Oh No! Elgin Gas Platform Leak “Will Have Greatest Impact On Climate”, Greenpeace says

Greenpeace says the “pollution” from the North Sea gas platform Elgin impacts our global climate the most. Hat-tip warmist site: CO2 Handel.

The gas platform, operated by French petroleum company Total, sprang a gas leak days ago and its crew had to be evacuated. According to Greenpeace chemist and activist Manfred Santen on Monday:

The greatest environmental impact is expected to be to the climate.”

That’s a green way of saying that there will be no significant pollution to water. Clearly he wants the public to believe that this small scale leak, which does not even come close to a volcano in magnitude, is going to have an impact on our climate. This is just plain silliness.

Santen is on board a Greenpeace vessel and is taking air samples near the defective platform.

The platform has been in the news in Europe, and activists are doing all they can to spin the gas leak into a sort of Deepwater Horizon scale catastrophe. This is a sign of desperation.

As no water is being polluted, all they are left to say is that it will impact the climate. Imagine that folks, one platform leak will impact the climate. This tells you something about the state of the climate movement today. Grabbing at any straws they can.

The warmist CO2 Handel here writes:

Gas has been flowing out above the water surface and into the air for one week. The gas contains climate-damaging methane as well as poisonous sulfur dioxide.”

According to the German news service DPA, Santen will measure the air near the platform using gas chromatography.


Aside: I was deepsea fishing earlier today on the Baltic Sea. It was snowing this morning. It was the coldest April fishing trip I can remember (I go twice a year – every time in April and October).

And happy Easter from Poland (hat-tip Casper) http://kontakt24.tvn.pl/temat,z-palmami-przez-snieg-zart-na-1-kwietnia,40146.html?categoryId=2 (some weather anecdotes that were never supposed to exist).

14 responses to “Oh No! Elgin Gas Platform Leak “Will Have Greatest Impact On Climate”, Greenpeace says”

  1. mwhite

    “The gas contains climate-damaging methane as well as poisonous sulfur dioxide”

    A bit like a volcano then.

    1. Bruce of Newcastle

      That would be rather unnatural natural gas with SO2 and CH4 cohabiting. Thermodynamically impossible. He should’ve said H2S, which is ‘way more toxic than SO2.

      Volcanoes have SO2, elemental S and H2S in thermodynamic equilibrium because of the higher temperature.

  2. Josh

    I read a response to an article in 21st Century Science and Technology magazine which I found intriguing. It suggested that warming of oceans is governed not by negligible ‘man-made emissions’ but by volcanic activity below sea level.

  3. Josh

    I read a response to an article in the 21st Century Science and Technology magazine which I found intriguing. It suggested that warming of oceans is due, among other natural processes, to volcanic activity below sea level rather than negligible ‘man-made emissions.’ I doubt small gas leaks would add to it significantly. Trust Greenpeace to beat up on it.

  4. Casper

    @ Gosselin,
    Thank you that you inserted my link. A snow fall in April/May is not unusual in Poland. It results from occurring weather singularities. That’s way we say: “April mixes some winter, some summer together” what corresponds in German “April, April, macht was es will”.

  5. DirkH

    It looks like the attempts of Greenpeace have backfired. By attaching the boring old depleted gas well to climate, they have blacklisted themselves – I see no major reporting about Elgin. CAGW is dead.

  6. mwhite

    On the BBC “CO2 ‘drove end to last ice age'”


    Tax payers money going to waste

    Dr Shakun’s team has now constructed a narrative to explain both what was happening on Antarctica and what was happening globally:

    This starts with a subtle change in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun known as a Milankovitch “wobble”, which increases the amount of light reaching northern latitudes and triggers the collapse of the hemisphere’s great ice sheets
    This in turn produces vast amounts of fresh water that enter the North Atlantic to upset ocean circulation
    Heat at the equator that would normally be distributed northwards then backs up, raising temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere
    This initiates further changes to atmospheric and ocean circulation, resulting in the Southern Ocean releasing CO2 from its waters
    The rise in CO2 sets in train a global rise in temperature that pulls the whole Earth out of its glaciated state

    I’ve read this a few times and all I see is, the warming starts first and the oceans get warmer.
    Warmer water holds less gas than colder water

    1. Casper

      This is a contradiction to Henry’s Law, for me. The dissolving of CO2 in water releases the heat – it is an exothermic process. If the temperature is rising, the solubility of CO2 in water decreases. So the temperature is rising first, and the CO2 concentration in air rises after it…

    2. DirkH

      Complete conjecture with the added benefit of undermining their own models, see my comment here.

  7. DirkH

    Thing from the past strikes UK. 50,000 homes and businesses without power.

  8. Casper

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