IPCC Investigator Laframboise: “Numerous IPCC Scientists With WWF Connections…IPCC Has Been Compromised”

Donna Laframboise attended the 4th International Climate and Energy Conference in Munich, Germany last November, and granted an interview with Achgut.TV here.

Die kalte Sonne 3 from Tim Maxeiner on Vimeo.

We know that one third of the 34 authors of the IPCC summary report are connected to either Greenpeace or the WWF. Professor Fritz Vahrenholt, author of the bestselling German skeptic book Die kalte Sonne, brought this up in a recent interview:

It is indeed interesting that of the 34 members of the IPCC editorial team that wrote the summary report, one third are connected to the WWF and Greenpeace. That is legitimate, but that has to be made transparent. Imagine just the opposite and the editorial team were one third Exxon supporters. Wouldn’t people say: ’Hello! Is that really necessary?’”

Can activists be trusted to make objective judgements?

In a court of law, the guilt of the accused person is not decided exclusively by the prosecution or by the defense. To decide on guilt, we need an objective jury to weigh the evidence. And the accused never gets put away “just to be on the safe side”.

Humanity is on the dock when it comes to climate change, but 2 things are missing in the climate court: 1) a chance for the defense to present its case unobstructed and 2) an objective jury. So far we’ve had neither. In fact it could be argued that in some cases all we’ve seen so far is an angry lynch mob donning green pillow cases and armed with phony evidence, pitchforks, clubs, and torches.


2 responses to “IPCC Investigator Laframboise: “Numerous IPCC Scientists With WWF Connections…IPCC Has Been Compromised””

  1. jazznick

    Just use this search of .wwf or Greenpeace on the climategate e-mail search website
    to see just how often they pop up.



    Mainly pleas for “evidence” to support the “science”.

  2. Nonoy Oplas

    There is huge money for the WWF to continue the warming racket. Here in the Philippines, the members of the board of WWF-Philippines are among the super-super-rich guys and families in the country. You purchase a ticket from the biggest airline here, there is a button, “Donate to WWF”. You withraw money via ATM from the country’s largest bank, there is a button, “Donate to WWF”, etc.

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