organ, similar to NYT or Guardian in statue. Is taken seriously by SPD honchos and all smaller far-left groups. They perceive it as a little too centrist for their taste, though, and prefer the Berlin taz for hard-hitting stickin-it-to-the-man-and-his-planet-destroying-ways.

        Der Spiegel is a kind of commune insofar as the company is owned by the hacks that populate its Hamburg highrise. A kind of singular occurence in the modern media landscape, one might say, an anachronism.

        1. DirkH
          1. GregO

            Current home of the hive mind…Bwahahahahahaha.

            Excellent! Ausgezeichnet!

  9. Edward.

    Dirk, PG, thank you – I see what you mean.

    Great news, if the gruan’ ever printed something like this item [above] over here – I’d be amazed – in England you’d be able to ‘knock me down with a feather’ so to speak.

    Joking aside, this is a very significant media event in Germany and the warmists/greens will hate it – shame.

    1. DirkH

      I, on the other hand, would be delighted to have an equivalent to James Delingpole in Germany. Daily Mail has him:

  10. Rudolf Kipp


    You can be sure the warmists will be scrambling madly tomorrow.

    Wrong, they have already started:

    Der Tagesspiegel:
    Portrait of Fritz Varenholt – Climate Change Sceptic

    (…)That Varenholt belongs to the climate change deniers is only consquent (…) eternal agent provocateur (…) intellectual Ghetto(!) of climate skeptics (…)

    But I agree with you, there is still more to come. Have your popcorn ready…

    1. DirkH

      Tagesspiegel is a pretty weird publication. (No surprise, they’re from Berlin. Everything there is weird.)
      If we are in a Ghetto, who put us into it?…
      Showing their true colors without even noticing.

  11. mwhite

    “”The Rhine is very likely to freeze over in places this month” – says Piers Corbyn”

    Rather you than me

  12. Ulrich Elkmann

    At leats they’re acknowledging the existnce of what they hope in a ghetto, safely cordoned. Seems that we’re getting to Phase III. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” (M. Gandhi)

  13. Sceptical me

    As a regular reader of the English edition of Der Spiegel I would like to say that the weekly is very unlike the English daily newspaper The Guardian. Its well crafted articles reach a stable circulation of nearly one million, the Guardian’s declining circulation achieves less than a quarter of this.
    I too look to see how Der Spiegel reports on “Die kalte Sonne”

  14. La discusión del clima estalla en Alemania (Bild, Spiegel, Zeit). «
  15. La discusión del clima estalla en Alemania (Bild, Spiegel, Zeit). | Desde el exilio
  16. DirkH

    Ok, I bit the bullett and bought a Spiegel. As expected, a fair interview, 3 pages, in which Dr. Vahrenholt explains the expected grand minimum and cooling. One must say, he makes it easy for himself and them by being a lukewarmer, and still arguing for a continuation of the renewable energy strategy, only with less urgency and less PV in Germany.

    Der Spiegel plays neutral observer for the moment, asks some skeptical questions here and there, but more to keep the interview going.

    This is a severe blow to warmist alarmism – the suppression of debate has thereby failed completely. The floodgates are open.

  17. Sceptical me

    Having now read the Der Spiegel interview I thought that Dr Vahrenholt, with his revised views on AGW presented himself admirably, dispite the interviewers challenges.
    Dr Vahrenholt is a luckwarmer and I find that I cannot agree with his statement that : ‘…brought wind energy to a profitable level’. Odd use of the word profit, companies are just pocketing government subsidies, taken from the taxpayer or borrowed against the future from the financial markets.

  18. John L. Casey

    To All,

    I was quite happy to read of the new book “Die kalte Sonne” (The Cold Sun) by Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt.

    My own book titled “Cold Sun” published eight months ago also discusses much of what Dr. Vahrenholt describes in his book.

    Perhaps if we have an author in every country writing a book called “Cold Sun” the truth about what is really happening with our climate can get out and we can finally see the end of the charade called manmade global warming.

    John L. Casey
    Space and Science Research Corporation

  19. Aus911Truth

    Great news!! Yet I bet the liars will attack this Dr. Vahrenholt.
    I checked his Wikipedia page, and found

    mandates [Work on]

    Vahrenholt dresses several supervisory board mandates among other things with the following enterprises:

    Aurubis (member)
    ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG (member)
    Rhine power station Albbruck Dogern AG (presidency)
    Bio (manufacturer of synthetic fuels from plants) (stellvertr. Presidency)
    Kelag AG, (member)
    Finery & partner management consultation AG (member)

    Earlier supervisory board mandates:

    North German Affinerie AG
    ErSol AG
    German Shell AG
    REpower of system
    (end quote)

    That “German Shell AG” is the reason why he claims what he claims is probably what they’d say, as usual.

    You know, so many ‘lefties’ or ‘greenies’ have been totally fooled, and they don’t want to admit they were fooled. Therefore they’d use anything to deny any controvertial claim/facts to what they BELIEVE.

    Anyway, I hope this grows bigger and bigger to wake up those inbetween. From my experience, ordinary citizens tend to get it straight away compared with activists. Same with 9/11, and so many other Illuminati lies.

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