German Leftist Media Seethe In A Fit Of Jealousy As They Lose Relevance, Readers

The English language The Local here brings us a story I find amusing. Germany’s elitist mainstream print dailies are peeved because they have to share a prestigious journalism award with “populist” Bild tabloid, which they are now calling “Germany’s Rupert Murdoch”.

It appears that the “intellectual” leftist dailies in Germany simply are unable to cope with their increasing irrelevance. The arrogance, indignation and sour grapes by these crybabies are just so palpable. The Local writes:

…reporters from one paper rejected a prestigious prize because they were set to share it with the populist Bild newspaper. Three journalists from the Süddeutsche Zeitung broadsheet showed their distaste for Bild journalism during the Friday evening ceremony for the renowned Henri-Nannen prize by refusing their award. The Bild journalists were due to share the ‘Best Investigative Achievement’ title for their revelations which ultimately led to the resignation of President Christian Wulff. […] This was described by Süddeutsche Zeitung reporter Hans Leyendecker as a ‘break with our culture’.”

We will recall that Bild is the leading German daily that carried the headline in February Die CO2 Lüge (The CO2 Lie) in the wake of the release of Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s bestselling skeptic book “Die kalte Sonne“, read story here. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, on the other hand, has been a leading proponent of the anthropogenic global warming scare and has aimed severe criticism and vitriol at Bild and Die kalte Sonne.

Now they are being asked to share a major prize with Bild! This they refuse to do.

In fact Bild being nominated for the prize had already sent the elitist media into a tantraum, and they reacted using language typically reserved for describing blogs. The Local writes:

Green politician Antje Vollmer called the nomination an ‘alarm signal’ which threatened to blur the line between ‘serious journalism and pseudo-journalism’. Populist publications like Bild, wrote Vollmer, were superficially just entertainment, but at their core the whole point of their existence relied on stirring up the ‘baser instincts in anxious mass societies.’ […]

…the announcement of Bild’s prize greeted with booing from the audience largely made up of Germany’s journalism elite.”

Sorry, but you pseudo-intellectual, snobby journalists are just nowhere near as good as you think you are. In fact a lot of the stuff you write is just plain bad information based on dubious sources. That’s why readers are leaving you in droves.

And with your reaction to the award, you really have made yourselves look like a bunch of spoiled 5-yearolds.


10 responses to “German Leftist Media Seethe In A Fit Of Jealousy As They Lose Relevance, Readers”

  1. Juraj V.

    Similar to british DailyMail I think. They had several rather cool front pages since the Climategate. Such are the times, that presumed inferiors have to “carry the torch of the truth”.

    1. mwhite

      UK sales figures

      National daily newspapers

      1. The Sun (7,772,000 readers)
      2. The Daily Mail (4,741,000)
      3. The Daily Mirror (3,087,000)*
      4. Metro (3,287,000)
      5. The Daily Telegraph (1,680,000)
      6. The Times (1,565,000)
      7. Daily Star (1,571,000)
      8. Daily Express (1,427,000)
      9. The Guardian (1,103,000)
      10. The Independent (532,000)

      Sunday newspapers

      1. News of the World (7,537,000)
      2. The Mail on Sunday (4,896,000)
      3. Sunday Mirror (3,690,000)
      4. The Sunday Times (2,952,000)
      5. Sunday Express (1,466,000)
      6. The Sunday Telegraph (1,442,000)
      7. The People (1,273,000)
      8. The Observer (1,030,000)
      9. Sunday Mail (1,067,000)
      10. Daily Star Sunday (919,000)

      1. mwhite

        Not sales figures, readership figures from January to December 2010.

        News of the Word closed down, but other than that I don’t suppose things have changed too much

  2. DirkH

    “…the announcement of Bild’s prize greeted with booing from the audience largely made up of Germany’s journalism elite.”

    This “elite” delivered a grotesque alarmist parody of the events at Fukushima, mind you; to this day they DELIGHT in distorting the facts. They are incapable of rational thought.

  3. MostlyHarmless

    Only to be expected in a country whose political leader thinks its nuclear reactors are threatened by earthquake and tsunami. Wasn’t that the reason they were shut down, and current (less and less current & voltage every day!) policy is to build coal-fired power stations to fill the void?

    Go green!

    1. DirkH

      Merkel co-opted the Greens by reversing her pro-nuke stance; she was successful insofar as the approval rating of the Greens that shot up to 30% after Fukushima has fallen to 12 % now. It was a purely political move.

      That being said, I am very hesitant about giving her my voice as she runs a de facto green policy now. Maybe the Greens could do it even worse. But I’m waiting for a political alternative.

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    The Sueddeutsche and their ilk have yet to wise up to the fact that by now, in the Post-Industrialist Age, the Postmodern Era, the Third Transformation, the Information Age pp., they have become simply superfluous, as ill-fitting as solution to problems of practical life as horsedrawn carriages are to transportation and the Pony Post to communication. I strongly suspect that most readers of BILD are quite aware that what they are reading is mainly shallow yellow-press sensationalism, a quick way to gauge the tides of what’s-current, and of no more importance than the daily weather report – and with about the same half-life; with a small core of earnestness in between. The Great Papers, in contrast, still fancy themselves as important, determining the Way The World Is, laying the bedrock for future historians’ interpretations with their pontifications. One can see the same thing with TV: viewers conditioned by the Public kindergarten broadcasts are simply incapable for perceiving something like Fox News for what it is.

    1. DirkH

      Your mileage might vary, but I think Fox News is the only TV channel in the US that dares to criticize the current president.

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        I was considering only their style of presentation – but of course, taking an anti-Obama stance by itself just proves that your move your lips while reading and stir your coffee with your finger – or that you are from Texas (which is the same, in the eyes of the Old World Learned Gentry).

        1. DirkH

          As I said. YMMV.

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