India And China Sending Tough Signals To Bossy Europe – “Exceeding Legal Jurisdiction”

The days when Europe considered the rest of the world its colony and servant are over. But some EU bureaucrats and bossy greens obviously haven’t grasp that yet. Hat tip: Manfred Messmer here.

A group of EU climate commissars lead by Connie Hedegaard once got the idea they could boss the rest of the world, and impose a CO2 reduction scheme on the world’s airlines. Read here, background.

China and India, once ruthlessly exploited by European colonial rule, are sending tough messages back to Brussels: If you think you can still boss us around, then you’ve got another thing coming.

Al Jazeera reports on news which the European mainstream media are too embarrassed to make public in Europe. The EU’s unilateral move to charge for carbon emitted by flights in and out of Europe is escalating an international row and threatens to turn into an all out global trade war – one that Europe would certainly lose big time.

India is now following China’s lead and is set to ask its airlines not to take part in the European Union emissions trading scheme. In February China barred its airlines from participating in the European emissions-reduction scheme. Other powers like the USA and Russia are also joining in with China and India.

Al Jazeera writes that an Indian official “told Reuters news agency that India will soon ask local airlines not to share emissions data with the bloc or buy any carbon credits.” And the official added:

‘We have lots of measures to take if the EU does not go back on its demands. We have the power of the economy, we are not bleeding as they are,’ the government official said, adding that Europe’s position would harm its own economy and airlines. ‘The questions is, are you (EU) provoking the world into a trade war?’ the official said.”

China has already suspended the purchase of 10 more Airbus jets, and India has left that option open. China and India are important growth markets for Airbus. Cancelling orders for dozens of planes would deal a crushing blow for Europe’s aviation industry. Al Jazeera writes:

European planemaker Airbus has a 73 per cent share of the commercial plane market in India. It has orders for more than 250 planes with IndiGo, Go Air and Kingfisher Airlines, making fast-growing India a crucial growth market. Foreign governments say the EU is exceeding its legal jurisdiction by charging for an entire flight, as opposed to just the part covering European airspace.”

The European Commission, however, claims that all this is necessary to rescue the climate from a certain Armageddon – never mind the data.

To send a signal to show it means business, India disrupted the flight schedules of many European airlines to let them know “how disruptive a dispute with the country could be.”

Al Jazeera quotes the Indian official:

If things continue like this, then European airlines will be forced to avoid flying over India and go over the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. That’s not viable for them. They won’t have fuel to do that.”

The European Voice reminds readers of the gravity of the measures now being taken by China:

What we see today is that the Chinese authorities are blocking airlines from placing firm orders with Airbus. Airlines are likely to now consider the competition. And that could destroy years of efforts to bring Airbus to a market-leading position in China.”

And reminds the EU government that the European Trading Scheme for taxing CO2 is misguided policy:

It is time for European politicians to see the facts. Over the past decade, aviation achieved 45% growth while consuming only 3% more fuel. That is the best evidence for our industry’s prolonged and continuing efforts to reduce our environmental impact in all areas, and to allow for sustainable growth.”

I can’t imagine what Europe is thinking here. Are they dreaming that they can treat the world like its colony to boss around? Do the climate commissars really believe they can get away with this?

Clearly Europe is trying to fool the world with the climate climate issue in order to get back to the good old days of colonialism – when it bossed everyone around.

These climate commissars and green Napoleons are about to learn, however, that their days of running colonies are over.


20 responses to “India And China Sending Tough Signals To Bossy Europe – “Exceeding Legal Jurisdiction””

  1. DirkH

    India plus China = 4 or 5 times the population of the EUSSR…
    Strangely enough, EADS’s quote doesn’t reflect it by now.
    (Airbus is part of EADS)

  2. Pascvaks

    The day is fast approaching when Europe will have one little veto and one permanent seat at the UN Security Council. India will soon be a Permanent Member with Veto. Oh how the world changes! It’s all CHAOS I tell you! Were is that 007 guy when you really need him? Time and tide wait for no man or continent; it’s long past time for Europe to start thinking as one of the select few and not the fashion trend setter, big cheese, of the the Country Club. Fore!

  3. Beano

    Boeing must be wetting themselves with their Dreamliner aircraft becomming available in the next year or so.
    If the U.S. joins the CO2 tax blockade, Boeing might need to sign up a few more Asian langauge capable salespeople.

