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Debunking Armageddonist Chuck Kutscher’s Climate Alarmism Presentation

Here’s a presentation by the past Chairman of the American Solar Energy Industry, Armageddonist Chuck Kutscher, another person who can only be happy if he’s convinced the future is filled with doom and gloom. h/t: Chris Smith This is Al Gore repackaged. This is really a sorrowful, populist presentation. How did Kutscher get a PhD! […]

Harvard German Conference: Germany Attempting To Hawk Its Catastrophic Energy Strategy To The USA

Harvard German Conference: Germany Attempting To Hawk Its Catastrophic Energy Strategy To The USA

Anyone wondering what some US leaders envision for the USA’s energy policy may wish to attend the following Harvard German Conference to find out. The energy part of the conference is taking place this weekend, Saturday morning, February 18, 2012: 9:30 – 10:30: Energy – Keynote Jeremy Rifkin. The Third Industrial Revolution: The New German Model […]

Europe’s Worst Storms In History – When CO2 Was Only 320 PPM Or Less

Today whenever a North Sea storm blows over a tree, floods a basement, or knocks over a bistro table,  the media screams global warming climate change – proof that storms today are harder and more frequent, they claim. The reinsurers echo that and jack up their premiums. Hamburg storm of 1962 Today is the 50th anniversary […]

Svensmark Hits Back At Scienceblog’s Florian Freistetter Over Vahrenholt Book

There’s been lots of disingenuous criticism from the CO2 end-of the world warmists and Armageddonists aimed at Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s new best selling skeptic book Die kalte Sonne. Much of it attacking Svensmark’s theory of solar amplification via cosmic rays. Again. none have really read the book, they simply repeat the same old […]

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