Circus Borenstein: Three “Geniuses” Insist Reducing CO2 Will Magically Tame Future Weather Events

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such high-grade rubbish. At least not since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Here’s an audio readers really need to listen to.

Download and listen to the full recording of a press conference»

Here we have three scientists doing their darnedest to whip up public fear and panic. Do they realize how they’ve just set themselves up to be classic, textbook science charlatans for future generations to look back at? Can’t they see what laughing stocks they’ve made themselves into? I’m sure we will be playing excerpts of that conference, again and again, for years to come.

I guess they’ve all forgotten the dust bowl of the 1930s, a time when things were a lot worse in North America, and that these things are natural weather occurrences.

Years ago I remember my dad telling us how one winter morning in Vermont in the 1930s he woke up and saw that the snow on the ground was red. Dust had blown all the way to the Northeast. That’s how bad it was. That was when CO2 was below 350 ppm. Forests, etc. weren’t tinder dry back then?

According to the 3 quacks in the audio, the weather problems can be solved simply by stopping CO2 emissions. Boy, what geniuses. It’s that simple and elegant, is it?

And notice how they’re playing the public health card now, their latest mind-job scheme I wrote about awhile back.

This press conference is nothing but an irresponsible state-sponsored public mind-job, all aimed to fan the flames of public hysteria. I’m now convinced these three men are complete bozos and need to be discharged from their duties immediately.

Next month it’ll be hurricanes. And given their current level of hysteria, I can assure you they’re going to make the first hurricane into the end of the world. Is this surreal, or what?


8 responses to “Circus Borenstein: Three “Geniuses” Insist Reducing CO2 Will Magically Tame Future Weather Events”

  1. DirkH

    A few snippets I caught: (my remarks in [])

    heat-trapping gases
    michael oppenheimer , princeton
    oh noes the IPCC SREX says its virtually certain, VIRTUALLY CERTAIN! – and I was an author!

    next one, the wettest here, the fieriest there, such an extreme proximity of extreme events never seen before [well we’ve never seen such a quiet sun]

    Tromkin – mentions heat islands, [idiot, you shouldn’t do that], we know steps to protect yourself: doesn’t mention them [- so why did he say that?]
    doesn’t mention A/C

    Dr Running (about 20:00): those nuclear fires are going off like a nuclear bomb
    …then he says oh and we lose carbon sequestering trees… well but we ALWAYS lose them when a tree dies so exactly why is that a problem…

    1. DirkH

      30:00 oppenheimer holds a lengthy speech about finterprinting extreme events, “sophisticated statistical techniques” “we’re working on it”

      Ok, I give up for now.

      Looks like this climate pr0n conference call has the purpose of feeding the alarmist press with juicy quotes. BUT I am not sure about the efficacy of their new public health scare trick – we get 10 health scares a day from cholesterol over carbohydrates to dioxin in eggs and whatnot and are rather used to ignore all of them, especially because we know that a lot of them are bogus (the latest egg dioxin scare in Germany affected only one company and the level was 4 times the legal level so why bother at all).

      So, adding Global Warming to a long list of health scares… will that help the cause? I doubt it….

  2. DirkH

    Centrotherm, swabian machine builder for PV factories, whose stock recently collapsed as I noticed, now declares insolvency. They have 1900 employees.

  3. Mindert Eiting

    Perhaps I should update my media player as Circus Borenstein proves to be on my computer a curious psychedelic event. In The Netherlands we have had every month a TV show around the first prize in a lottery, presented by some bastard making me to decide not to buy tickets anymore, in case that extre-he-he-mely unlikely event would hit me.

    Dennis Byrne in the Chicago Tribune of July 10, 2012 said it as follows: “As surely as stink follows a garbage truck, the deadly national heat wave brought forth predictable and terrifying scenarios from global warming alarmists”.

  4. Pascvaks

    Remember, “It’s the water!” The Soviets put something in the water before activating “Operation: Kaputski” in 1989.

    PS: What do you want me to say? Little Green Men from Mars?;-)

  5. Bob Armstrong

    I live in an area which was declared “pre-evacuation” zone for the Colorado Springs Waldo Canyon fires . The week after the fires we had cloud bursts .

    I happen to have pictures on my annual MidSummer party invitation , , of the water hole down in the dale by our well the week of the fire , and just a couple of days ago .

    Had the heavy rains come a week & a half earlier , there likely would have been no fires .

    Check out also my NewsLetter about extending the work I have done on the most basic quantitative physics of planetary temperature on the Heartland ClimateWiki . Unfortunately such work is much harder to get funded than the nonscience governments seek .

  6. David A. Evans

    Sorry, I just couldn’t listen to all that BS.

    I recall a few years back reading that as fast as they cleared the firebreaks in SE Aus., the Greenoids wer putting the fuel back because it was “natural”.

    Then of course, when the fires came, it was Glowball Warbling.

    How much longer do we have to put up with this firkin shit?


    1. DirkH

      You know the answer. You mentioned the fires.

      Until we’re dead.

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