Panetta Recklessly Sees Casus Belli, Defines The Enemy – Is He Preparing For A State Of Emergency?

You really have got to worry when the U.S. Secretary of Defense declares a major security threat that isn’t real. History shows that such declarations are often followed by the suspension of civil law to make way for martial law, rationing and curfews.

Casus belli refers to offenses or threats directly against a nation. It can be grounds for suspending elections and democracy until the crisis subsides and stability gets re-established.

Secretary Panetta has an imaginary enemy: developed human society.

Hat-tip: WUWT

Why is Panetta declaring Casus belli? According to Wikipedia’s definition:

Countries need a public justification for attacking another country. This justification is needed to galvanize internal support for the war, as well as gain the support of potential allies.

In the post World War Two era, the UN Charter prohibits signatory countries from engaging in war except 1) as a means of defending themselves against aggression, or 2) unless the UN as a body has given prior approval to the operation. The UN also reserves the right to ask member nations to intervene against non-signatory countries which embark on wars of aggression. In effect, this means that countries in the modern era must have a plausible casus belli for initiating military action, or risk UN sanctions or intervention.”

Human climate change is a national security threat says Secretary Panetta.

He apparently sees a climate Pearl Harbor and probably already has his generals in a war room making plans to seize control of the nation’s vast resources and direct them against the imagined enemy, which this time is domestic and is anyone who emits GHG without a permit or an offset. Martial law in this case would hardly be temporary – as the climate crisis is a long-term affair that will take decades and generations to fix, so we are told. That’s a long time to be under a state of emergency.

Yes, there’s a lot in it for the Secretary of Defense, and it is surely very tempting. Panetta is probably just itching by now to round up people deemed a threat (skeptics) and holding them in camps, like the US did with Japanese-Americans after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Panetta, the number one military man, is treading dangerous territory and anyone concerned about preserving democracy and the rule of law has got to be seriously worried by his paranoid view. It’s one thing to be concerned about climate change, but quite another to view it as casus belli. It’s time to question his psychological stability. When military leaders start fantasizing major threats and insist we mobilize to ward them off, it’s scary.

Clearly climate change is not the real threat to national security. The real threat are leaders who fantasize and have delusions of threats that aren’t real, and who react by publicly declaring a phony national emergency.

Folks, in most places it’s May, sunny, getting warm and the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. People are outside enjoying themselves, sunbathing. Panetta, on the other hand, is obviously in a climate war room and thinks the sky is falling and the planet is imploding.

Congress needs to look into this.

5 responses to “Panetta Recklessly Sees Casus Belli, Defines The Enemy – Is He Preparing For A State Of Emergency?”

  1. Edward.


    Causus belli, nutter?

    Is he one of this crew………………………………………. larf?……………………….I nearly s*at!

    “Do you believe global warming is real, poses risks to the environment, and needs to be addressed? The Heartland Institute, a think-tank based in Chicago which has promoted climate skepticism, wants you to know you’re in some sinister company.

    It has launched a campaign contending that, in its words: “the most prominent advocates of global warming aren’t scientists. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen.” […]

    Quite right too, Manson, Unabomber, Bin Laden – Al Gore , they all believe in CAGW and they’re all nutters, I’d say Panetta fits right in……….

  2. DirkH

    Obama ad attacks Kochs. Spreads disinformation; denies Fisker got money for building cars in Finland. Fisker does build all its cars in Finland. Yes, they plan to someday maybe build some cars in the US if things start going really well. But not by now. Who does Obama think he can fool?

    In our ongoing tracking of the renewable industries collapse, today: “Sell in May and go away.”
    Investors in centrotherm, one of the two leading German suppliers for PV factories, did take this proverb to heart with gusto.

    17% down today to an alltime low under 6 EUR, remaining market cap 128 mill EUR.

    1. Casper

      Have you read that one?

      “Heads of corporations operating in Europe, namely Unilever, Coca-Cola, Mars, as well as Intel, Philips, Shell, Alstom Power and Deutsche Telekom on Thursday met with European Commission President and the EU Commissioners for Climate and Environment.
      Reuters quoted the head of Acciona Energy Carmen Becerril underlined that the EU will not reach climate goals if the current price for CO2 emission permits not increases. Low price does not encourage companies to green investments. “For several years we think about the price of 20 euros per tonne of CO2 (currently around 7 euros – PAP). That would be a good signal (for the markets – PAP),” – said Becerril.”

      1. DirkH

        Thanks. This reminds me of one of the things I still have to do: quit the Deutsche Telekom. I don’t see how they could have a business interest in AGW; it looks like all they want is be Good Germans.
        Unilever – difficult to avoid. Don’t know how they profit from AGW.
        Coca Cola – I don’t use them.
        Intel, Philips, Shell, Alstom – In these cases, I understand the business interest. So I can’t really object. Intel and Philips want to sell hardware for green tech, Shell and Alstom have an interest in politically mandated high fuel prices.

        Deutsche Telekom really sticks out like a sore thumb here.

        1. DirkH

          I forgot that Deutsche Telekom has the IT business they bought from Daimler; debis, now called T-Systems. They built the German highway toll system for trucks. Probably they are keen on building the control infrastructure for smartmeters and the rest of the Brave New energy world. So that explains that.

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