You Didn’t Save That! WBGU Proposes Raiding Global Private Pension Funds To Pay For The Green Power Transition

Make no mistake about it – they’re coming for it – the world’s private pension money. The greens used to tell us that green energy could be profitable and would not burden our economy – in fact they even claimed it would lead to an economic boom and prosperity.

But now that the first building blocks of the green energy grid are in place, they too realize this is going to cost a lot of money – HUGE MONEY! Reports say it’s going to cost $1 trillion dollars a year for the rest of the century. Where should this kind of money come from?

Prof. Hans Joachim Schellhnhuber, Director of the ultra-climate-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Chairman of the anti-democratic WBGU (German Advisory Council on Global Change) has the answer: Raid the global private pension and retirement funds…and steal the money we worked our entire lives for.


And let’s not kid ourselves about who is going to make out on this. The leftist online DIE ZEIT daily here reports:

In the fight against global warming, the top environmental advisers of the German government, according to information from Die Zeit, want to tap a new source of funding – the private pensions of savers.”

Some thieving bastards will stop at nothing, won’t they? Now governments are using science to legitimize the widescale plunder of private pension funds. “Sorry people, but we have to steal your savings to save the planet.”

Globally, there’s lots of hard-earned “private” money tucked away for the retirement years of many citizens. But the greens are now thinking: “You didn’t save that.” They’re salivating over it, scheming to get there sticky, grubby hands on it. Die Zeit writes:

Insurances and pension funds alone have 50,000 trillion dollars at their disposal, which has to be securely invested over the long-term, says an expert report of the scientific advisory council of the German government for global environmental issues (WBGU). This capital could be mobilized for the Energiewende (energy transformation), like for revamping the power grid.”

The WBGU just released that “expert” report on how the greatest heist of all-time is to be executed, and it will be submitted today to Germany’s Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier. For example on page 20 it states:

Despite the fact that private capital is, in principle, available, general willingness to invest in or finance the transformation of energy systems towards sustainability falls short of what is required.”

Now we know the sad state of green energy’s ability to compete or to be profitable. The energy only becomes viable (and that only over the midterm) if there’s a state-ordered mass-scale plunder of the world’s private retirement accounts. It cannot survive with anything less. This is unprecedented in scale when it comes to a lack of feasibility.

Personally, my wife and I, are looking at retirement in about 10 years. I’d say it would be wise to start making plans to take “our money” and running fast and far.

Finally, I don’t know where the “intellectual” Die Zeit or the WBGU got this “50,000 trillion” figure. That’s over 3000 times the US debt -or $7 million per person globally! That’s way out of the park and obviously wrong. It shows that lefties have no idea when it comes to scales of money.

The world needs Paul Ryan, fast!



24 responses to “You Didn’t Save That! WBGU Proposes Raiding Global Private Pension Funds To Pay For The Green Power Transition”

  1. DirkH

    PV and wind turbines are so efficient, we only have to sink all our savings into them and we’ll all be rich!
    I pass the word to “Renewable Guy” who will give you the details.

  2. DirkH

    Green Energy and its heros (Gore, Chu) absent from DNC.
    Political poison like CO2AGW.

  3. Greens running out of money, now they want your life savings to keep their Scam alive!!!!! « The Big Green Lie

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  4. thebiggreenlie

    Nice!!! How does this insane man get away with this insanity? Do people in Germany really believe in this Green Scam?

    Has the whole world gone “collectively” to sleep?

    1. DirkH

      At the moment, they believe in class warfare. (All my colleagues read Der Spiegel online. They all think alike. I don’t have to. They tell me about the latest 5 minute hate anyway. At the moment it’s about energy intensive industries wanting excemption from outrageous electricity tariffs, threatening closures. Nobody cares about warmism ATM. They never question Der Spiegel. And Der Spiegel currently does class warfare. And as Der Spiegel doesn’t make the connection between warmism and the industry problems, neither do my comatose colleagues.)

      Hmm, so yes… the Collective Sleeps…

      1. thebiggreenlie

        Here too in Canada, the “collective sleeps”………..and unfortunately the only time they will awaken is when the lights go out and the clocks stop ticking.
        What a sad, dysfunctional world we have at present!

  5. Renewable Guy

    Insurances and pension funds alone have 50,000 trillion dollars at their disposal, which has to be securely invested over the long-term, says an expert report of the scientific advisory council of the German government for global environmental issues (WBGU). This capital could be mobilized for the Energiewende (energy transformation), like for revamping the power grid.”

    Allein Versicherungen und Pensionskassen verfügten weltweit über 50.000 Billionen Dollar, die langfristig und sicher angelegt werden müssen, heißt es in einem Gutachten des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats der Bundesregierung für globale Umweltfragen ( WBGU ).

    I may not understand how germans write about their money. It appears to me that it says 50 billion dollars. Yet the automatic translator does come out in the trillions.

  6. Renewable Guy

    It looks to be laying out a business model for the future. If you mean by heist, that they aren’t going to pay the money back? I doubt that.

    The world faces the challenge of a global transformation to sustainable energy systems. Substantial up-front investments are needed to improve energy efficiency and switch to renewable energies. At the same time, these investments offer great opportunities, because strategic innovations can be triggered and new markets can develop in the course of the transformation process. Savings on the cost of fossil fuels in conventional technologies could completely offset the investment in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency by as early as 2040.