    1. John F. Hultquist
    2. TheJollyGreenMan

      It is not just Boeing that is going to gain, remember we have Brazil with the world’s third biggest aircraft construction company Embraer

      waiting in the wings.

      The USAF recently placed an order for TUCANO trainers with this company.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    If I open a bottle of Champagne in the USA, am I paying a carbon dioxide tax to the EU?

    American producers of sparkling wine want to know.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      If you choose a bouteille du Chateau Lafitte or the widow Cliquot, there will be a lot of green taxes lurking in the price tag (mostly indirect ones like the added cost resulting from biofuels and the like). If you opt for a bottle from California or Australia, then… Oh, wait…

    2. Asmilwho

      If I drive a BMW, Mercedes or Renault in the USA, do I have to buy carbon credits from the EU for the part of the journey that doesn’t take place within Europe?

  5. Jean Bosseler

    ‘Heedegard’ is correctly spelled ‘Hedegaard’


    PS: I wondered why ‘Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin’ had become so expensive, it’s green taxes!

  6. DirkH

    For German readers; enjoy this serious study from 2010 about consumer groups and their behavioral (non)change in the face of climate change.
    sample, about the group of poorer customers:
    “Diese Gruppe gehört damit eher zu einer „unfreiwilligen Öko-Avantgarde“, die gezwungenermaßen
    ihren direkten Ressourcenverbrauch in den Konsumbereichen Energie und Mobilität reduziert.”
    “This group belongs therefore to an ‘involuntary eco-avantgarde’ which by necessity reduces its resource consumption in the areas energy and mobility.”

    These researchers from Bremen have such nice words to say about impoverishment.

    1. Bernd Felsche
      1. DirkH

        Thanks. Interesting articles. I wonder: Maybe the deeper reason for the regressive green philosophy as detailed here
        is that Greens just want back into an imagined, romantic past with less modernity. Meaning: a certain part of the population that is overwhelmed by the speed of progress and therefore wants to crawl back to how things were in their childhood. A desire for regress when progress becomes too much.

        1. Bernd Felsche

          They hanker for their childhood years of wonderment and dreams. Where things that they wished for, simply appeared and they never had to deal with unpleasant realities. e.g. Connie even dresses like a 12-year-old.

    2. DirkH

      These Bremen people, an institution called artec, seems to be one of these post-normal make work / tax money destruction institutions.
      “Is sustainability only for the rich?” “Not only different, but also less!”
      “This means for instance the reduction of room temperature, traveling less km with a less powerful car or eating less meat.”

      I step into a different rabbit hole of parasites each day. Germany is infested over and over with them.

  7. Casper

    The EU should have known the dark side of (green) power 😆

  8. Edward.

    “I can’t imagine what Europe is thinking here”. […]

    You and me both then PG, this [aviation European emissions-reduction scheme], is a unilateral stretch too far by the EU and I hope it does cause real ructions and even a trade war [though that is NOT good for us] but the nutters who run Europe from the Berlaymont palace must be cut down and soon [yesterday would be good].

    Aviation emissions, one area where the world is making good progress – not that for a minute though – do I think Aviation CO2 emissions cause the mooted armageddon that is promulgated to the ‘the West’ by such eejits like Connie Hedegaard/IPCC/et al.
    IMHO, the emissions reduction scheme is designed to ‘breathe’ new life into the ETS trading scheme which is dying on its feet – if the ETS goes belly up like the Chicago Emissions exchange – then some very big banks will lose a lot of ‘face’ and money – the kommissars of Brussels are relying on the CO2 reduction scheme to kickstart their precious ETS.

    I say, down with the ETS and the EU with it.

  9. lindsay phillips

    Congratulations Pierre,
    This is one of the best pieces I’ve read on the subject in the last year or so.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    Kind regards, Lindsay AKA. Reformed Warmist of Logan (S-E Qld., Aust.)

  10. DirkH

    The transormation to electric vehicles doesn’t make much progress in Germany for now… sales of CNG and LPG cars also stagnate…
    BMW has sold exactly ZERO cars with alternative fuels or electric drive in the first two months of 2012.
    The EU commission should have a serious word with them. Maybe shut’em down or something. German car makers obviously practice ostructionism.

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