US Senate Candidate Josh Mandel: Climate Science “Is Inconclusive And Riddled With Fraud”!

By coincidence I came across a report at the by Henry J. Gomez about Ohio US Senate candidate Josh Mandel, who rightfully challenges global warming science.

Gomez writes:

Josh Mandel, Ohio’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate and an outspoken critic of White House environmental policies, said Sunday that he doubts the presence of global warming. The state treasurer thinks scientific research on the matter ‘is inconclusive and riddled with fraud.'”

Hate to tell you this, Gomez, but Mandel is 100% right on, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to look at the global temperature data. Gomez continues:

Mandel, who faces incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown this fall, made the comment during an interview with The Plain Dealer here on the eve of the GOP convention. Mandel, of Beachwood, also addressed Ohio delegates at a brunch.”

I especially liked the following part:

Pressed further on his skepticism over widely accepted scientific reports of global warming, Mandel said: ‘I’ve never claimed to be a scientist, and I never will.’
But he referred to reports from Europe that his campaign spokesman, Travis Considine, later identified as from Fritz Vahrenholt, a German former environmental leader who has said that the role of carbon dioxide, emitted from coal, is overestimated.”

First, Gomez needs to note that Professor Vahrenholt is still a very committed environmental leader and he not only is a source of scientific reports – but he also co-authored an entire book on the subject together with geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning. The book, which cites more than 800 sources, many peer-reviewed, is called: “Die kalte Sonne” (The cold Sun), and it zoomed up the bestseller charts in Germany for 3 weeks earlier this year.

Unfortunately the book is not available in English, as the publisher is sitting on the English version. That’s a pity because people like Gomez could really benefit from it.

Good for Josh Mandel and let’s wish him lots of success against Sherrod Brown!


3 responses to “US Senate Candidate Josh Mandel: Climate Science “Is Inconclusive And Riddled With Fraud”!”

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  2. DirkH

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell)

  3. Pascvaks

    In today’s world telling the truth is like jumping up and down, running around in circles, pulling your hair (or whatever) out, and yelling over and over “The Sky Is NOT Falling!” The only thing you’re going to achieve is a slim, trim body, and good lungs; people are not going to listen to you and they’ll curse you for being slimer and trimmer than everyone else (metaphorically speaking;-).

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