  7. Renewable Guy

    The German economy has 350,000 people working in the clean energy sector. And they are the strongest economy in Europe. With greater investment Germany will continue to lead by example in the world.

    Germany is currently leading this transformation, both in terms of technological innovations and in the creation of a suitable policy framework. Our country is able to give the world an example of how the Energiewende (energy-system transformation) can generate more, not less prosperity.

  8. Renewable Guy

    This kind of investment damages the environment and accelerates climate change. A portion and then eventually all over time could be switched over to Renewable Energy. Its really the only smart thing to do.

    Status Quo of Capital Spending in the
    Energy Sector

    Current global investment in the energy sector is estimated
    to be approx. US$1,300 billion a year, which corresponds
    to about 2% of global gross domestic product
    (GEA, 2012). The supply side – i.e. capital spending on
    extraction and the generation, conversion, transmission
    and distribution of energy – accounted for about US$960
    billion of this total in 2010. Present investment on the
    demand side (industry, transport, buildings, house holds)
    can only be roughly quantified. If only the energy component
    of this investment is taken into account (e.g. the
    engine in an energy-efficient vehicle), it is estimated at
    about US$300 billion per annum (GEA, 2012).

  9. Renewable Guy

    THis is talking world wide investment. Complete renewable energy by 2050 appears to jump 2% gdp (all energy investment today) to possibly 5 or 6% gdp by 2050. 2025 cafe standards for the United States will be 54mpg. Batteries will be more durable and cheaper by then. Very little fuel will be necessary. The money spent on the whole enegy system can be transformed over to R.E.

    A considerable amount of investment will be required
    if the world sets itself the target of supplying electricity
    exclusively from renewable energies by mid-century
    – without using nuclear power and assuming a
    substantial increase in energy efficiency. Total annual
    investment would be between approx. US$1,100 billion
    (today), US$2,000 billion in 2030 and US$3,500 billion
    in 2050 (GEA, 2012; Box 1). This means that present
    investment in the energy sector would initially have to
    be shifted to renewable energies and energy efficiency,
    then approximately doubled by 2030 and tripled by the
    middle of the century. Under a scenario aiming at using
    exclusively renewable energies to supply all electricity
    worldwide, investment in renewable-energy generating
    capacity would have to rise by a factor of four by
    2030 compared to today – to up to US$600 billion a
    year. Overall, about US$68,000 billion would have to be
    invested over the period from today until 2050 under
    this scenario (GEA, 2012).

    1. DirkH

      Renewable Guy, you like the totalitarian technocrats from the WBGU a lot it seems.

      “The great transformation will require that “The world citizenry agree to … surrender spontaneous and persistent
      desires” – i.e., citizens will need to accept that their lifestyles are unsustainable and collectively accept […]”

      So, surrender your spontaneous desires, Renewable Guy! Stop consuming calories and save a Polar Vear!

      1. Renewable Guy

        You are entitled to your point of view. More than likely your conspiratorial thinking says there is no climate change and therefore this large group of people are out to swindle you. I don’t come from that point of view. I am very proud to be amongst Germans and love their company. They are laying out a business model like other businesses do. And it is their right to do so. If they pay their bills and solve climate and environmental problems providing a better quality of life, I am happy to support that.

    2. DirkH

      Oh, and maybe I have to spell it out but…
      …getting your numbers from the WBGU… you can do that for the marketing sales pitch, when you want to sell your solar panels to some hapless old rube in a sunny Montana valley…
      but before I would base a decision on anything Edenhofer and his boys have his hand in… I’d rather trust my local used car salesman….

      1. Renewable Guy

        All I’m doing is reading the materia that the blog author (P. Gosselin) is critical of. I am excited that they want to expand even further into the whole world investment.

        $1.3 trillion/year of investment per year for all energy

        And then the plan was laid out further to reach RE for all the world. I couldn’t be happier to read that. I appreciate P Gosselin bring this up. I have learned something new about an area I care about deeply.

      2. Renewable Guy

        I remember reading about 5 years ago that the oil industry would spend 30 trillion dollars by 2030 to meet all the energy needs of that time. This study seems to be matching what I have read in the past.

  10. Ian Mott

    The delicious irony in all this is that the pension funds of the most alarmist media groups, like the BBC etc, have already been shifted into the climate ponzi sector. So too have many Trade Union controlled funds and University based funds. It is Karma afterall. There is a God, and he has a sense of humour.

    1. DirkH

      Maybe that’s why Richard Black needed a new job.

  11. Jim

    I would not count on the Paul Ryans of the world to keep you out of trouble. All he is after what he can get from you, not what he or his companies can do for you. Take a look at his wifes investments, versus what committees he is on. The two match up quite nicely. Quite profitably.
    After he got his out of medicade and lowered tuition grants, what he has proposed for budget cuts. Claims to be christan, and promotes war.

    1. DirkH

      ” Take a look at his wifes investments, versus what committees he is on. The two match up quite nicely. Quite profitably.”

      Come on, Harry Reid, post under your real name, and finally tell us the name of the invisible rabbit friend that gives you all this hot unsubstantiated information. The world wants to know!

  12. DirkH

    Poll at the WSJ: Should renewables be subsidized in the US?
    No reg reqd, you can also give a comment.

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